And the winner is…


Keyword: CMA, red carpet


Last night was Country’s 45th annual award ceremony. So I thought I should discuss how all the stars looked.  Some looked awesome, as usual…and others looked like a hot mess.  All of this is to be expected when dealing with celebrities though.

Carrie Underwood tends to always find herself on the “good” list in all of Hollywood.  I mean this girl doesn’t make a bad desicion…ever.  She always looks fantastic, and the CMA’s were no exception. She just looks simply stunning here. Bravo Miss Underwood.  Keep up the good work!


Faith Hill, on the other hand….well…she just didn’t do it for me last night. To me it seemed like someone started her hair, then ran out of time.  She just looks un finished.  And he make-up is too heavy around the eyes for my personal taste.  I do think she is a beautiful, talented woman…but I think she missed the mark here.  Sorry :(


Nicole Kidman…what happened?!  I remember the days she was so beautiful. Now she’s just a bad advertisement for cosmetic surgery.  The gorgeous strawberry blonde locks she used to sport, are now dull and lack luster. This makes me sad!


Aaahh…a breath of fresh air!  That’s how I feel when I look at Hilary Scott of Lady Antebellum. Such an elegance to her, no? Her rich hair color matches perfectly with her skin tone. Not to mention how perfectly it was styled over her right shoulder.  Her make-up colors are deep yet have a softness to them. I just love everything about this look for her.  She looks stunning!!


And then we have beautiful Taylor Swift. This young lady is perfection when it comes to style. I love the old Hollywood feel with a modern twist she has going on here. She looks like a porcelain doll…everything set in its place so perfectly.


Overall, the award show was fun and entertaining as to be expected. Congrats to all those who took home awards!