Not very classy, if you ask me!

Keyword: advertising, sign, window display

The other day I stopped to get myself something to eat and in the shopping center was a hair salon.  I won’t name this salon here but I will say that this sign is just awful!! Did a third grader do the cutting here? Any why is is several pieces of paper instead of just one sheet?  You had to know in advance that you would be closed these days, so why not go to staples and have a sign printed up for like $5?  This just makes you look unprofessional!


I worked in a salon on this same road as this one and my boss would do the same kind of stuff.  It’s what made me realize that going off on my own was the best thing to do. If you want people to think you are a high end salon then you have to think, act, and look like one! My last boss spelt Wednesday wrong in the times and days we were open on the front of the store.  How embarrassing is that?  Places like this need Tabatha!!