Christian Louboutin book out!!!

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Available for pre-order now on Amazon,  with an official release date of October 25, This seems to be a Louboutins tell-all.  There  has been alot of crappy blog coverage of it, so I spent a little more time to dig up all the info I could find.     The best I found was through a Google Product Search- never heard of it before, but it popped up and did the job for me haha.

I’ll spare you the same old cut n’ paste that every other site did, and highlight the important parts:

-Fanciful and intricate pop-up, an elaborate foldout cover, and dramatic still-life photography.

-New photography captures Louboutin’s artistic sensibilities, while an in-depth interview reveals Louboutin’s life, travels, and inspirations, presenting a very personal look at the man behind the shoes.

-Divided into six chapters. Covering everything from photos and stories about his retail locations, tours of his exotic homes, photos of all 120 of his different famous designs.

I just summed up the entire book in 3 bullets haha…  No i’m not lazy…. but did you really want to read 3 paragraphs worth of a summary?   It’s gonna have tons of pictures, tons of stories, and the first ever in-depth look at the man who has left his mark on the Fashion world forever.

Oh, Donald Trump…

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In honor of the Miss USA pageant I thought I wold post of photo of a hair icon! haha  Donald Trump is known for his hair…just don’t think it’s something he should be proud of.


Comb-over-central over here!!

DIY manicure


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Red Carpet Manicure has put out an easy to do at home gel polish. Now instead of spending a fortune, and hours at the salon you can simply give yourself a gel  manicure in the comfort of your own home.  With 36 shades to choose from, you can have a color to match every outfit in your closet. The polishes cost about $10 each. Other supplies you will need include clear gel, and top coat (also costing about $10 each), and of course…an LED lamp.


We found this one at Ulta for about $50. It all sounds like a lot of money up front, but think of the money you will save each month doing it from home instead of the nail salon! Especially now that the holidays are around the corner, it’s always great to find ways to cut down on costs.

NYU allows Chick-Fil-A to set up roost on campus – read the fine print!!!

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So I guess NYU has decided to continue on it’s roll of sell-out-dom. Chick-Fil-A will be coming to NYU’s campus and even sadder, they are advertising their jobs available with this horrid flyer. I could rage — Not so much at Chick-Fil-A because by now we all know they are dumber than chicken, but more so at NYU for not respecting the values, rights, pride and lives of those living in New York and/or attending NYU. How are students supposed to be proud of their school when Chick-Fil-A is allowed to say the following in its not-so-fine-fine-print:


“Remember Chick-Fil-A is a Christian company. We strive to have out values reflected in our employees. Please be prepared to discuss your religion, family history, personal relationships, etc. upon interviewing. Chick-Fil-A reserves the right to question, in detail, your sexual relationship history. The Bible and Chik-Fil-A define a traditional relationship as consisting of a man and a woman. Anyone living a life of sin need not apply. The Chick-Fil-A Foundation, God, Family, Tradition.”




I cannot believe NYU would allow such trash to be affiliated with their school. Not even for the hateful disclaimer, but for the nasty “Anyone leading a life of sin need not apply.” Way to judge, NYU.


I think that all LGBTQ folk should go and lie to Chick-Fil-A and get jobs there to infiltrate the system. We can slip little rainbows into happy meals and anti–hate propaganda into take-out bags. Please DO NOT EAT there…and share this article with your friends- especially ones that go to NYU or are alumni. They need to know that this blatant judgmental hate should not be tolerated.

Finger wave updo

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I love finger waves.  I love everything about finger waves.  I think I might even do some soft finger waves for my own wedding day hair.  I saw this photo and knew I had to share it. Everything about it is perfect…right down to the mole on her face :)


Sammi Sweetheart make-up

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Jersey Shore ended another season last week and tonight will be the Reunion show on MTV.  So in honor of that I decided to post this video on how to gt your makeup to look like Sammi.  I was tired of all the usual Snooki look-a-likes.  Sammi probably wears the least amount of make-up out of all the girls on the show…and I say that very loosely lol.  This girl gives a great tutorial for all you Sweetheart fans out there!


Not really… But he kinda did!

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Oh Heeeeey Mr Quaker Oats… Lookin’ pretty good now!!  In an attempt to push their ‘energy and healthy choices’ promotion PepsiCo {owners of the oatmeal cereal brand.. jeez those guys own everything} took off about 5 pounds from the man who has been featured on the cereal box, removing his double chin – and they’ve given him a slightly more youthful look with a haircut and broader shoulders.



Larry, yes PepsiCo named him, is putting his best self forward for the  134 year old brand – trying to make it “fresh and innovative.”  Chubby Larry was with us for decades, but it’s nice to see him taking healthier approach to life so he can stay with us for decades more.