Celebrity look-a-likes

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First I would like to wish every one back to work and welcome you all to 2012!!  I was sad to see ’11 go. It was such a wonderful year, but I am excited for all the things the new year is bringing! With that said:

I am convinced we all have a twin or two out there in the world.  With all the trillions of people on this earth, there are bound to be similarities amongst people.  In the past I have been told I look like Britney Spears, Ana Faris, and my favorite…Judy Garland!

My favorite thing to do though, is to find celebrities who look like other celerities! So without further adieu…

Helen Hunt and Leelee Sobieski. This has always been my favorite celebrity twin duo.  The look-a-like action is just crazy!


Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman. Both beautiful woman who could be sisters!


Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe.  Frodo and Harry Potter!!


Nicole Scherzinger and Kim Kardashian. Two beautiful brunettes.


I’m sorry…is that Chad Smith and Will Ferrell? Or Will Ferrell and Chad Smith?? hmm…


Even the President get’s to have his own look-a-like!  Barack Obama and Ilham Anas!


Soooo…who do YOU look like??!


Is the “old lady” cut really necessary?


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So everyone wants to have long, luscious locks but at what age is it time to cut it all off? In my opinion, just because you reach a certain age, does not mean you need to chop off your locks. It all depends on how you look and feel, the texture and thickness of your hair…among other things. Take my Mom for example; at 60 years of age, she doesn’t look a day over 50…a sexy 50 might I add. Now, her hair might not be long but she certainly doesn’t have that “old lady” cut either. My Mom is sporting a trendy a-line bob! The key is to keep your hair manageable and sophisticated for your age and look.  Many older celeb women are rockin’ the longer look these days. Meryl Streep (62), Susan Lucci (64), and Madonna (53) are all ladies not afraid to keep their stylish hair regardless of their age.



The living sea!

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Last weeks episode of SYFY’s ‘Face-Off’ was probably one of the most interesting episodes between last season, and this season….and we are only on episode 2.  The contestants were given a challenge to bring sea creatures to life but the kick was that all make-up had to hold up underwater!  They were put into teams of two and got to work right away! Immediately drama beings, as expected of reality tv otherwise we wouldn’t watch it, would we?

While most of the creatures were pretty spectacular, there were two that just didn’t make the grade what-so-ever and in fact it was embarrassing to watch! Ian and RJ decided to create a shark and thought it would be funny to put him in a suit and call him a “lawyer”. As soon as they came up with the idea I knew it was a bad one.  They took the easy way out here.  Everyone else spent time on full body make-up and these guys dressed their model in a suit. For this concept to work, the make-up they DID do should have been absolutely amazing…and it wasn’t. Their biggest down fall = not sewing the clothing down.  As soon as their model jumped into the water, his whole jacket and shirt went up and covered his face, exposing his unmade-up body.  I was shaking my head the whole time watching this.

I had higher hopes for Jerry and Nix. One is known for his painting skills, the other had been doing FX make-up for like 40 years or so. When their turtle stepped out on stage I thought I was at an amusement park for kids. I could see children lining up to take pictures with the cool cartoon-like turtle!  This is NOT the way to impress the judges. It only got worse from there!  When he jumped into the water, he couldn’t seem to get his barrings and when he finally did, his shell almost completely came off.  It was such a disaster! In the end, this duo was rated the worst out of all of them…and with good reason!


I really hope to see more from these contestants. They have a lot to prove after this episode!

Dwight Howard expresses his plans to remain a member of the Orlando Magic

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Throughout the season many have berated Dwight Howard for not being a team player. However now things have taken a turn that nobody expected, and Howard has informed the Magic that he will not opt out of his contract. Whether or not this means Dwight is in it for the long haul has yet to be determined, but for now this is a good sign for the Magic. Dwight has often been compared to Shaq, not only because of his great play but for his interest in leaving Orlando. Those comparisons will be put on the back burner for another year. The only team this really has a negative effect on is the New Jersey Nets.


As the Nets make their move to Brooklyn they will need some star power in order to draw in fans. If Dwight Howard is not a Net, it also means that Deron Williams is more then likely to not resign with the team in the off season. With the absolute disgrace of a product that has been the Knicks, the Nets are primed to take over a restless fan base. Without a big name or potential for a winning squad, the Nets will remain in the shadow of New York.

This is sure to bring a smile to your face

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Yes, now make sure you remember that the next time you go to get your hair cut ;)

A great answer to curing a bad day!  Trust me…try it!


Disney princess hair is perfect!  It never moves, and is never out of place.  Ariel spends her days swimming around in salt water and she can comb her hair with a fork without pulling out millions of knots.  This is so unrealistic haha


I feel like I want to put this on my driveway.  Just because I work from home doesn’t mean my driveway is open to my clients to park!  Oiy…crazy people lol


This makes me feel so important, doesn’t it?


WHOA! I’m speechless

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The big buzz this morning online is the NBA Draft last night.   Everywhere I look I see tall guys in suits wearing baseball hats….Including our friend Anthony Davis, the #1 pick in the NBA Draft last night, up and coming star, and most importantly: the guy with an outrageous unibrow!!   Look at that thing!



Apparently the unibrow is his trademark, everyone in the league urges him to keep it, he wears it proudly, and he’s a future NBA star- what does he care?  I say power to Anthony Davis.  If you can walk around with a unibrow as full as this one and not care what people think, then I wish you the best of luck in your basketball career, cause you’re a better person than I am.  I would have my eyebrows waxed 4 times a week if  I was this guy, but he just keeps trooping through his career like he doesn’t have one of the most full unibrows on the planet.



This is a proud day for me, this makes my 2nd Basketball article ever (this was my first).  Never did I think I would write about this sport, or any sport for that matter.  But here I am, just lil old hair/makeup/basketball blogger extraordinairre-ess.   It’s all in a days work folks. If anyone needs NBA predictions, I’m obviously the girl to talk to.




Only a few hours left to shop!


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Yay for Cyber Monday!  Great deals at the click of your mouse.  You don’t even have to leave your room and you can cover everyone on your holiday list! Here are a few deals I thought you all would be interested in. I tried to get this up earlier but my day for a little busy!  My apologies!  Hurry up…only a few hours left!




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Bare Escentuals had 5 days of deals, but today is their last day and they are offering ALL 5 DEALS TODAY!


So there are a few of the deals going on for today.  Most end tonight and are on-line only offers (hence the term Cyber Monday)