Baby Bangs….no joke!

Keyword: baby bangs, baby hair, toupee

Okay, so my fiance actually found this article.  He said to me when I woke up this morning “I found a good article for you” as he laughed.  He then said “baby toupees”  So I thought it was one of those funny sites that places ridiculous toupees on babies and adds funny captions underneath.  I laughed and said I would check it out.


When I clicked onto the site I at first was in shock…and then as I sat there looking it over I made the decision that I actually think this is a cute idea!! They are called Baby Bangs.


They were made for those little girls who have not yet grown in their hair. Unless you dress your child in pink, people don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.  Well with these Baby bangs they won’t be mistaken.  Basically its just a headband with hair.  It was designed by a grandmother for her grandchild.

You can order it to the color you want, and size you want to fit your child.  You might this it’s ridiculous…I think it’s adorable lol.   If you want more info on them you can visit their website at