Have a fashionable Independence Day!!

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Vogue Spain, April 2012

Happy Fourth of July!

Have fun, be safe, and rock your flag swag! Check back tomorrow for more fabulous posts!


Regular trims are very important


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When my clients ask how often they should come back for their haircuts, they always seem shocked when I tell them the usual 6-8 weeks.  They seem especially shocked when they are the type of client that only comes once or twice a year! Sometimes they give me the excuse “Well, I’m trying to grow it out”.  It’s time to face the facts people. If you want healthy hair, it is important to keep up with regular trims.  This is not one of those myths.  Your hair will be healthier, shinier, and grow faster if you come in regularly…no joke!  Your hair can start to form split ends very quickly. Especially the way we all treat our hair today with the coloring, flat ironing, blow drying, and shampooing on a regular basis. Split ends are going to make your hair look dull and limp.  All it takes is a small little dusting off the ends to give your hair life again. And with that small trim, your hair will become healthier and will tend to grow faster.  So if you’re sitting here reading this and you’re one of those people who haven’t had a haircut in 2 and a half years, call your hairdresser and get in today….please :)

Terrible Tattoo!

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I’m sorry…no what?!  Are you sure about that? Not sure who is dumber…the tattoo artist, or the girl who is stuck with this for life!

Pop-up restaurant on the rails

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During a time when pop-up lounges, flash mobs and other social stunts have become all the rage, it is no surprise that pop-up restaurants are starting to take off too!  Recently the members of the underground culinary collective, A Razor, A Shiny Knife, staged an invitation-only dining experience aboard the L-train as it made its way through Brooklyn, transforming one of the cars into impromptu bistro.  Choreographed with great precision, this 6-course lunch featured dishes such as filet mignon cubes drizzled with bordelaise sauce and topped with asparagus, and was made complete by table linens and shiny silverware.  The event was executed seamlessly (with the exception of a few water refills missing the cup…) and group managed to avoid any issues with the MTA or NYPD, all in a 30-minute subway ride.

Nail art that makes me hungry!

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I’m just going to stick with the food theme today…it seems to be working for me.  It also seems to be making me hungry! If you are a nail biter, I would suggest staying away from these nails as you might be tempted to keep chewing!  I love bacon and eggs.  Who would have thought they would make for a great manicure too?  It seems simple to recreate and you don’t have to have a steady hand either!


What other fun food nails can you come up with?

Being a blogger with no computer

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So it’s been a couple months since we got this blog up and launched,  and we’ve been working out the kinks as we grow and I’ve dealt with it…   One snag I wasn’t expecting was this:   MY COMPUTER CRASHING OUT OF NOWHERE.


I’m borrowing a computer to get this one article up for the day, and I’m having someone else cover my posts until I get my computer back from the BestBuy Geek Squad.    I’m sure there is someone out there who would bash me for going to BestBuy to fix the piece of junk… but I don’t exactly have many options here.


I’ll be feeding news tips to the guys covering my workload for the next couple days,

Miss Piggy for MAC


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First of all we need to say “Congrats” to Miss Piggy for being the first celebrity to appear on WeStyle twice in less than a month! This is just too important not to post about!  MAC cosmetics recently released an on-line-only collection in honor of Hollywood’s biggest Diva. The line includes eyeliner, a set of lashes, and a shadow called Miss Piggy Pink. Props to Piggy for pulling off such a high end look here.  She’s looking fab as usual!


Can’t wait to see the new Muppet movie which will be out in theatres on Thanksgiving!