This sick dunk comes straight outta Italy….well maybe, I’m honestly not too sure

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All righty, so I do know a bit of Italian so from what I can understand from the description this is a Sprite Slam Dunk Contest much like the one the NBA has. I found this video when Dwight Hardy, the former St. John’s star, shared it on his facebook wall. Now Hardy is playing and living over in Italy, which is more proof for my case. Plus the kids lined up look kind of Italian….I guess. Although I cant really hear the announcer, it actually kind of sounds english. Well regardless of where it takes place, Kenny Dobbs throws down a nasty dunk. Also the title is Italian for “Difficult Basketball.” My Italian really is not too great.

Are Nike’s Olympic-themed “Gold Digging” T-shirts sexist?

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Check out the new Nike Olympic T-shirts that sparked a controversy in the twitterverse. I personally think they are clever and adorable! Do you find this T offensive?

Jeremy Lin speaks out on who his favorite Pokemon is

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So today a friend of mine reffered me to an article on Deadspin way back when Lin went into surgery. Now there were a lot of little trivia fact in the piece, but those really don’t matter to me after reading the big one. Jeremy Lin said his favorite Pokemon was Blastoise. Really? Blastoise? Jeremy Lin may have been the only kid that got Pokemon Blue Version instead of Red. I know for a fact that all the kids on the playground were all about Charizard. And maybe some of the hipster kids would pick Venusaur. But not one pick Blastoise.


You may be asking yourself, “hey Rob, what does this have to do with basketball?” The answer may surprise you. Absolutely nothing. I just cant get over the fact that a guy as skilled as Linsanity picked the most irrelevant of the Pokemon starters of 90′s. Then again, he is a Harvard graduate in the NBA. Maybe I should have chosen Squirtle way back in the day?

The official dates of the Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale!

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February 16th is right around the corner, so start saving up! The official dates of the Barney’s New York Warehouse Sale are from February 16th through February 25th. My advice? Get there ASAP so you don’t miss the good stuff! Happy shopping!!!

Tyson Chandler receiving his championship ring was the only highlight of the night for any Knick

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While the night started with former Mav Tyson Chandler finally getting his championship ring, It was the rest the current Dallas stars who would be celebrating come the end of the evening. The Knicks were off to yet another listless start, something we have seen quite often since the return of Carmelo Anthony. Melo had an absolutely dreadful game, only hitting 2-12 shots while picking up just 6 points. The Knicks did make a comeback, but in hindsight it was a troublesome one. The bench of the Knicks was the group getting New York back in the game, not the starters.


Steve Novak, per usual, helped lead the Knicks comeback off the bench. Four shots made from downtown got him 13 points, an average Novak night. Iman Shumert played sensational defense after leaving the pine, he forced 3 steals and forced many poor shots from the Mavs. The defensive effort of Shumpert is important to note considering how awful Jeremy Lin has been on the defensive side of the ball. Is a shake up of the starters necessary, or do they just need some more time to gel?

Pint size fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson, talks Fashion Week, her “younger years” and her style!

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Love this girl, she is wise far beyond her years! Check out her Style Rookie blog!

John Starks dunks hard over Jordan and the Bulls, can he get much higher?

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John Starks is the star of arguably the most famous play in the history of the Knicks. In 1993 the Knickerbockers hosted the Bulls in the playoffs as they so often did. Starks would be the beneficiary of a screen by Patrick Ewing that led to a massive dunk. The dunk happened to be over Horace Grant and Michael Jordan. Now this is made extra special by the fact Jordan had done this to the Knicks on several occasions, one of which being the low point in Patrick Ewings career. A highlight he can not escape. Luckily Knicks fans have this play in their back pocket if a Bulls fan ever tries talking trash.


I was going to use I believe I can fly, but that would be way too easy. I did not go with the cliche song, somehow I have a friend that likes Creed. And somehow I have to admit they have quite the catchy rock ballad from 1999. So that is how I found the song I really wanted to go with. Higher goes perfectly with the Starks Dunk. The chorus is simple, “can you take me higher?” I am quite sure that Starks could not have taken his team any higher then he did on that dunk.