Chipped polish is a ‘no’ in my book!

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Welcome back to Monday!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Monday is always a bummer, I know…but if you can get through today you are one step closer to NEXT weekend!!


Now on to my topic-

Back in my  Jr. high/early high school days is was the popular thing to be kind of grungy.  It was the cool thing to paint your nails a dark color and pick it off immediately. Not all of it though…it had to look like you painted your nails a month ago and never got around to giving yourself another manicure.  Today, however-this is not so cool!  If you can’t keep up with your manicures then don’t paint them with color.  Do a clear coat and it will go unnoticed if you haven’t touched them up in a few weeks.  You could be all prim and proper, have on nice business attire or a fashionable outfit to go out in…but if your nail nail polish is all chipped off if could ruin your whole look!  Don’t be one of these people!