Charlotte Bobcats run the tables in reverse, finish with worst winning percentage ever

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23 up, 23 down. The Bobcats have lost their final 23 games and now hold the distinction of  being the worst team in the history of the NBA. They finished with a record of 7-59, which equates to a winning percentage of .106. The 76ers used to be the holders of this dishonor, but the Bobcats just seemed to want it more. Or less, I’m not really sure how to put it. Well either way they sucked more then any other basketball team ever.


Now I was caught up in the Rangers game 7, so I was only able to flip to the Knicks game every so often. But when I saw the Knicks were only up by 2 on the Bobcats at halftime, I will admit I got a little nervous. Luckily the finished out strong and helped set history.

Princess Charlene of Monaco dons race car dress!

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Anyone who is into care racing would know that the Formula One Monaco Grand Prix car race took place in Monaco this weekend. To my surprise, Monaco’s very own Princess Charlene seems to me quite the race car fan herself!

Princess Charlene wore a race car printed Akris sheath dress to the event! I think she looks quite adorable, but I am not sure if I would be able to pull this off. Then again, I guess when you are a princess it is easier to make things work. Would you rock race car dress to a car race?

To keep the theme of March Madness going, I pick the best jersey of the Sweet Sixteen

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I have watched Marquette play quite a few times this season and there are two things I have noticed. The first thing I saw is that they are a very deep team. The next thing I noticed were their jerseys. There is something about the blue and yellow combination that is aesthetically pleasing. But they didn’t stop with the colors, the stripes on the side just add to greatness. I had Marquette going to the elite 8 in my bracket, but my final four pick was another Big East School in Louisville.


Don’t worry, you can still text!

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Winter is really starting to hit us here in New York! Being the silly fashionista that I am, my winter coat this year is a cape in which my arms stick out. Ideal for fashion, but not so much for these below freezing temps. I was browsing the internet for the perfect pair of long gloves, and I came across these from Bloomingdale’s. They are long enough to warm my arms, cute enough to complete my look, and cheap enough that I can buy them right now. CLICK! :)

As the Knicks continue to lose, so does the fanfare of Linsanity

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I logged onto facebook earlier today to find a post from the New York Knicks official page. They were selling Linsanity t-shirts for 20% off. Just a month ago I walked into Dicks and Modells and was immediately greeted by an entire section dedicated to Jeremy Lin. The prices gauging was astronomical and people ate it all up. I do not fault anyone though, an orange Jeremy Lin shirt sits in my closet in shame everyday. Basketball, like anything, is a business. When Jeremy Lin burst onto the scene he picked up traction quick, he was a massive money making device. Now that the Knicks are awful again, people are less excited about Linsanity and are already calling for Baron Davis to be the new starter. His ability to make a profit is gone, and with that so is his fame. The shelves will continue to be stocked with Jeremy Lin merchandise, but that may only be because no one is buying into Linsanity anymore.

Fab sale in Manhattan!

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Head over to the A/X Armani Exchange store in Manhattan’s Flatiron district for some super savings! From now through April 20th you will find discounts of up to 40% off on women’s clothing. From trendy tunics to bags and jackets there is definitely something for everyone! If you are in the neighborhood of 129 Fifth Ave in Manhattan, why not stop in? I know I definitely will! Can’t make it to the store? Check out the website for other discounts, including 30% off of already reduced merchandise! Gotta love a good sale to take us into the weekend!

Derek Fisher has a bittersweet return to Los Angeles, only bitter because his lingering resentment of the trade

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The Oklahoma City Thunder are 5-0 since signing Derek Fisher. Fisher was traded to Houston, who ended up waiving him. In that trade the Lakers got back former Knick Jordan Hill and a draft pick. If you consider yourself a diehard Knicks fan and you don’t remember Jordan Hill, then I do not fault you. So that being said, the trade was a bit of a slap in the face to Fisher, who had won 5 NBA Championships with Kobe and the Lakers. Fisher expressed some resentment about the deal, with all of his angst going against the front office, who he said gave him no heads up.



While the front office of the Lakers took a lot of heat from Fisher, the fans still showed their love as he returned to La La land last night. Fisher had 7 points in his Staples Center return but the real highlight of the night was the fans, including Jack Nicholson, giving Fisher a standing ovation as he entered the game. As great as the ovation was, I think Fisher must have enjoyed Russell Westbrook leading his Thunder to victory on the Lakers home court a whole lot more.