Where do they go?

Keyword: bobby pins, hair clips

If you’re a hair dresser then there is no doubt in my mind that there are bobby pins all over your house. Right now, as I sit here and write this article I can count three on the floor, four on my desk, and I bet if I unmade my bed and pulled the sheets all the way down, I could collect at least five!  But here’s the catch…I don’t need one right now. Today my hair is pulled into a simple pony (the rain/thunder today is insane BTW). I have no loose hairs that needed to be pinned back. This is why I am able to count so many random bobby pins laying around my room.


If today was a day that I needed just one bobby pin for my hair…all the ones I just counted would suddenly disappear. Now, if you are a hair dresser I can almost guarantee you are laughing right now because you know it’s true! As soon as you need one they are nowhere to be found!  Where do they go?!! I feel like I want to go inside, change my hair into a do that I would need one, and come back into my room to see if I could still find the ones that were just on my desk and floor.  Chances are, they would be gone by the time I stepped foot back into my room.  They either get up at walk away, or there is a bobby pin fairy that rescues them…it’s strange, but it never fails!