Must be hard to eat with those

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Jlo’s new video for ‘Goin In’ features Ms. Lopez with bejeweled lips that are to die for!  Now, I know this is not really a look that is appropriate to wear when you go out simply because you can’t eat or drink properly.


What if I told you there was a way to sort of mimic this look and you could wear it all day?  I know, you’re jumping up and down right now aren’t you? I’ve written about this product before but always get excited about it.

Violent lips is a way to get super awesome lips that are impossible to smudge! The glittered look mimics the jewels and it won’t go anywhere once you put it on!  Why not?  Because it’s not lipstick.  It’s a temporary tattoo, just like when you were a kid and got them from the ice cream man.  It is the same idea except it goes on your lips!


You can order straight from their site and choose from so many different fun colors and designs!  Check them out-