Pastel lips are in for the spring

Keyword: pastel, lip, lipstick, spring lips

I posted about the pastel hair on Friday, that trend I love.  But lips? Hmmm….how do I feel about pastel lips?


Surprisingly, I love this too! So much fun!! What a great excuse to get out of the same reds and pinks and try something new!  I love the pastel purple!


So maybe I’m not such a fan of the guy in yellow.  Guys wearing lipstick is weird…..guys wearing yellow lipstick is even weirder.  I do like that green though. Looks like artists are keeping a very natural face when using these types of colors on the lips. I guess that makes sense.  It would probably be too much to see a bold eye with blue lipstick!


I would love to hear your thoughts on this look!  Send us a message in the message box on the right, or comment below! :)