Rich and vibrant!


Keyword: fall, hair color, autumn, trends

Sometimes people like to dye their hair richer and deeper when the fall/winter months start to set in. While, there is nothing wrong with keeping your blonde highlights during the colder months, sometimes it can be fun to change things up a bit.  If you are one of these people, here are some wonderful autumn ideas!  Copper is number one on my list! While reds can look really pretty…I feel like it is over done these days. Copper is just such a beautiful color.  People tend to shy away from it because when they hear “copper” they immediately think of orange and lets face it, no one wants to walk around feeling like bozo the clown. However, if done right it can super sexy and fun. For the longest time I had gorgeous strips of copper with some golden highlights and I cannot tell you the amount of compliments I received on my hair. So if your hair dresser recommends it, give it a shot! If you are not a risk taker you can always stick to a simple medium brown.  And don’t worry about no longer sporting your tan.  These days a paler/natural complexion can be very becoming on a woman with darker hair.  Think Snow White! :)  If you find that a rich brown might be too deep for you, you can always add some golden high lights to brighten it up a bit.  Remember, if you are going for a fall look you want to keep with the colors of the leaves: red, copper, brown, golden…nature will not steer you in the wrong direction!  Happy Autumn!!