Where is the sun?

Keyword: makeup, lightening bolt, rainy makeup

It’s a rainy Friday here on Long Island, so I thought I would inspire you all with some lightening makeup. You can’t go wrong with Lady Gaga….or can you?  I can’t keep up, is she in or out these days?  Oh well, whatever the case, her blue lightening bolt is a total “in” for me!  I love how it fades to teal and gets carried over around her whole eye.


This one reminds me of Jem.  Remember Jem? Truly outrageous?

I was Jem for Halloween one year…best costume ever.  Ahhh I’m getting off track here. While the black bolt is cool, I think I am more obsessed with the hot pink shadow!


Now this one is cool.  It’s like lightening during a sunset!  I don’t like the eyebrows though.  I definitely would not have lightened them.  Her bolt could be a little cleaner too, but I like where her head is at!

Of course I had to save my favorite for last.  I am obsessed!!  The lines are so clean and the blending is so perfect. I would love to recreate this look.  Wonder what it looks like her with her eyes open.

That is my ode to lightening!  Now let’s pray for a sunny day tomorrow!