Don’t forget your sun block!

Keyword: sun damage, sunblock, truck driver

Last night while laying in bed, my fiance had the 11pm news on NBC.  This image popped up on the screen and I jumped to pause it.  I knew I had to get a shot of it!


What is this all about you ask?  Meet 69 year old truck driver who has been on the job for 28 years. Never putting sunblock on his face, this is the damage that occurred over the years through his drivers window.  Tell me that this isn’t the perfect example of why it is important to use sun block? You can see that the right side of his face (or the left side of the picture) show signs of natural aging. In fact I would say his skin looks pretty good on that side.  It’s the other side where the sun was hitting for 28 long years that he looks 10x older than he actually is!


The sun can be a very scary thing! But we can help ourselves very simply!  Sun block every day and you are good to go!!