Makeup Tutorial gone bad

Keyword: makeup tutorial, fat cat, kitty


If you are getting to know me through my posts at all, you may have already learned that I am a cat lover. So I definitely couldn’t resist posting a video like this.  This poor girl was trying to film a makeup tutorial when her fat kitty, Isaac decided he was not getting enough attention. I love when he has his paws wrapped around the nail polish remover bottle. But nothing beats the end when he clearly doesn’t like his face blocked by her makeup.



And just because I can’t get enough of this little monster, here’s another one…



Can you believe how well trained he is?  I had a cat who could sit and shake hands.  She did it all the way up to age 17 when she started losing her hearing.


weSTYLEny sends lots of love to Isaac the ‘makeup hating kitty’!!