If only I had a little girl…

Keyword: easter, kid hair, fun hair, ribbon hair, eggs

It’s Easter weekend and what is more fun than doing your little ones hair to coincide with the holiday? Okay, so maybe not like the picture above (you must admit that takes some talent though!!) Believe it or not there are several Easter-like options that are pretty easy…and I am sure there are many more than the ones I am posting too!


This one is super easy. Make several little ponies then decorate accordingly!


This one is cool, isn’t it?  They just weaved the hair in and out to make it look like a basket.  I love it!!


Braids are always classic, but the weaving ribbon is what really brings this to life!


So those are just three of the many ideas for cute hair for Easter!  If you create something different, make sure to send us a picture!!