Weekend sample sale, shop till you drop!

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Looking for some good shopping for the weekend? Look no further! Head down to Bit + Piece at 246 Mott St., between Houston and Prince for up to 90 percent off of fab designer duds, including Theory, Elie Tahari, Cynthia Vincent. Nothing like a good sample sale to kick off your weekend!

6’9 shot blocker Christopher Obekpa commits to St. John’s

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Christopher Obekpa had been considered a long shot for St. John’s, all had thought he Long Island native was on his way to Cincinnati. St. John’s coach Steve Lavin worked his recruiting magic and snagged the big man for the Johnnies. Obekpa is considered the 77th best prospect in the country. He is known for his extraordinary shot blocking ability, a defensive center that is much needed for St. John’s. Here is a few more tidbits on the newest member of the Storm.

Need a new iPhone case? Head over to Shopbop!

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    DVF, $28                     .                    Marc Jacobs, $38

We live in a generation where our cell phones have become appendages of our bodies, constantly in our hands, and something that we absolutely can not live without. Lucky for us there are plenty of designers out there who get it….cell phones are another part of us to adorn!


Rebecca Minkoff, $48             .          Dannijo, $98

This weekend I will be on the hunt for a new cell phone case. As silly as it sounds, I have not been able to find one that I love. I look at my cell phone more than any other accessory that I have, so I want to accessorize it with a fun, fashionable and unique case. Here are some of the options that I found, I am OBSESSED with the Dannijo one! Head over to Shopbop.com to check out more of the phone case options that they have.

Have a great weekend everyone, can’t wait to catch up on Monday, hopefully I will be updating from a newly adorned phone!

Dexter Pittman drops an elbow into the head of Lance Stephenson

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Lance Stephenson was the guy that sent the choking gesture in the direction of Lebron James. He is also the guy that has played about 7 minutes during the postseason. Yet two games later, amidst a blowout, Dexter Pittman of the Heat was still thinking about Stephenson. And so he did what you saw in the video, lets just call it a “Ron Artest.” Suspension is immenent, although its not like Dexter Pittman is such an important piece of the Miami Heat.

UGG comeback, or extinction?

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If nobody else wants to talk about it, I will:  What the heck is going to happen with UGGs this year?   Honest question.  I have friends who wear them all winter, and friends who swear against them.
The cold weather will be setting in, bringing us into the 3rd ‘popular’ season(for all the people that will get on my case about UGGs being around for 10 years, “they were used by surfers for 97 years” blah blah blah.  shhhhh, stop talking)   What i’m asking is what will we see this year? Uggs in high demand and on every girl we walk past?  Or a noticeable decline in the popularity of this once thriving shoe/boot/slipper/foot warmie thing.

remember that time Tom Brady was an UGG model? Oh yeah, that’s right now.    I don’t even like football, and I even laughed a little bit to myself.

My final answer?  I say the UGG trend is back in full swing within 2 months. They’ll come out with new colors, new heights, new fitments etc etc.
No doubt they’re comfortable, I get it.   I also get that they’re convenient to throw on when running out the door.
I also think they look good with a pair of black yoga pants, or a crisp and clean white t-shirt.

Fact is, just like the internet… if the general public likes the product, they’re going to keep using that product.

Two of the China’s biggest stars having a good time

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When I logged on facebook this morning I saw the usual same old boring stuff. And then boom, Jackie Chan shares a picture of him and Yao Ming. It appears they are opening up some sort of fitness gym of some sort, I don’t really know. What I do know is that these are not only two of the best things to come out of China, they are two of the best damn people in the world. I rock my Yao Ming jersey every chance I get. And Jackie Chan, man I cant even tell you how much of Chan fan I am. This image is just pure gold.

Talk about an oxymoron of a shoe…

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With the athletic trend in full swing, I have been looking everywhere for fun and unique sneakers. As I mentioned a few months ago, I am not typically a sneaker girl and I only own 1 pair of gym shoes, being my only pair of sneakers. So what shoes would finally make the girly-girl in me swoon over sneakers? Sneaker heels of course, with no heel at all!


When I came across these shoes on Moda Operandi I couldn’t wait to share them with you! These fab kicks from BE&D Sneakers are available here until April 13th for $128! Would you rock the sneaker heels???