As a stylist, I wonder that a lot!

Keyword: dye, hair dye, boxed dye

I cannot tell you how often I am fixing people’s mishaps. I understand that initially the thought is that you would save money by purchasing a $4.99 box of hair dye at the store, but you are taking a huge risk when you do that!

All too often I have clients sit in my chair who dye their hair themselves, and as I cut, I notice all the spots that are missing because they either didn’t apply correctly, or were too cheap to buy two bottles when their hair clearly called for it.  Yes, sometimes the boxed dye does work and it comes out great and looks beautiful. But, not everyone is lucky.


There are affordable stylists out there that won’t cost an arm and a leg to have a simple, single process color done.  Hell, if you’re in the Long Island are, come visit me ;)