Cuts, burns, chapped lips, & shaving!!


Keyword: neosporin, chapped lips, shaving, chapstick

With the start of the cold air comes one thing I hate- chapped lips!!  Okay, okay, I also hate shoveling snow, being cold, having to wear bulky jackets, ice on my windshield…I could go on and on, but lets stick to chapped lips, shall we??  I always struggle with finding a chapstick that actually does a good job. I feel like all I do is keep reapplying and it gets me nowhere. Well, for those of you battling the same war try picking up both the Daily Hydration Therapy and the Overnight Renewal Therapy from Neosporin’s Lip Health line. It says you will see results within 3 days but I saw it almost instantly.  I love that the daily one has spf 20 in it!  That is so important!


Don’t laugh, but this is what I use instead of soap or shaving cream. I’m serious!  Okay, it can get a little messy and I have to use the throw away razors because can really get all gunked up, but this stuff is awesome. Hello!!!…it’s for minor cuts and burns. Isn’t that what razor burn is?? Next time you are going to shave your legs….or your bikini area…try this!  Seriously!