A cool ‘How to’ from MS

Keyword: braiding, modern salon, updo

I love Modern Salon.  I’m on the site almost every day.  I think it is a site that even non-stylists can enjoy. Covering everything to do with how to do hair, what salons to visit, new tools, new haircuts…..wait a minute….sounds a lot like what my site is all about ;)


Well, they always post great photos and get the original artist to send them a step by step ‘how to’ so all their viewers can try it out.  On Tuesday they posted this double braided, tuck away updo.


Step 1: Divide the hair into four sections.

Step 2: Create two French braids beginning the first one in the left top section and then combining it into the fourth bottom section. Then, start the second braid in the right top section and combine it into the third bottom section. It should turn out looking like a criss cross braid.

Step 3: Flip the two ends of each braid under the opposite braid to create the final effect. Bobby pin the hair in place and hairspray to tame fly-a-ways.

(To view this is whole please go to Modern Salons site)


Now that I am a braiding professional, I’m going to have to try this! Actually seems like an easy way to create such a great look!