Argentina hits Carmelo Anthony where it hurts

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Argentina has been one of the few teams in this tournament considered a threat to the United States. After trailing by just one at the half, they showed why everybody thought that. But then things went south fast and the only threat they posed was to the manhood of Carmelo Anthony. Melo hits a 3, and as he does the Argentines hit him where the sun don’t shine.

Lea Michele turns her gleek off for Candie’s

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Lea Michele is not looking so gleeky in the new Candie’s campaign! The Glee star is following in the footsteps of teen idols such as Britney Spears and Vanessa Hudgens as the new face for Candie’s. There is always some what of a riskay element to the campaigns, and Lea brought just the right amount of edge to the photos. According to Lea, “Candie’s is such an iconic brand and I am so happy to be working with them!” I think Lea was a great choice for the campaign and is positive influence for the teens that shop Candie’s. Visit Kohl’s to check out the rest of the campaign!

The Washington Wizards new jerseys are eerily similar to the team they share a building with

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Ted Leonis is the owner to the Washington Wizards. He also happens to own the NHL team, the Washington Capitals. The Caps have had their current jerseys for quite a few years, and Leonis has adapted that design to his Wizards. The Wizards are an awful team, the Caps have been pretty good in the past few years. My thinking is that Leonis is a marketing genius, the Caps are whats big in D.C. so he decided to make the Wizards look just like them. Unfortunately these slick jerseys have seen very, very, very few wins.

Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg on the Red Carpet for ‘Ted’

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Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg at the Premiere of their new movie, Ted.    Mark seems to never get old or lose his edge, and Mila seems to have an endless amount of sex appeal to last a lifetime.    Although, I feel like it was just a couple weeks ago that pictures surfaced of her hanging out with Ashton, and people were throwing jabs at her because she was starting to gain some weight.


Mila Kunis- 1

Haters- 0

The New York Knickerbockers will sport their alternate Green Jerseys tonight for St. Patrick’s Day

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In the past 10 years the main tradition of the New York Knicks was to not win a playoff game. Other then that they really had nothing else going for them. That is until that one glorious time a year when they sport their green jerseys. Last season the Knicks did not play on St. Patrick’s Day so they did not end up wearing the jerseys. However since they played the Chicago Bulls on Christmas day, the Knicks wore the greens as the Bulls wore their reds. It was a very festive Christmas morning indeed.


The main memory Knicks fans will have of the green jerseys will be of the Dunk Contest. Little Nate Robinson wore the green jersey and coined himself “Kryptonate.” The nickname was used to match Dwight Howard who is known in the NBA community as Superman. Nate won the contest as he dunked over the much larger Dwight Howard (who was wearing his superman cape.) After that Nate went on to sign with the Celtics wear he would wear green every game. It was a lot less exciting.

Fashion Style Experts top picks

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Style expert Petra Flannery reviewed the pointed toe pump which made a comeback this season. Petra chose her top  7 picks over on the Heidi Klum blog a few days back, and I thought we should help them recycle that info-  it’s not often you get free advice from celebrity stylists,  especially ones that get the weFASHIONny approval!

The whole selection of shoes after the click,  but I thought I would leave you with these first,  they’re my favorite!

Heidis Blog

Fox News with a humorous headline on NBA stars

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When I think of current Bobcats owner Michael Jordan, the first thing that comes to mind is his minor league baseball career. And now it appears I am not the only one who thinks of the greatest NBA player of all time as a baseball screw up. This Fox News headline was in reference to an event that featured Michael Jordan, David Stern, and Carmelo Anthony, among other famous names. And the caption for those with some eye issues reads as this; ”Obama glad-handed with about 120 donors, including failed baseball player Michael Jordan and noted anti-police activist Carmelo Anthony on Wednesday.” Thats right, MJ of the White Sox minor league team and Melo of some “dont snitch” videos.