The hair umbrella

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GENUIS!!  Do I even need to say more than that??  I know I am going to get a text from my fiance as soon as he sees this asking if we can get one.  Can you imagine placing one of these on your clients before you cut their hair! hahaha

Who nose if it works….

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Can certain scents stimulate weight loss?  That’s what one study is saying… Participants at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago smelled banana, peppermint, or green apple and saw about a 5lb weight loss a month – despite the lack of any change to their regular diet or exercise routine.  Hmmm… Supposedly the scents have a direct effect on the area of the brain that signals you’ve had enough to eat and are full ~ but whether it turns out true or not, I guess it’s worth a sniff!  Next time you’re hunting for a little aromatherapy reach for banana, peppermint, or green apple scented products – and try giving them a sniff before eating or whenever you feel the snack craving coming on!

What would you do?

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Can you imagine leaving the salon like this?  I would NEVER let any one leave my job looking like this.  I can’t say that I have ever ever seen anything so terrible before…and I’ve seen a lot of botched hair cuts. This takes the cake for sure!! If a client walked in and specifically asked for this, I’m not even sure I would know how to  go about getting it to look this way haha. My cat could have given this girl a better haircut.

You know when clients come in and say “I just want like 3 or 4 layers”…as if they are count-able. Well, you should have this picture handy and say “You mean like this?!”

I apologize to the girl in this photo.  No one should be forced to go out into public with such an awful hair cut.  I sure hope she was able to get it fixed!

What a big day!


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It’s a big day for pop sensation Britney Spears.  She turns the big 30!  This girl has been through it all, hasn’t she?  Starting her carrer as a child, becoming a pop icon by 16, getting married by “accident” in Vegas, marrying Federline, having two kids, shaving her head and going crazy, and becoming a pop icon all over again! If that’s not talent, I don’t know what is! So, Happy Birthday to a woman who has had/done it all…and then some!

Bringing ‘green’ into your makeup routine

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Mascara is my number 1 beauty must-have.  If I was stuck on an island and could only bring one item of make-up…it would be mascara! My number 1 pick for mascara is usually Maybelline. That being said- I think it’s time to try something new, right?  This ECO friendly mascara is made from natural ingredients like clay and mineral pigments.  I am totally game for giving this a shot!  Maybe not for my make-up clients as I doubt it is water proof, but for my own personal use…I’d be willing to use a more eco friend product! You can pick this product up at Sephora for about $19.  I know it sounds a little pricey, but it’s a small step towards saving the world.  No one said being a super hero was cheap ;)


Zedno Chara shows off his strumming skills

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Zedno Chara one of the most highly skilled hockey players to come out of Slovakia has shown us another skill that he possesses as he was pulled out of the audience at the Golden Puck Awards.  Chara was pulled out of the audience by a member of the band Team, given a guitar and joined them on their hit song “Drzím Ti Miesto”.



If this is not the weirdest set of events to happen in a 4 minute and 11 second span I don’t know what it.  If you can’t bare with it fast forward to 2:40 of the video.  The music reminds me of Rocky and I was waiting for them to pan out to a video of Chara running through the mean streets of Slovakia with a mean ass sweat suit on and a beanie.  I was also expecting doves to fall from the sky when Chara hit the stage.

Sulfate-free is where it’s at!

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Sulfate-free shampoos are taking over…and for good reason! Sulfate is found in most shampoos these days. It is probably the worst ingredient in a bottle of regular shampoo.  Basically it strips your hair and leaves it dehydrated. Conditioner can only make up for so much. You are then left with dry and/or frizzy hair.  Sulfate free shampoos became popular when the kertain treatments began.  The sulfate shampoos would strip the keratin chemical treatment right out of the hair. I began using sulfate free on all my keratin treated clients…now I use it on everyone, including myself!  With a sulfate-free shampoo, your hair is never striped of all its natural, good oils that keep it healthy and hydrated. I even find that I can go with out conditioning sometimes!


My favorite sulfate-free shampoo to date is Kenra’s Platinum. I have written about Kenra’s Silkening Mist in the earlier days of this blog.  It is still one of my favorite products.  I even got my clients hooked on it.  It only makes sense that I would fall in love with their shampoo too!