My favorite holiday.


Keyword: halloween, holiday, make-up, costume

The boyfriend and I spent our Saturday night at The Irish Times Pub in Holbrook this weekend. Almost everyone there was dressed up for Halloween. We were able to get a few pictures of our favorite costumes. The first photo is the prom king and queen of 1952. They came back from the gave to do some more dancing!  He was in full prosthetic and it was pretty awesome.  Both covered in blood, of course!  The second photo is creepy haha!  He was Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. The guy walked in on stilts!!!  He did have the Jack head that he made out of paper mache but when he took the head off (it weighed a ton!) he had on a full skeleton prosthetic. This guy was good. He stayed in character almost the whole night! The last photo is pretty little Alice and Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter. He almost resembles Johnny Depp too, which was ironic. I have to say, I was impressed with the quality of make-up this year. It’s exciting to see people putting time into their costumes!  We’d love to see your photos. Send them our way!