It HAS been done!

Keyword: zombie bride, bridal makeup, halloween makeup

It’s that time of year where people start thinking of what they are going to be for halloween.  Well for one bride I have booked, it came pretty easy to her.  She hired me to work her wedding on Halloween weekend. Her wedding is a costume party and they whole bridal party will be made into zombies!!


You cannot believe the excitement I had when I first got the inquiry. Upon having her trial last night I learned that they are actually to be wed at the justice of the peace a few days before and that the wedding is really just an excuse to have a halloween party.  Still, she will be arriving in a hearse and walked….or should I say carried, down the aisle in a coffin!  The flower girl will be throwing dead petals and they will be eating “brains” instead of a four tier wedding cake.


I so wish I could post pictures from the trail but I don’t want to give it all away.  Rest assured I will be taking photos left and right on the morning of the wedding.

This has been done before.  She is not the first to come up with this concept.  I give credit to everyone who can pull this concept off!  Stay tunned in October to see how it all turns out!