Just take a wild guess…

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In 1955 she was 9 years old and grew up with 11 brothers and sisters in Tennessee. Now at 65, the “blonde haired” beauty has sold over 100 million records and charted 25 number- one hits! She even opened up her own theme park!  Think you know who it is??  Click below to see if you are right and see how this international star has aged over her 4 decade career!


If you guessed DOLLY PARTON, you are correct!


Here she is in 1964 as a teenager. This was the start of her bright make-up, long nails, and tight clothes. She looks so innocent here, doesn’t she?



In 1972 she began being noticed for her trademark wigs and had already released two solo albums! Now THIS looks like the Dolly we all know and love today!



In 1978 she graced the cover of “Playboy” magazine, bunny ears and all! She also won a Grammy for best female country vocal performances.  Coincidence?  I think not! PS- Did you check out those eyebrows?



1980, look at all that pink!



Big things happened for Dolly in 1987…and I’m not just talking about her hair.  Her variety show “Dolly” was released. I wonder what her head weighs with that wig on top!



In 1994 she lost the crazy hair and went a little more modern…but she didn’t lose her figure, or that make up!



In 2001 she played it down even more. And she went with more earthy tones with the makeup. Hard to believe she is 55 here…but who know’s how much work she has had by this age!



Today, at 65 years old she is still sporting her big boobs, tight clothes, crazy hair, and bright makeup.  She has certainly stayed true to herself all these years! Though I am not a fan of cosmetic surgery, I applaud her for never trying to keep it a secret. She is proud of every ounce of work that has gone into her body and she is not afraid to tell anyone she is nothing but natural!

My, what beautiful bangs you have there sir

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Every time I cut my fiancees hair, as soon as I’m done he starts complaining about his receding hair line-  he doesn’t have a receding hair line, but he just loves busting my chops. I’m posting this today so that he can see if/when he does start to recede, he has plenty of options he can go with to make him still look, uhhhh, grreeeaaat!

Cameron Jankowski fired after Tweeting pic of incident

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Some individuals truly take the word idiot to a new level.  Cameron Jankowski is a shining example of those type of people.  To begin with it’s never a good idea to urinate on, or allow any other bodily fluids to come in contact with, the foods you’re serving in your place of employment.  Perchance rule number one is broken, then see rule number two: never ever take a picture that can get you fired and plaster it on a social media site.


Cameron Jankowski didn’t understand either of those rules though and proceeded to have photo session while he peed on a Nacho Bell Grande at the Taco Bell he was working at in Fort Wayne, Indiana - he then Tweeted the picture to Hunter Moore {revenge porn entrepreneur and founder of Is Anyone Up?}



His tweet says “guess where I work” and is tagged #pissolympics and #nachobellgrande.  Later Jankowski posted Tweets reassuring his followers that he didn’t actually serve those nachos.  In the face of severe public backlash Jankowski has since deleted his Twitter account.  A statement has been released from Amy Kavanaugh, spokeswoman for Taco Bell, as well saying that they “find this prank absolutely unacceptable, and we plan to terminate anyone involved and work with authorities to pursue legal action.”  And indeed they did.  Jankowski is left with a full bladder and no more nachos to pee on.

Savard Could Never Play Again

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The 34 year old center for the Boston Bruins Marc Savard will unlikely be playing in the 2011-2012 season.  In my opinion with the two bone crushing hits he endured leaving him with serious concussions, I would be surprised if he even returned to the sport of hockey at all.  We’ll follow up on this story as more details are released on Savards plans for the future.

This shall be my wedding look!

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I’ve always loved this old hollywood glam look. This girl is absolutely stunning and does a beautiful job with her make-up.  Enjoy!

Olympic nails!

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What a great way to support the London Olympics!! Just had to share this with you all.. Have you guys been keeping up with the Olympics? I can’t say I have…Just not that in to sports.  Now if they had a makeup category…THAT I would watch!

Chap Stick should be your #1 friend

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I had the conversation recently with a friend about chapped lips-  they’re bad in every way possible-  but he had just gotten home from a trip where the weather was much colder than our 60-degrees-on-February 1st weather that we’re experience here in NY.   Long story short, his lips were completely caught off guard, and he went from soft healthy lips, to cracked and flaking in less than 24 hours!      When he’s home and it gets cold, he keeps chap stick on him at all times, but he attributes this tragedy to the fact that he just wasn’t prepared for it.     The good news is,  he picked up a stick of Burt’s Bees at the local pharmacy and kept laying it on every second he got, and his self proclaimed ‘soft and luscious, but still manly as hell’ lips are back to where they belong: moisturized, plump, and flake free!

Did you think I would post a picture as awful as those herpe/chapped/crusty food lips or whatever the heck is going on in that 2nd picture and not comment on it?   Obviously it isn’t the ideal choice of pictures for this article-  but how could I NOT?      I know I know, it’s gross… to make up for it, I gave all my viewers a beautiful set of lips to feast your eyes on-  whether you go for guys or girls, nobody can deny these 2 sets of lips are legendary