This ‘entertainment’ Queen didn’t age so well

Keywords: jenna jameson, mugshot, dUi


Oiy!    We all know Jenna Jameson from, well, you know, keeping young boys entertained in their spare time.    This weekend at Memorial Day BBQ’s I must have heard about this story 100 times. “Did you hear Jenna Jameson got arrested for a DUI?” uhhh, no I didn’t, nor do I care.




It was funny to see the reaction of all the guys when this picture popped up on their phones-  I guess all the boys envisioned Jenna Jameson as this smoking hot perfect 10 porn star that would always be hot…   wroooooong. After a little research, it looks like Jenna has a bit of a history with drugs and alcohol, some troubled relationships, and the inability to steer her Range Rover clear of telephone poles.



My reason for writing this article is to let all the boys out there know that all those girls you put on a pedestal and always thought would be flawless forever-  eventually start to show their age.   The difference here is Jenna seems to have had some work done, mix that with the abuse heavy drugs and alcohol have on your youthful appearance-  and the end result is a 38 year old porn star that doesn’t get many boys excited these days.


Take care of your skin ladies! Stay away from needles as long as you can!   Moisturize, don’t over expose yourself to the sun, and please, stay away from the heavy stuff- it never has a good outcome.