Shareholders reject protection of its LGBT employees

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The gas and oil greed kings of the world are at it again.  10 years ago before the Exxon/Mobil merger happened, Mobil was a ‘nice’ oil company that prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation… meaning it offered health benefits to domestic partners of its employees;  giving them the same rights as the rest of the company.


Well, for the past decade, that wasn’t the case-  with the big merger came stricter guidelines, guidelines that refused new employees the equal opportunity they deserved.



Sadly, on Wednesday, 80 percent of shareholders shot down the idea of amending the companies equal employment opportunity policy, which would have prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. All of the specifics on the story can be found here.


Doesn’t that seem like an alarmingly high percentage? I’d like to think that this is more of a financial decision than a moral decision?      I guess what I’m saying is; is this greedy Exxon/Mobil saving an extra $100 million a year in employee benefits?  or is this 80% of Exxon/Mobil genuinely hating the gay and lesbian community?     hmmmmm



Her own line of lashes!

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I’m surprised it took this long for her to do this! Katy Perry will be releasing her very own line of false lashes some time in February. After wearing Eylure lashes through her whole tour she decided they were the best choice for her. You can tell she was very hands on with the development as the packaging is a ’40′s style theme….so Katy Perry!


There are four varieties to choose from: “Sweetie Pie” which are natural-like lashes, “Oh, Honey”- a richer, thicker set for a night out, “Cool Kitty” a cute shorter set for your day time outings, and “Oh My” which kind of explains itself ;)


Ulta will be carrying the line for only $6.99. I just might have to get them all!


Now the real question is: When is she going to come out with her own color line?!

She’s following the pastel trend

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Coco Rocha showed up at the Met Gala last night rockin’ some fabulous pink locks! Coco, a super model from Canada, has had many looks over the years but mostly she has been brunette.  This pink came to quite a shock to me.  It’s a bold move! She can definitely work it though!


Who else recently popped up with pink hair?  Lauren Conrad!


Though I don’t quite think she pulls it off as a well as Coco.  What do YOU think?  Who pulls the pink off better?


It’s Coco vs. Lauren!  Send your votes to

Clip in extensions can be fun!

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Here is a fun way to add pastels to your hair without it being permanent!  You could change your color every day if you wanted to!! You really can’t go wrong with clip in extensions.  They add length, they add volume, and they add color too!  Go crazy!!

Sulfate-free is where it’s at!

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Sulfate-free shampoos are taking over…and for good reason! Sulfate is found in most shampoos these days. It is probably the worst ingredient in a bottle of regular shampoo.  Basically it strips your hair and leaves it dehydrated. Conditioner can only make up for so much. You are then left with dry and/or frizzy hair.  Sulfate free shampoos became popular when the kertain treatments began.  The sulfate shampoos would strip the keratin chemical treatment right out of the hair. I began using sulfate free on all my keratin treated clients…now I use it on everyone, including myself!  With a sulfate-free shampoo, your hair is never striped of all its natural, good oils that keep it healthy and hydrated. I even find that I can go with out conditioning sometimes!


My favorite sulfate-free shampoo to date is Kenra’s Platinum. I have written about Kenra’s Silkening Mist in the earlier days of this blog.  It is still one of my favorite products.  I even got my clients hooked on it.  It only makes sense that I would fall in love with their shampoo too!

Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys has passed away at the age of 47

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This one hits pretty close to home. Some of my best memories of high school come with listening to the Beastie Boys. When I got my Jeep the first song I jammed out to was Intergalactic. Even in the NBA video games the Beastie Boys were well represented. One game enabled you to even play as the three white rappers.


MCA in this picture is playing the role of the referee. The boys often played some crazy dress up, and being New Yorkers of course basketball was a theme as well. I actually caught MCA at a Knicks game a couple of years ago. So with that, I say rest in peace to one of my long time favorites, MCA.

What’s she whipping up for her honey?

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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake… a celeb couple we love to love!  In an interview with French magazine, Gala, Biel discussed her new upcoming role: wife & homemaker.  She doesn’t feel anything will change once they take the plunge into marital bliss, except for may her spending more time in the kitchen.  Though rarely home, she describes her experiences in the kitchen as “total disasters” with an occasional “pleasant surprise.”  She boasts about her zucchini fritters and how she enjoys whipping up cupcakes.  Jessica also says she enjoys trying to customize recipes… that’s always a sign of someone with some hidden cooking potential!  I bet they’re packing on the pounds of happiness in no time!