Is that pizza sauce?

Keyword: bridezilla, pizza hair

First I have to apologize to all who cannot view Flash, but this video was too good not to post! If you cannot view it and would like to, you can find it here ‘Hold The Hair’.

I’ve worked a lot of weddings and I have been lucky enough to not have a Bridezilla *knock on wood*.  This girl is crazy….super crazy!  It seems that none of her bridesmaids even want to give her the time of day and I don’t blame them! I’d love to high five the girl who put pizza sauce in her hair!


I would just like to say that no wedding should be so stressful that you act like this.  When planning your wedding, try not to lose sight of what a wedding is all about….a celebration of your love for each other. If you feel like you are becoming a bridezilla, take a step back and breath!!