How many will I break before January is over?

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With the New Year approaching, comes a list of resolutions. Last year mine was to be happier.  I would say I accomplished that, but it was pretty easy. All I did was surround myself with wonderful people. This year I am going to put myself out there to accomplish a whole lot more.

1-Try out a new piece of make-up once a month. I tend to get stuck on products I like and don’t want to try new things. Time to broaden my horizons!

2-Get back into exercising! This is so cliche, I know…but I think this is the first full year I went without doing a single sit-up. Time to get back into my routine

3-Do my water fasts more often than once every 4 months.  I think I’ll try to do a three day fast every other month. It always seems to clean up my skin real well.

4-Do more volunteer work.  I always volunteer at the the local theatres and help out with make-up for their teen shows. It makes my feel good.  I would like to find more time in my schedule to do more of this!

5-Cook more!  I have been very inspired by my friend over at weEatny.


So that’s my plan for the new year. I hope I stick to at least ONE of these! haha  What are your resolutions for 2012?


I Hope you all have a safe, happy, and healthy new year!! See you in 2012!!

Las Vegas is set to host one hell of a party

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On Wednesday June 20th at 7pm.    The actual awards show will be aired on the NBC Sports Network(same channel that hosted the NHL Finals).   Also,  if you have the NHL Network, you can tune in before and after the show for everything from red carpet entrances to post-show interviews of players and celebrities. This year, the NHL awards will be attended by more celebrities than ever before, with the NHL announcing the following list of confirmed guests:


Kevin Connolly , Colin Hanks, Joshua Jackson, Cory Monteith, Matthew Perry, Vince Vaughn, Michael Vartan, Eric Stonestreet, Ray Liotta, Adam Pally and Cheryl Burke.  The broadcast also will feature special appearances by actors Will Arnett, Tracy Morgan, and director/writer/actor Kevin Smith.



Not gonna lie,  I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘star-studded event’, but I’m not watching this thing for the celebrities, I’m watching it for the NHL players…. and a few screenshots of their wives never hurt anyone.   But I will say,  Tracy Morgan always cracks me up, so I can’t wait to see what this guy brings to the microphone.


Wednesday, 7pm on the NBC Sports Network-  Don’t miss it.

Why must organic cost more????

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It’s sooooo true and soooo frustrating!!  I would love to be able to eat strictly organic foods – but unless I’m growing them myself it gets too expensive.  I understand why, but at the same time why can’t we pay more for the added chemicals and crap and pay less for natural, crap-less foods?  It seems to make more sense that way… sigh.

Yes please!!


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While browsing the internet for some new interesting articles to post on the site, I stumbled upon this clever accessory. What stylist would not want to sport one of these around their wrist? Made from recycled scissor handles, it is bendable to fit around any wrist. Don’t settle for the cheap knockoffs though! Visit and get your very own today. The holidays are coming before you know it! Put it on your Christmas list (that was a hint to the fiance. Now if I don’t get one, I know he doesn’t really read the blog when he says he does!)


This shall be my wedding look!

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I’ve always loved this old hollywood glam look. This girl is absolutely stunning and does a beautiful job with her make-up.  Enjoy!

Violent Lips adds to their collection!

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Thank you Violent Lips for adding this for us! What a perfect lip to wear for your bachelorette party!  I have written about Violent Lips a few times on my blog. While I don’t think they are for every day use, I still get a kick out of them and think they are great for parties and special occasions.  That is why I got so excited when I saw this post on their FB. What bride wouldn’t want to have these?!!


Other new looks they released for the spring/summer include-

I love the monarch butterfly ones.  They are stunning!  When Violent Lips first came out I thought to myself “This is a cute trend”  Never did I think it would take off the way it has and that they would have so many patterns/designs available!  It makes me so excited to see what new ones will come out in the future!!

Sulu and Stern contributor George Takei takes to Twitter and makes an awesome point!

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One of my favorite gay men, George Takei of Star Trek fame, has taken to his Twitter and Facebook to poll his heterosexual “tweeps” about their own sexality.


Much like the comments that hate groups and crazy zealots speak about homosexuality, Mr. Takei in all his awesome wit has developed this quick poll…


Hysterical! I’m looking forward to how many peolpe take the poll and what the results are, as if they matter!


Whether he’s being hysterical on Twitter or ripping it up on Howard Stern, George Takei is one of my favorite funny people. Thanks for this funny little gem George! Keep on keepin’ on!