Another use for dry shampoo

Keyword: dry shampoo, stencils

Yesterday we discussed ‘dry shampoo’ in all it’s glory of how it helps clean your hair up in a jiffy.  Well today I’d like to point out something a little more fun that can be done with this type of product.  Hair stenciling! Yup, you heard me right!  Think of all the fun things your can create!  The trick is, you need to purchase the colored dry shampoo in the opposite color of yours, or your clients, hair. Print yourself out a cool design of your choice off the computer, cut it out, place it over the hair and spray, or brush away. It’s that easy.  This is a great activity to do with your kids…boys or girls!  Just remember, you do not want to brush it out after you applied the powder…that would defeat the whole purpose.

Keratin Complex sells the dry shampoo in blonde, brunett,e and neutral and theirs comes with a brush (just like a blush brush) for easy application.


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