Taylor Halls scar is amaaaaaazing!

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WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I don’t follow hockey, but I read all the sites in our network to stay up to speed on everything-  my fiance plays hockey and I love watching him, but I get bored watching it on TV.  If it’s not live, I can’t watch it.


wePUCKny  reported on this yesterday, and followed it up with another article about it today-   talk about bad luck huh?  Poor guy was just skating around loosening up before the game and before the puck even drops he’s got this thing on his face!

I do alot of prosthetic work(I loooooove prosthetic work) and alot of times people get freaked out at how realistic some of the stuff looks.   Unfortunately for NHL star Taylor Hall,  this isn’t coming off with the usual go-to “isopropyl myristate and a cotton swab” approach that’s for sure :(

Get Well Soon Tyler!