It’s not what you think

Keyword: hairdresser, free haircuts, barbie hair

Isn’t this the truth?!  Yes, my friends do think I give out free haircuts to everyone.  Can’t make a living that way, can you?  My mother thinks I sit ho,e all day playing dress up.  Though that would be fun, it still doesn’t make me any money.


Society thinks hair dressers are a joke and beauty school is a breeze.  Let me tell you this, I had to study my ass off to pass my tests.  Chemistry was never a great subject for me in high school.  Little did I know, I was going to have to learn some in school.   My clients think I work miracles.  They think I can transform them to look just like the celebrity picture they show me lol.


I’ve always compared what I do to construction.  Spacel the wrinkles, paint the hair…it’s all similar, no?  A contractor can make a house look younger, and I can do the same with hair and makeup!  But in all seriousness, that last photo is so true.  I work on the same clients almost monthly and they always sit in my chair and ask for the same thing “Just trim it”. And yes, sometimes they DO fall asleep in my chair! haha