It’s really not that hard!

Keyword: curling lashes, eyelash curler, mascara, eye lids

I got a special request from a fan, Lisa, on how to curl someone else’s eye lashes with a lash curler.  At first I though I would place a video here to show you how, but there really aren’t many to chose from online that I think work well. It’s really not a difficult task at all.  Many people tend to stay away from doing this.  I know some make-up artists that hand their lash curler over to their client and ask them to use it themselves, but what happens when you have a client that has never used one themselves?


You start by asking the client to look all the way down with their eyes.  (Side note- I never apply mascara first, otherwise you risk the lashes sticking to the curler and pulling them out)

Then, using your pointer finger on your free hand, move the eye lid around to place all top lashes into curler.  By having them looking down, they can’t see you coming at their eyes and they won’t be a blinking mess!


Slowly close the curler and as you pinch lightly ask if it is pinching their lid at all.  If they say yes, adjust the curler.  If they say no, then pinch tightly for about 10 seconds.  For a softer curl, pinch lightly and slowly move your way out pinching as you go.

Ta-da…perfectly curled lashes that now only need mascara!


So to Lisa and all my other fans, I hope this was helpful in showing you how to use a curler on your clients!  Good luck!!