Newspaper Nails!


Keyword: nails, newpapers

What a fun, unique trend this is! Click here to read more about how to get this look!



nail file

base coat  & top coat

light colored nail polish (white, cream, or light gray work best!)

strips of news paper


small dish


1- Cut the strips of news  paper big enough to cover your nail

2- Shape and file your nails to you own desire

3- Paint them with base coat, then nail color of choice

4- Once they are completely dry, pour alcohol into small dish and dip your nail for 10-15 seconds

5- Firmly press newspaper onto nail. This must be done quickly before alcohol dries. Best to do one nail at a time!

6- Slowly peel paper off

7- Continue until each nail is finished

8- Paint top coat for lasting power!


Your result is a newspapered nail!  How cool?!!