Long, layered locks

Keyword: classic hair, long layered, long hair


Hair trends change on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis. Bobs will come in and out of style, pixies will do the same….but there is one kind of cut that will always remain a classic in any decade!



Long, layered locks work on almost any age group and are simply timeless. There are just so many things you can do with this type of hair that there would be no reason for this look to ever be only a trend! Hair styles like braids, buns, ponytails, waves, curls…can all be utilized with long locks. There is just no wrong way to wear long hair.



In fact, I missed my long hair so much that I am currently growing it out! The bob was fun for a while, but looking at old photos of my long luscious hair made me miss the days of being able to do anything I wanted with my hair. I am well on my way too!  Current status- just past my collar bone!!



Remember to have long beautiful hair, its important to keep it healthy!  Go for regular trims, condition your ends well, and protect it from heat when blow drying and flat ironing!