MAC’s lip glass


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Seriously, probably the best lip gloss out there, hands down! And you can even get them in different colors too. It’s thick and shiny, but doesn’t have that stickiness to you.  You know what I’m talking about…when you have your mouth closed for a while and when you go to open up you actually feel like you have to pry your lips open! Check this and other MAC products out at

Call a hairdresser

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Haha, this was cute.  Spoofing on both horror films and people who dye their own hair.  Honestly, if you want your hair done right…just call a hair dresser!! Boxed dye can never promise you that it will come even remotely close to what it says on the box, and it hardly has full coverage.  You will almost always be left with fried, streaky hair. You don’t need to spend a fortune.  If you are looking for a single process color it is not hard to find places that will do it for under $50.  It’s worth the money…trust me!

Naturally curly hair

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I can’t say if this is true or not as I do not have naturally curly hair.  Maybe some of you ladies can let me know! ;)

To of the most beautiful Aussie’s in the world to couple up!

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Two Australia’s hottest actresses – Cate Blanchett and Mia Wasikowska – will play lesbian lovers in a new adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s lesbian romance novel The Price of Salt. This sounds awesome!!


Highsmith directed  The Talented Mr. Ripley, which Cate also starred in.  The film, entitled Carol, is set in 1950s New York and follows two very different (and gorgrously blonde) women! Filming begins in 2013, and I cannot wait for this!


I hope the movie ratings committee doesn’t clamp down on the “romance” scenes for this movie,  because I will be mad!


More cutting power

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Whoa!!  This is a serious hair cutting tool, huh?  According to Washi, this three blade shear creates three times the cutting power. Your hair cuts will definitely go quicker with this guy. Imagine point cutting? You’ll be done in no time with this beauty! It all snaps together so you can have your choice of blades. Check out Washi’s website for more interesting tools!

Better tweak your kitchen skills!

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In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Blake Lively told the the world, “To be around me, you must love food.”  Amen sista!!  Our favorite Gossip Girl dished about what she looks for in a boyfriend – and it seems like non-foodies need not apply for the position.  She’s amidst a big cooking phase in her life and only wants someone who can share in that passion with her.


It’s speculated that the the 24 year old actress is dating Ryan Reynolds – so I guess it’s safe to assume he knows his way around a kitchen.  The dashing duo was recently spotting in Washington D.C. together, as reported by People - and their appetites were front and center. Lively & Reynolds hit up not one, but two Italian restaurants in 24 hours, Graffiato and Sette Osteria.  In the interview Lively went on to say that anyone vying for her heart should also have a bit of fashion sense.  This girl’s got her head in the right place!

You’re never too old

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This might not have much to do with hair, or make-up, or styling…but you know me.  Sometimes I come across something that I just feel I have to share. This video was so unbelievably inspiring. I have tears in my eyes still just from thinking about it. It truly is never too late to make a commitment to the one that you love. I really hope you all take out of this exactly what I did. Love can come at any age…embrace it!  <3