Some good ol’ fashion stink butt in the face of the guys on the bench

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Well the weekend is finally here, which means we all get to kick our feet up and enjoy life(and hopefully beautiful weather) for the next 2 days.  Tons of NBA games on tonight and all day tomorrow starting at 5:30pm.


If you haven’t seen this video yet,  then you’re in for a treat.  Shaquille O’Neal attempts to break down the mystery of which Heat player dropped a bomb right after the coaches talk.   Shaw is kind enough to point out that the smell stretched 4 people deep-  which is impressive by anyones standards.


Have a good weekend,  and I’ll see you all back here on Monday. 

These ladies looked ravishing at last night’s SAG Awards!

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Unlike previous award shows, I had an easier time choosing my fashion faves from yesterday evening’s SAG Awards, these ladies stole the show with their fabulous fashion choices!

Ashley Simpson called upon her beau’s TV show for her SAG ensemble, she looked stunning in Jenny Packham.

Emma Stone pulled off this tea length Alexander McQueen dress without looking like she was going to a tea party.

Michele Williams stuck to her Old Hollywood style in Valentino and got it right as usual, this girl is always a class act.

Angelina Jolie looked incredible in her black Jenny Packham halter. This kind of brought us back to her badass days, except with more glamour than grime.

Naya Rivera looked classy and glamourous in this Naeem Kahn gown, bearing just the right amount of cleavage.

Lebron James falls flat when it matters the most, as Pacers tie up the series 1-1

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Lebron James has been called a lot of things during his NBA career. Most recently he was named MVP, now he is being called the anti-clutch, LeBum, LeBrick, LeBad, LeBoo, and any other pun you can think of. With the Heat down just one point with 50 seconds to go, Lebron missed two free throws. And then Dwyane Wade missed what looked like an easy layup. All that wrapped up would lead to a Pacers win by a final of 78-75.



Now as much as I enjoy laying it all on Lebron, I do have to say it wasn’t his fault the Heat lost. James had 28 points and Wade had 24. The rest of the team had just 23 points. It is near impossible to win with a stat line like that. It looks as if Miami may actually miss Chris Bosh more then they thought they would.

It’s really not that hard!

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I got a special request from a fan, Lisa, on how to curl someone else’s eye lashes with a lash curler.  At first I though I would place a video here to show you how, but there really aren’t many to chose from online that I think work well. It’s really not a difficult task at all.  Many people tend to stay away from doing this.  I know some make-up artists that hand their lash curler over to their client and ask them to use it themselves, but what happens when you have a client that has never used one themselves?


You start by asking the client to look all the way down with their eyes.  (Side note- I never apply mascara first, otherwise you risk the lashes sticking to the curler and pulling them out)

Then, using your pointer finger on your free hand, move the eye lid around to place all top lashes into curler.  By having them looking down, they can’t see you coming at their eyes and they won’t be a blinking mess!


Slowly close the curler and as you pinch lightly ask if it is pinching their lid at all.  If they say yes, adjust the curler.  If they say no, then pinch tightly for about 10 seconds.  For a softer curl, pinch lightly and slowly move your way out pinching as you go.

Ta-da…perfectly curled lashes that now only need mascara!


So to Lisa and all my other fans, I hope this was helpful in showing you how to use a curler on your clients!  Good luck!!

10 years since it’s FDA approval

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Saw this over on fitperez and thought it was interesting.  Nothing big, just the 10 year anniversary since Botox was approved by the FDA for use on frown lines.   Who would have thought 10 years ago that the Botox craze would have had such an enormous impact on the health and beauty industries.


It seems like everywhere you go nowadays someone (or something) catches your eye reminding you that men and women everywhere are using this injection to help prolong their youthful appearance.


I’m against it personally, but I have no issues with people who undergo the procedure.   I’m still at that point in my life where I feel any unnatural outside influence just can’t be healthy,  no matter how many doctors or studies tell me otherwise.


Who knows-  things will change as I get older and as my features begin to change,  I may freak out every morning and jump on the Botox bandwagon;  but for right now I’ll stay far away from it and just wish it a Happy Birthday.

Miley, Liam, and the twins go to party

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Miley Cyrus and  Liam Hemsworth hit the red carpet Sunday night in Hollywood for an event called CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute. Miley performed her single, ‘The Climb’ for the crowd.

Miley, Liam and the twins are like one big happy family.  A few weeks ago she was video’d saying she was a huge pothead and stuff and everyone was making a big deal out of it…. Gotta love Hollywood-  one minute you’re hated for a day and on everyones radar for negativity-  and the next minute you wear a low cut dress that exposes your girls and the public loves you again!

An all natural look

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A group in Georgia plans to give out Barbie dolls this Christmas, but it’s not about the gift.  Their plan is to help young girls to feel more self-acceptance and self esteem. Candace McBride is a member of the African-American natural-hair group and will be coordinating the giveaway. She claims that it is hard to find dolls that are natural looking (it’s so very true, and so very sad). Online she found out how to take a Barbie doll and give her natural looking curls by using boiling water and pipe cleaners. ”We wanted to show the girls that basically, it’s OK the way God made you,” said member Jennifer Henderson. The message they are trying to give to young African-American girls, is to embrace their hair the way it is. Their goal is to make 40 dolls and while that doesn’t sound like a lot, think of the impact it will have on those 40 lucky little girls on Christmas morning.

Maybe they can only giveaway 39 and send the last one this way so I can add it to my Barbie collection? ;)

We think what this group is doing is wonderful. I embrace all hair types…long, short, thick, thin, orange, black, curly, straight. Everyone’s hair is beautiful in it’s own way!


I hope you enjoyed this Barbie filled day!  If you have any other cool Barbie style ideas, please don’t hesitate to send them our way!!