How do I get rid of these?

Keyword: air bubbles, nail painting, bumps nail polish

I had to rip my nails off because I wasn’t able to get an appointment and they were all lifting, so for the 4th of July weekend I painted them red.  The looked great, then a few hours later….bumps!  Bumps all over them! I don’t understand what I do wrong.  Every time I take my nails off and paint them myself this happens.  I’ve tried everything from painting them with a lot of painting, to very little.  I’ve tried top coat, I’ve tried no top coat. I’ve tried filing the bumps away and painting another coat on top….doesn’t matter what I do, I always get bumps.  I’ve read that you need to let each layer dry completely before painting the next one, but they don’t do that at a salon…they paint right on top of each other.  What is the deal?  Who else has this problem?