This model makes lettuce look good!

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I stumbled upon this gem today.  Did you ever think lettuce could look so good?  This artist decided to do food inspired makeup for a exhibition in March 2012. So far she has covered everything from candy, to sushi, to chocolate, and lobster!  It’s all beautiful and amazing!


Check out behind the scenes of the shoot here.


For more information on this artist visit her very own site right here! Karla Powell, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us!

Let us introduce our latest additions to the sites

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Over the past week or so you might have noticed a few glitches on a couple of the sites in our network.  Well,  WE’RE DONE!    We, the web guys, work our asses off to keep this network up and running as smoothly as it is; every now and then you’ll see little errors pop up on the sites,  but we try to get them resolved immediately for you guys.


We have gotten several complaints in the past about our old ‘GOT A TIP?’ buttons-  they weren’t very user friendly I guess.  Well,  now all you have to do is click the button, fill out the simple drop down menu, and click Send. There isn’t an easier way out there than this people, so if that doesn’t work for you guys, then just send your writers an email directly at:



While we were woking on the ‘GOT A TIP’ buttons, we also came up with this ‘FEATURED STORIES’ box.  Self explanatory- a constant rotation of previously featured articles written on the site. We’re still working the bugs out and introducing the writers to them, but they’re up and running for your enjoyment!



As always, our sites are ALL 100% mobile friendly.   Cell phones, tablets, laptops etc-  if you can access the internet, you can access our sites.   If anything on the sites are screwed up at this moment, just Refresh the page and your browser should accept the changes we’ve recently uploaded.


Back to work we go.   Until next time, enjoy the sites!


-Web Team


Cleaning your make-up brushes

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Wether you are a make-up artist, or just someone who wears make-up every day, it is important to remember that your brushes need to be cleaned regularly. So I thought it would be appropriate for spring to help guide you in the best direction for how to take care of those make-up brushes!


If you are a make-up artist your brushes should be cleaned an sanitized after every single client. You don’t want to infect your clients with pink eye, or cold soars and such because you didn’t keep your brushes sanitized.  If you are just a regular person using your own brushes on yourself then a weekly sanitation/cleaning works fine.


I find that baby shampoo works the best at breaking down the contents of remaining makeup off my brushes.  After every client I wash all my brushes with a little bit of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo and rinse with warm water (for my personal brushes I do this once a week).  I then take all the brushes that get used for eye liner, lips, or cream/liquid make-ups and place them in a cup with Isopropyl Alcohol.  This will absolutely kill any germs that might have found their way into the brushes.

You want to make sure that you don’t swirl your brushes around on towels and ruin the bristles, so just lay them flat the dry.  If you want to help them keep with shape you can take a small amount of hair gel and shape them back to their original shape.  Make sure they are completely dry before you use them again.


Now, if for some reason the make-up is really caked on the brush; the brush used to be white and is now brown with makeup and now matter how much you wash it with soap, it won’t regain it’s original color….try a little Olive Oil.  Pour a little into a cup then swirl the brush around in it for a bit.  It will really help to break down the make-up.  The proceed with the soap an water, then the alcohol as needed.


Remember, your brushes should last several years but only if you take care of them! So go take care of a little spring cleaning today ;)


Adam Oates inducted into the Hall of Fame and Hired as the Capitals Coach, what a day

Keyword: adam oates, hall of fame, head coach


Man oh Man what a day if your name is Adam Oates. Not only was he inducted into the class of 2012 Hockey Hall of Fame but he was also hired as the Head Coach of the Washington Capitals.  The baton has been passed to the next man in line and who better that Adam Oates?



The Washington Capitals sure do like to keep it in the family that’s for sure, going from Dale Hunter to Adam Oates who both have played for the organization and during their time with the team have served the role of  Captain on the team.  Oates, who is just coming off of an impressive season helping coach the New Jersey Devils into the recent Stanley Cup Finals, will have his work cut out for him.



With a new cast of characters and Ovechkin’s attitude, can this once offensive impact player be able to teach Washington and its players the way.  He has clearly won the vote of General Manager George McPhee who made the following statement:


”Adam was a highly intelligent player in the NHL for 19 seasons, he has been an assistant coach in our conference for the past three seasons and is prepared to lead our club as head coach.”


Congrats on your induction into the Hall and good luck with the team, you might need it.


A product worth trying.

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We’ve talked about acne before. It’s hard not to since this is a blog about hair/make-up/nails…and all that goes along with that! So upon my research and trial and errors I came across this!


While my face is usually clear, I do tend to go through hormonal phases where I get pretty bad pimples around my chin area. GoodSkin Labs Z-Pore Instant Pore Refiner is a tinted cream enriched with vitamin E, and silicone. I have noticed since using it that the oils on my skin have lessened.


When I was researching the product, reviews stated that pore appeared smaller. While I have never had a problem with the size of my pores, I have noticed that when I go through my hormonal breakouts, the pimples appear smaller and last for shorter periods of time. It is tinted but I still apply my make-up the same way.  You can get this product at for only $24.40. Not a bad deal considering all the money I have shelled out for pimple issues over the years!


Stolen from Modern Salon

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I had to steal this from Modern Salon simple because it came from someone right here on Long Island!! Kristie Thorton of Salon 600 in Sayville, NY created this masterpiece and MS loved it so much they posted it…so now I am here to share its beauty too!  Congrats to Kristie and her team over in Sayvile for creating such beautiful art we can all enjoy!

Theatre Three Festival of One Act Plays highlights LGBTQ characters – as people.

Keywords: theatre three, port jefferson, jacqueline hughes, sheila sheffield platt, gay characters, lgbt pride, imaginary orange, four and twenty wretched dates, 10-18-02, joan st onge



For the past month, Theatre Three in Port Jefferson has been running a festival of one act plays for local audiences. This festival has been running at the theatre since 1998 and has a long standing tradition of producing original content and world premier plays to the stage, all brought to life by local actors. This year was no exception as out of the six short plays performed, two brought “out” the sexuality of their gay characters while beautifully personifying them. This is not to say that other LGBTQ folk were not in the pieces staged – however  just as in real life, we do not always know (nor do we need to know) someones sexuality to understand their current contemplation.


The first one-act to “out” a character was “10-18-02″ by Rosemary Frisino Toohey. In this short scene we share an important and at times uncomfortable elevator ride with four perfect strangers travelling to what seems to be “the end”. Within minutes the audience is connected to the characters and their stories of arrival to the hereafter. The theater is charged with the energy and anticipation brought forth by the actors and their situation. Then, we find out that the young woman who seems to comfort us by maintaining calm in this awkward setting is indeed, a lesbian.


Jacqueline Marie Hughes portrayal of a woman who died from breast cancer is one that has you simultaneously aware of her sexuality and forgetful of it. With Jacqueline, no pretenses are set and no stereotypes cue you to her sexuality. Her character is a woman and her sexuality is  addressed calmly and with class when she quietly corrects the groups assumption that her partner was a “he”. I appreciated this little reminder highlighting our society’s hetero-normative way of thinking. We live in a world where “straight” is assumed, and we walk around asking women if they have a ‘boyfriend’.  Jacqueline’s character proudly states her sexuality – there is no hesitancy. The choice for this delivery solidifies her character as a strong, proud woman.  Furthermore, her thought out declaration of her sexuality is role model worthy for the hundreds of thousands of LGBTQ individuals who cannot exclaim who they really are for safety, familial or other reasons. Her character talks you through her professional highlights, her struggle with disease and feelings for her partner whom she never married. While watching the show, many audience members think about how this woman dealt with such an illness and the loss of a gorgeous head of hair. But as an LGBTQ person, Jacqueline’s raw and emotional portrayal has you thinking about your own reality, rights and what it would be like if your own partner was sick. It truly strikes a chord. Heterosexual people take this for granted, whereas it is always in the mind of an LGBTQ person.



As the scene progresses, an LGBTQ person and cancer patient can both feel proud. Jacqueline plays her character as a cancer survivor, even in the after life. In addition, no anti-LGBTQ sentiment is expressed by other characters. I was thankful for this, as it is not needed every time we address our community. Gay does not have to be synonymous with hate, so I personally want to say ‘thank you’ to the playwright and cast for their choices.


The three other characters in the elevator are played with just as much intensity and passion. You connect with all of them, within minutes. This play gets you thinking and feeling. If you are straight, it gets you thinking about gay people in general, increasing our visibility. If you are gay this play resonates within you as it touches upon gay rights, sexuality and LGBTQ health issues. My favorite thing about this play comes at the end when the passengers arrive at their separate destinations and we learn what I have known all along – that gay people aren’t going to hell…bad people are.




In “The Imaginary Orange” , Sheila Sheffeild Platt delivers an amazing performance of a single, older woman who has a meeting with her former lovers daughter, where the relationship is discussed for the first time. Just as in “10-18-02″, we do not know Sheila’s character is lesbian until later in the scene. First we see her as a person and musician. Sheila’s delivery of lines in which she reminisces of times with her lover are flawless and carefully constructed. Her character speaks freely but also seems to chose her words wisely and intently. She speaks of the past and her wrong doings with an ease that seems as if we are watching Sheila in her own backyard while also portraying an undertone of the anger and guilt she seems to harbor inside.


When the women’s relationship is brought to light, Sheila’s eyes and posture portray the hurt over harboring a secret love for so long. She speaks of what it is like to love someone you shouldn’t with the realness of someone who has lived through it, still holding on to the bitterness of such a plight. Many of her lines struck chords in me as she spoke, reminding me of the hurt and pain one feels when living and loving “in the closet”. She also speaks of her sexuality during a different time. You can engage in the frustration her character felt when watching her lover go home to her husband. You feel her joy just as intensely when she waxes poetic about her former lover. And you also feel uncomfortable when Sheila is addressing her wrong doings as well as missteps she took along the way. This play and character reminds the audience yet again that gay people are here, visible and have been around for a long while. It also reminds the audience of the pain felt over love lost, regardless of sexuality.


Lastly, in “Four and Twenty Wretched Dates” by Chris Morse we are treated to a series of 24 bad dates. Out of the 24, only 2 were about same-sex couple issues, both the butt of a joke. But it was nice to see that thrown in none the less. The direction of the scene by Jeffery Sanzel, was flawless. The layers entrenched in the dates displayed as well as the over all picture pained by and with the actors was both entertaining and artistic. Joan St Onge played the sassy narrator and was the icing on top of the comedic cake, easing the piece along with impeccable timing.  The two same-sex dates in the play were funny – both were comical mix up’s in which the person explained “you see, when my friend said they were setting me up with Chris, I thought they meant a guy/girl” and the audnece got a good laugh when the scenario was reversed. It would have been nice to see an intentional same-sex date thrown into the play, but since the festival itself did such a great job of integrating LGBTQ individuals, i’ll settle!


Theatre Three, Thank you for bringing LGBTQ characters and issues to light and increasing our visibility as people, not just “gay people”.



Theatre Three is located on Main St. in Port Jefferson. They are open year round and are always running both theatrical pieces as well as special events. You can check them out here!