It’s about time he cleaned up his looks!

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I cannot tell you how happy I am to see Ashton looking hot again! He is such a sexy guy and he really let himself go in the last year. I had lost all hope for him ever returning to my “hot celebrity list”, but as of last Wednesday he is back!  According to an interview, the make-over wasn’t his idea though.  Apparently it was the show ‘Two and a Half Men’ that had him do it. Thank you to whoever pushed him back in the direction of sexy!

The Hunger Games Capitol Couture

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I really didn’t understand the Hunger Games hype until I started reading the books. With a super busy schedule, and an extra busy week, I have managed to finished 2 and a half of the 3 book series….since Friday! These books are really impossible to put down, and after reading, I am stoked about the moving coming out next month! Lucky for us fashion folk, the brains behind the Hunger Games have spearheaded a fashion phenomenon; Capitol Couture. Capitol Couture is a website that takes us into the futuristic fashions of the Hunger Games, and with the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte involved with the operation you know it must be good!


Perhaps our girl over at can fill us in on how to get these fab makeup looks!? And we know will keep us from going hungry!

dark, sexy, beautiful…and possible tattoos?

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by Kukula

Right now I’m on a bit of a goth-meets-Galadriel-anime-broken-doll art kick. I admit it – I love street art (especially political, renegade style art like Bansky – side note: watch the movie ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’) and am looking to add another tattoo to my already large collection. I’m picky about tattoos – I have been inked about 20 some-odd times, mostly by one awesome man named Irish Jay at Tattoo Lou’s in Coram. Jay’s the one who did my back piece…



This pic is old, and since then I’ve added quite a bit to behind my ears and neck, shoulders and such. But I’m looking to add to what I think will by my arm. Hence the obsessing over powerful-beautiful in their own way, girl-girl style contemporary paintings. I initially wanted a painting by my favorite artist, Freida Kahlo entitled ‘The Two Freida’s’



But since I don’t want anything on my leg anymore, and instead on my arm…I’m looking around….enter today’s pretty cool pic gallery. You tell me – whats the best one to get tattooed on my arm?






This is my favorite, courtsey of Official Chola Pin-ups. I kind of want her on my arm more than Freida. Do any of you have beautiful woman tattoos that mean a lot to you? I always also wanted a pin-up! I’m going to run out of room!!


Pastel lips are in for the spring

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I posted about the pastel hair on Friday, that trend I love.  But lips? Hmmm….how do I feel about pastel lips?


Surprisingly, I love this too! So much fun!! What a great excuse to get out of the same reds and pinks and try something new!  I love the pastel purple!


So maybe I’m not such a fan of the guy in yellow.  Guys wearing lipstick is weird…..guys wearing yellow lipstick is even weirder.  I do like that green though. Looks like artists are keeping a very natural face when using these types of colors on the lips. I guess that makes sense.  It would probably be too much to see a bold eye with blue lipstick!


I would love to hear your thoughts on this look!  Send us a message in the message box on the right, or comment below! :)

Some fans are happier about the Heat vs. Thunder matchup than others

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So for one of the ESPN fan polls the country was asked who they wanted to see win in the upcoming NBA finals. Just about the entire country wanted to see the Thunder be victorious, except the obvious states that were in the area of Miami. Well one of those areas is not so obvious, and it is because their fans are still quite bitter.


The state of Washington is extremely anti Thunder. And the reason is simple, Oklahoma City stole their team. The Thunder were once the great Seattle Supersonics, until they moved on out. The fans only got a year of Kevin Durant and were not able to witness the dominant team that the Thunder has become. Now to more important things, my opinion. I, like the rest of the country, am settling for the Thunder. Quite frankly I don’t like either team, but hey, I gotta root for someone.

Perfect messy bun

Keyword: messy bun, updo, bridal hair

Isn’t this a beautiful messy bun? This is a great beach wedding look! I just love it!

Do you feel guilty?

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The bond between a hair stylist and their clients can be very strong sometimes. We try to keep a business professional relationship with all our clients but when we hear about so much of their personal lives it’s hard not to make a connection with some of them. I know there are plenty of my clients out there that would consider me a “friend” to a certain extent. I am told on a regular basis “I will NEVER go to anyone else but you!”  While that is extremely flattering, I always take it with a grain of salt.  There are so many reasons why a client might have to see another stylist. It doesn’t always mean they like someone else better. In fact, if I am unable to take a client when they are in need of having their hair done, I have a good friend who I always refer them to. I’m not threatened. I don’t get offended if one of my regulars comes in and I notice their last cut was not by me. I don’t take walk-ins, so I understand there are going to be those clients that need something last minute and will need to go somewhere else for a quick service. I never make my clients feel guilty for doing so.  I would prefer them to wait if they can, but I understand the busy-ness of peoples lives. Personally, I don’t think you should ever feel guilty if you “cheat” on your hairdresser.