Donna was always sporting a full, thick head of hair with style and grace

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In keeping up with the rest of the vibe around the internet today, I thought I would showcase some of Donna Summers most stunning cuts and styles that she has worn throughout the years. Donna was never seen in public without her hair being teased and looking fresh out of the stylists chair (though I am assuming she did wear a lot of wigs like most celebrities like her).  She always wore it so big, while still keeping it elegant.



She was an incredible singer and performer, as well as a true beauty.   Donna will be forever remembered for her songs, personality, style and grace in which she conducted herself.


It’s a sad day, and an even more sad realization that this terrible disease continues to grow stronger and stronger with each innocent life it claims.   So many charities, so many doctors, and we are still yet to find a way to find a cure.   I know I speak for every person in this world when I say in one way or another, Cancer has had a personal effect on all of our lives.


RIP Donna Summer, and to everyone else who has succumbed to this terrible disease.