Looks like we’ll be seeing many ‘shades of grey’ in makeup stores soon

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While I can’t say I am a part of this national wave of excitement shared by all readers of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, I can say that this book has certainly left an impression on everyone on planet earth.  Everywhere you go people are talking about it, sex stores and other businesses are all booming because of the books content and erotic stories/ideas it covers in detail, and now it looks like they’re moving onto the next stage of success: branding.




DailyMail reports that author E.L Grey and her agent, Val Hoskins, have signed an exclusive deal with the Caroline Mickler Ltd independent agency. The boutique agency will be responsible for the licensing and building of the brand for years to come.  Released with this news was talks of a line of cosmetics, lingerie, apparel and fragrances-  all targeting the female demographic.


No release date as of yet, but something tells me as soon as any additional information becomes public,  the internet will be set on fire with gossip about the Books newest Makeup ventures and details.