Who do you think threw the towel in first?

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They used her name, and plastered her face all over the place,  but didn’t really make a huge splash, atleast not on my radar.  They’re clearly successful as the brand is well known,  but I’m not sure they got out of Audrina what they were hoping to get out of her,  in all honesty.   I think Audrina is a different kind of celebrity-  she’ll always turn heads, but I’m not quite sure I’m on board with the fact that she can put a face to a brand-  it takes a certain kind of woman to behold the power of brand recognition haha.

Don’t get me wrong-  Audrina if you’re reading this-  you absolutely murdered the clothing Ad shoots that have hit the net.  When it comes to celebrities in modeling, I think she’s got the number one body in the industry.

Last week she was at an event wearing a Sexy-Santa outfit, and this week she’s calling it quits on their relationship.   L.A. really is a 2-faced cut-throat town, huh?  craaaaaazzzyyyy

Try this!

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It was my birthday back in the 7th grade. I was in history class and had the most obnoxious boy who sat behind me. As a lovely gift, he decided it would be funny to put gum in my hair.  It wasn’t until I got home that I realized the doings of this juvenile delinquent. Needless to say I was devastated when my mom had to cut it out for me.  Wish she would have tried one of these ways to get it out instead!



Peanut butter is not only delicious, but it is a great way to get gum out!  The trick is to pick one that is loaded with oils. Do not go with crunchy as those are usually the least oily of all peanut butter.  Basically you just work it into the hair and hope that the oils will break the gum down til you can just slide it out.



Mousse is another great product to try. Apply as much as you need to the area and comb it out slowly, adding more mousse as needed.



Any cooking oil will do pretty much the same thing that the peanut butter will do.  Try vegetable, oil, or canola….any will do.



If you ice the gum/hair for about 15 minutes it should harden the gum enough that you can just pull it out.



Vaseline will help the gum to slide out.  It can’t be overly sticky gum though.




Charles Barkley vs. Shaquille O’neal:  Shirt-Off

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This is where I would usually write something to go along with this picture- instead, I’ll be using that time to clean up all the throwup off my keyboard.

This is a must watch video!

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Yeah…..I”m not sure how to take this.  Is he trying to be funny?  If so, then he nailed it! But if he is serious then I am inclined to laugh at him.  I enjoyed going to school, but I’m not sure I enjoyed it enough to write a whole song about it!


The song is terrible too.  It doesn’t rhyme, and it’s so damn wordy!  I actually feel bad making fun but I watched this whole video with my jaw in my chest.  My fiance stopped what he was doing to listen and laugh along with me.  I guess some people just have a little too much time on their hands! haha

Neon polish is illegal?

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We all love a bright neon polish. They look great for the summer time! But did you know that neon polish is actually illegal?!!


It’s a silly reason, actually!  As you know, EVERYTHING has to be FDA approved, and while all companies make sure to have the nail polishes approved, they all seemed to skip over their neon colors.  Not really sure why to be honest. While smaller companies are illegally keeping up with their production of neons, the bigger companies are playing by the books. They are stopping the manufacturing of their neons. Don’t panic!  They will still be offering super bright colors that will be just as bold and bright…just not neon in the technical sense.

What a big day!


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It’s a big day for pop sensation Britney Spears.  She turns the big 30!  This girl has been through it all, hasn’t she?  Starting her carrer as a child, becoming a pop icon by 16, getting married by “accident” in Vegas, marrying Federline, having two kids, shaving her head and going crazy, and becoming a pop icon all over again! If that’s not talent, I don’t know what is! So, Happy Birthday to a woman who has had/done it all…and then some!

The Brazilian bombshell works wonders with her baby bump!

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Now you see it…

Now you don’t!


Camila Alves attended the screening of “Killer Joe” rocking a skin-tight bandage dress from INC International Concepts. Although you could never tell in this second photo, the hot mommy model is pregnant with her third child! I love how she kept her look simple and sexy with minimal accessories. I mean, isn’t the spawn of Mr. McConaughey the best accessory a girl could have?!