No, I don’t think I am too old!

Keyword: shimmer art, glitter tattoos, shimmer body

If you are a girl, you cannot look at that and not wish this it was on your arm, or leg instead!  It’s so sparkly, and pretty!  So I bet you are thinking…how do I get one of these, and is it appropriate for someone my age to have one? Well, let me just say that it is appropriate for any one at any age to sport a glitter tattoo.  If someone gives you a hard time about it, you just send them my way! So now that you so desperately want one, let me tell you my story-

I was laying in bed last night flipping through the channels.  I had a long busy work day and even though I was tired, I could not for the life of me fall asleep. So here I am watching Nickelodeon at 1am because they play all the old 90′s Nick shows and it totally takes me back to being a kid! All of a sudden this commercial comes on.  I actually got so excited that I sat up in bed just staring at my screen.  I can make my very own glitter tattoos?!  Are you serious!?  It was like a dream come true.  I immediately grabbed my phone and wrote down the website in the note pad where I jot down article ideas.  I knew it had to be the first thing I wrote about as soon as I woke up!

Here’s how it works… You get one of two sets (don’t be cheap, get the bigger and better one. No one wants to be stuck with only 4 colors!) Pick your stencil, place it anywhere on your body.  Use the glue to paint your skin inside the stencil.  Remove stencil and paint glitter over sticky surface.  Accoding to the commercial it lasts for about a week.  To order this product and watch the infomercial they have go to

I just want to cover my body with all kinds of glittery stars and butterflies!


The meaning of this article = I am just a big kid (never mind the fact that I turn 30 tomorrow!)