Tony Allen of the Grizzlies with a Harlem Globetrotter like display

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First off, and most surprisingly, apparently Tony Allen is in the running for defensive player of the year. While he wont get it, the fact his name comes up at all in conversation is a shock. To me Tony Allen is that guy that my friend pity drafts when we play NBA2K. As in he picks him basically as a joke, much like I do with Mike Bibby. But hey, apparently Allen is actually a defensive ace.



Well not only is he a defensive ace, but he is also an offensive wizard. Take a look at the video to watch Allen work his magic. The most spectacular part of this play is that he didn’t get called for anything. I am almost positive that should be some type of travel.



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Well, this is a new take on overalls!  I realize the photo quality is not the best and my boss might get a little pissed about that…however, I feel it was worth the post!  I mean, this guy is just letting it alllllll hang out, huh? I can’t stop staring at it. It’s like a bad accident! My guess is that this is some sort of costume party. If not, then this is the epitome of white trash! I wonder how many months along he is! :)



St. John’s picks up its first win of the season against a ranked opponent

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Coming into todays matinée against Notre Dame, St. John’s had been winless against ranked teams, going 0-10. Something finally gave today and the Red Storm held on to defeat the 18 ranked Fighting Irish, 61-58. Freshman star Moe Harkless led the way for St. John’s; he dropped a game high 22 points while pulling down 9 rebounds. Many consider Harkless to be a potential NBA player, the hopes are he will stay at St. John’s for one more season and continue to rock the Garden.

Fashion Star will premier on NBC on March 13th!

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Are you ready for another reality show? I’m sure if I am either….


Next Tuesday, the new reality show Fashion Star will premier on NBC at 10pm. Each week fashion designers will compete to have their clothing sold in top retailers including H&M, Macy’s, and Saks Fifth Avenue. What sets this show apart from other shows, is that viewers will be able to purchase the winning contestant’s design in one of the retailers mentioned above almost immediately following the show. The fashion “mentors” on the show will include Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie, Elle MacPhearson, and John Varvatos. I am interested to see how this show will do! Will you be watching?



Deron Williams sets a franchise record for points in a game as a New Jersey Net

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Deron Williams dropped 57 points to set a franchise record for the Nets. The rest of the Nets roster had just 47 points as the Nets beat the Bobcats 104-101. Deron was perfect from the free throw line, and he was there often, hitting 21 of all 21 opportunities from the charity stripe. Williams old career high in points was 42 when he was a member of the Jazz. While 57 points and 7 assist is an incredibly amazing performance, it is important to acknowledge that the game was against the Bobcats. The Bobcats who have 4 wins. The Bobcats who have by far the worst record in the NBA. Yea, those Bobcats. Still though, kudos to Deron on a very strong performance, hopefully next time he can do it against an actual team.

Rag & Bone sample sale starts today!

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This week is an amazing week for sample sales, as if 70% off of  Sam Edelman bags isn’t enough, Rag & Bone is starting their sample sale today with items up to 60% off!!!!

Rag & Bone is the ultimate line for New Yorkers. The chic professional yet trendy with an edge clothing can make anyone look put together. Although the line leans more towards the price line, I’m sure you can find great bargains at this sample sale! Starting today at 10:30 a.m. you can head over to the Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth avenue between 15th & 16th street to get in on the action!

Seattle has a new arena on its way, and they are looking for teams to play in it

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The fans of the Seattle Supersonics have spent the past few years watching their own team develop into NBA championship contenders. Unfortunately that team no longer plays in Seattle, they play in Oklahoma City under their new Thunder name. So those bitter fans have spent the better part of these years begging for their team back, and they may get their wish.



Seattle will be building a new state of the art arena that can hold an NBA team as well as an NHL team. The Phoenix Coyotes are the obvious NHL team on the move, but which NBA teams departure makes the most sense? There are plenty of option; the Bucks, Kings, Bobcats to name a few. Of the three the Sacramento Kings are the most likely to be on the move. They barely survived being moved to Anaheim last season, they wont be so lucky when Seattle comes calling.