Top two winners in my book


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I could sit here and explain each look that was seen at he American Music Awards on Sunday, or I can just tell you who my two favorites were and not waste your time.


Sooooooo… second favorite was Selena Gomez.  This young star who started her fame on the Disney channel has really grown into such a beautiful young lady. She is so classically stunning. Her soft make-up and hair compliment her dress perfectly.  She always looks so well put together and never out-does herself.  We love you Miss. Gomez!  Keep up the  fabulous work!


Katy Perry wins again!!!!!!  OMG look at her hair!  It is amazing!  And her make-up is perfection.  I am obsessed.  Or maybe I am jealous? Either way, I love this girl. She does need a little touch up on those roots, but I know it’s hard to keep up on such drastic color so she get’s a free pass.  She wins all around.  And she has one of the best cat eyes I’ve seen in a while!!