Lady Gaga releases promo photo for “Fame”!

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Did you really expect Lady Gaga’s perfume ad to be conventional? The Mother Monster just released the first look at the advertisement for her new fragrance “Fame”. Like everything else this lady does, the ad is equal part sexy, sadistic, and just plain bizarre. I do have to say that I’m curious to see what “Fame ” smells like. Will you be rocking Mother Monster’s smell?

The quietest dryer

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You’re holding a great conversation with your client while you give her this fantastic cut.  Then out comes the blow dryer.  Either the conversation ends abruptly, or she keeps on talking as you nod, pretending to hear what she is saying the whole time. Well, no longer will this be a problem if you get the Bio Ionic Whisper Light Dryer.

Recently this dryer was globally recognized by the Noise Abatement Society as one of the quietest dryers in the world. I almost wish I could could go back in time to before Christmas. I would have totally put this on my list!

Best part is….it comes in pink too!!

Whisper Light™ Features

  • NanoIonic™ Mineral Technology
  • Natural Negative ions
  • Far infrared energy
  • Ultra-light technology
  • Ultra-quiet technology
  • Dual removable filters
  • Cool shot button
  • Variable heat
  • Ionic styling nozzle

For more information on this product visit

Corset made from soda can tabs

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Don’t be jealous, weFASHIONny, that I found this gem of a picture before you did!  Don’t we all long for a corset nowadays… especially a corset created from the pull tabs of soda cans!?  While there is much to be impressed with as far as her skill goes for just being able to fashion this piece, in general… this is horrendous.  Impressive, but fugly.

Stonybrook University Hospital is home to Rainbow’s!

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Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts today – I am supposed to be updating you guys three times per day – and most days I do that and more! However, I must apologize today as I was not able to post. My father is ill, and I needed to be by his side at Stonybrook Hospital today.


Everyone there was really nice, and very respectful when I introduced Jacqueline as my partner. I was glad about this, because I needed her support and to hold her hand today. We are very open in public – we don’t make out because we respect PDA boundaries, but 99.9% of the time, if you see us in public, we will be holding hands or arms. We also freely share the occasional small kiss.


Anyhow, I digress on the awesomeness that is my lesbian superstar relationship….


SO….today at Stonybrook there were two “gay friendly” things that caught my attention! The first was the Starbucks in the lobby which was awesome and huge. The second was the window(s) of the Pediatric Emergency Room, which was a rainbow patterned display of butterflies (as seen in the pic above). Anyhow – ill be back to posting it up tomorrow, and I ask that if you read this, please keep my family in your thoughts. See ya tomorrow my lovely little “gabies”!

We’re getting full


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We thought it would be a good idea to introduce our fellow viewers to one of our sister sites You if you enjoy food in any way, then you are sure to enjoy everything this site has to offer.  Get your latest information on the greatest restaurants in town, try some new recipes, learn the newest trends for your next dinner party. Though it might not have much to do with make-up or hair…who doesn’t love food?! We urge you to check it out. We promise it will serve your appetite well!

Justin Burrell of St. John’s fame earns an overseas honor

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The past few weeks have been very kind to last years St. John’s seniors. D.J. Kennedy recently made his debut with the Cavs of the NBA, and now Justin Burrell has been named MVP of the Japanese Professional League. He led his team, the Yokohama B-Corsairs to a 31-21 record while averaging 18.7 points. I dug a little further and used a semesters worth of Japanese to also discover that he averaged 10 rebounds and 2 assist a game.


It is always cool when you see guys you watched at school do well. To be honest though I don’t have too many memories of Burrell from last season. That being said, I am still glad to see that he is representing St. John’s proudly. And I am glad that the Japanese I learned at St. John’s is actually paying off.

Light-up Lip Gloss


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Our friends at Artistry introduced us to one of their new products. I was the lucky one to get my hands on this and I am so excited to tell you all about it! I am a sucker for gimmicks, and this is nothing short of genius. For those of us on the go, its not always easy to find a bathroom to reapply our lips. This lip gloss makes it easy! With a built in mirror and an LED light on the applicator, you can apply anywhere, anytime, and in any lighting! The LED light is said to last more than 6 years, which is longer than the lip gloss alone should last you. And if that’s not enough to get you excited…it even has a cool minty sensation that leaves your lips with a slight tingle!  It is offered in 3 shades; Glitz, Champagne, and my personal favorite Passion. You can get them through their catalogues or on their site ( for just $15