What a way to spend the weekend than with All Star Festivities.


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Welcome back everyone! The weekend came and went and yet again it was another one that I can not complain about that is for sure.  Another hockey filled weekend on my end spent with great kid and great friends and family and some really good rink gossip.  On the other end it was nice to come home throw up the feet crack one open and rip into some wings and watch these NHL All Stars get it done out in Ottawa for the All Star Weekend.



The weekend kicked off with a bang with one of the funniest moments at the All Star Draft when Patrick Kane unknowingly chirps on live TV about a beautiful blonde in the front row, which had me rolling.  We then saw Team Alfredsson snag every Swedish player out there to accompany him and Lundqvist on the team.  Carey Price snubbed Chara on the hang shake after being picked for his team and Logan Coture received a life size key for a not to shabby Honda for being the last one picked in the draft.



The Highlight of the weekend was for me has to be Patrick Kane’s antics,  at it once again as he comically took the number one spot in the elimination shootout posing as superman giving us all a show-#beauty.  And last but not least big bad Zedno Chara who will huff and puff and shot your house down.  Chara was able to break the record once again and send Warrior Hockey Sticks stock through the roof when he put a 108mph rubber bullet on the net.  Is it me or does he look like Count Chocula?

Yes, it is customary to do so

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Just like a restaurant waiter, hairdressers sometimes rely on their tip.  Most salons pay their employees either a small salary, or give them a percentage of each client they work on.  Let’s say you pay $20 for the haircut of yours.  It’s probably true that less than half that actually goes to your hairdresser. So when you walk out the door without giving them something for their hard work, it is kind of a let down.


Recently I had a fellow stylist contact me to tell me all about how hard she worked on this one client and how she felt when she was finished-


“Dear Jill at weSTYLEny,

I have been working at a little salon on Long Island for the past 7 years. All of my clients are pretty loyal to me. Recently I had a new client come in asking for a full head of hilites. She had a lot of long hair so my boss quoted her at $135. I spent a good 3 hours on her. When I was all done she looked beautiful. She kept talking that it was exactly what she had wanted.  She paid the receptionist, then came over and handed me $3!! 3 singles folded up is what she placed in my hand after a 3 hour service! That’s like a 2% tip. I was insulted, angry, and extremely agitated! My boss pays us 35% of our clients. We all rely on our tips to help us make a decent salary. I would have been embarrassed if I was her. I had to share my anger as I knew you and your readers would understand my woes.


Grace (a very agitated stylist)”


Well Grace, I feel your pain! If you can’t afford to tip your stylist on top of the cost of the service, then don’t have it done.  Especially if you were raving about the job well done. Tipping should  be based on how much your service is, how well the service is done, and personality of the person performing the service.  If all of the above are fantastic then an 18-20% tip should be added.  If it’s adequate then a 12-15% tip will do. But I don’t think I can ever justify a 2% tip.  It’s  degrading.

I hope my non-stylist fans read this article and take it to heart.  Please let your hairdresser know she is loved and appreciated!!

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiGAYgo?

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So today, while doing work for my band, The Free Candy Band – I saw this picture on the sidebar and gasped with gayness! By all accounts, it appears to be either Rainbow carnival style slides or (even better) rainbow water slides! That’s what it looks like to me! When I clicked on the link, I was sadly disappointed and redirected to groupon.coms log in. Womp.


I googled “rainbow slides” but only came up with colored carnival slides that were not in the perfect ROYGBIV order!  I did however find other rainbow slides which I found to be very cool! Check it!



Could this be the stairway to gay heaven? 



The best I could do was save this little picture and ask you, my dear readers – where can I slide my bootie down the rainbow? Where is this ride of good gayness?

Looks like repurposing time!

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Friday I brought you some myth busting tips on keeping your bread from going stale.  Maybe I was a day late though and you’ve already found yourself with a useless dried out loaf.  Well, useless no more!  How about I give you a couple ideas for those past-their-prime slices of pane!?


Make your own breadcrumbs… toss that old bread into the blender and add some Italian seasonings. Refrigerate in an airtight container for later use.


Homemade Croutons? Yes please! Simply dice stale bread into cubes… sauté with olive oil and sprinkle on some Parmesan cheese and seasonings.


French toas!  A breakfast favorite of mine.. initially invented to repurpose stale bread. Have you seen my recipe for Stuffed French Toast??  It’s to die for…


Feed the birds!  Never let anything go to waste when there are other animals that would love to have it!  Be Green and find a better use for your loaves gone bad, rather than chucking it in the garbage pail.

It may be banned soon!

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This week Cosmopolitan released their February issue with 17 year old Dakota Fanning on the cover.  Along side of her were the capations “His Bes Sex Ever”, “Too Naughty To Stay Here: But You Have To Try This Sex Trick.”  Is this becoming just a little too raunchy? Model Nicole Weider seems to think so!  She wants to have the magazine banned from grocery stores and newsstands.

“As a former reader of the magazine, I happened to pick up an issue and was reading it and was completely shocked at how pornographic and explicit the content had become. I immediately thought of my young teenage brothers and it horrified me to think that they and their friends could be reading this material, and the damage it would do to them if they did” said Weider.

She doesn’t exactly want the magazine to change their tune, but she has started a Change.org petition to have the magazine sold in a non-transparent wrapper.  She also wants it to be banned from being sold to anyone under the age of 18. As of now she has about 11,000 signatures and has received tons of emails and comments on her website www.projectinspired.com for girls of all ages!

Other people are not so supportive saying that it is 2012.

I don’t care what year it is…I think I agree with Weider.  It’s totally inappropriate for 11 year old to be able to pick up a copy of Cosmo and read how to give their boyfriend the best sex of his life in explicit detail. Not sure I feel it needs to be hidden in a non-transparent cover as I know the importance of marketing.  People won’t buy it as much if they can’t see it.  But maybe ID should be required when purchasing such magazines.  Young girls should stick to “Teen Magazine”  I grew up on that…brings back memories :)



*Thanks to www.foxnews.com for the information for the article! Always keeping us up to date ;)


Add this to my birthday list

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Cutest headband I’ve ever seen! What a great way to accessorize and show off your love of cutting! haha  You can get it on Etsy for only $22. It’s the perfect gift for your hair dresser!  Get it here!

This sick dunk comes straight outta Italy….well maybe, I’m honestly not too sure

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All righty, so I do know a bit of Italian so from what I can understand from the description this is a Sprite Slam Dunk Contest much like the one the NBA has. I found this video when Dwight Hardy, the former St. John’s star, shared it on his facebook wall. Now Hardy is playing and living over in Italy, which is more proof for my case. Plus the kids lined up look kind of Italian….I guess. Although I cant really hear the announcer, it actually kind of sounds english. Well regardless of where it takes place, Kenny Dobbs throws down a nasty dunk. Also the title is Italian for “Difficult Basketball.” My Italian really is not too great.