Logo’s NewNowNext Awards bores me to tears.

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Do you recognize these people in the pic above??


Me neither. Oh wait – I see the lesbian chick from Glee and Andy Cohen.


On Monday night, Logo aired their NewNowNext awards show, an awards show honoring…well i guess what is supposed to be “next” and hot. I tuned in, because I’m planning on being a performer at the awards in a few years (if it is around) with my band, The Free Candy Band.


However, I cant lie – I clicked back and forth, because honestly, the show was kind of dinky and boring. Kelly Osboune hosted (WHY????) and was as dry as Joan Rivers crotch! (Haha, I think Joan would like that joke, seeing as how the host E!’s Fashion Police together.) Kelly read cue cards with the ease of a second grader and couldn’t seem to land the timing on her supposed jokes. Plus – I still think she looks horrible. I could care less about her weight – I’m all for bucking the system. For me its that dry purple gray hair, ill placed tattoos and bad fashion choices.  And they had the gall to give her the fashion award that night! Don’t get me wrong – I bet you Kelly is a really  nice person, and Id probably have tons of fun with her, but this was way off her track.




The show began with a not-funny Wizard of Oz spoof with Kelly as Dorothy, Jiggly Caliente as the Lion, Milan as the Tin Wo-man and the sickening Sharon Needles as the Scare Crow. Kelly sang and it was…..well….bad. It was awkwardly uncomfortable to watch, but at least they looked fierce!




Some kid from the Hunger Games won the first award – sorry, couldn’t tell you who he is. Other winners included Music Artist on the Brink of Fame – Neon Hitch. Now, I could go on about this girl but Ill spare you. All ill tell you is that I saw her lady gaga wanna be video called “I can F*&# you betta” posted on a lesbian Facebook page I administrate and was horrified. As a hard working, grinding musician it annoys me when people throw on skanky clothes, grab a dance song and imitate away. Oh, she also sang the hook on some Gym Class Heroes song. Whatev’s. Shes hot, I guess, but really? She got to play at THE DINAH people! Is she lesbian??? All I’m saying is that better be me next year.



Hiiiiiii! Who are YOU??? Aubrey O’Day? Is that you?



A female rapper that I dig also performed – Rye Rye. This girl has been on her grind for a few years and came up the ranks paying dues. Go girl. (I’ll tell you more about Rye Rye in the coming weeks!)




I have to be honest, I didn’t bother to watch much else. I was bored and annoyed and my girlfriend was being tortured by my watching it. Nadia G won best new star over Willam which was weird. She is hard for me to watch on that show “Bitchin’ Kitchen”. I don’t know why – she just annoys me. I’m sure the winners are chosen based on what MTV needs to push more in the media, so oh well for you Willam. Their TV show to watch was GCB, which is probably also owned by the same media collaborative. Either way, it was kind of womp.
Dont get me wrong – mark my words – you will see me there soon.


Way to go Logo for crafting a really gay awards show that isn’t really Gay at all.


He’ll be here in 2 days!

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Do you STILL not have a gift for everyone yet?!  What is taking you so long? Santa has already checked his list….twice…and here you are stumped for gifts! Well, I am here to hopefully help you out!

Woody’s is a great brand of hair products for men. I got my fiance hooked last year, and this year I picked up a gift set for my soon to be brother-in-law (my sister got engaged 3 weeks after me). What I love about the product is one of the fun ways they present themselves.  They look like liquor bottles! So much fun!

Flat irons are always a great gift! I could have 6 of them and still be excited if I were to get a new one!  I am a big fan of ‘Hot Tools’ so I highly recommend them. Also, when buying a flat iron always go with one that is adjustable as far as the heat setting goes, and choose a titanium one.  It is the most advance type out right now.

Axe is always a win.  They have so many great  products out there but even just simply going with their body wash will make any man happy. They have great smells that both you AND him can enjoy!

Gift cards might seem like cheating, but honestly, I love them!  It gives me the chance to go shopping for myself.  I ask for gift cards every year for Christmas. If I have money in my wallet, I am less likely to spend it even if I really need to add some new things to my make-up kit. However, if I have a gift card to Sephora, I cannot WAIT to spend it!  If make-up gift cards are not the way to go, try a gift card to a local spa! Everyone loves massages!

Have fun with your gifts.  Try picking up a couple small items and piece them together in nice gift basket. Pick out all of your favorite hair products, throw in a brush, and some nice hair clips…boom! Now you have a great gift!


While you might think it is too late to order online, remember…the option always remains that you can print a photo of the gift and wrap that as a substitue until the actual gift arrives. Good luck!

But this is a hair & make-up site!

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What? This isn’t weFASHIONny.com?   Oops!! Oh well…I just HAD to share these with you!  Me neighbor saw them at a craft fair and shared it with me and my mom.  The next day I began making my own!

This is a placemat! Follow these instructions and you can make it into a bag just like I did!

Start by sewing three sides down. You can sew them as close to the center or as far to the edge as you want, just make sure they are even with  each other.

Then fold it up towards the side you have not sewn down. Sew the sides together.

Add a snap to hold it closed.

Decorate as you wish.  You can use flowers, beads, glitter, feathers….you name it!

On these I used necklaces, and used them to make straps.  But you can go strapless if you wish!  They are super cute, and easy.  You can have one for every outfit! Best part is that no one else will have it!  I am working on a Fourth Of July one right now!

Check out Johnny Ninja hands over here

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. People just don’t work as hard in America.  You walk into any local retail store and you’ll see a group of miserable, hungover 19 year old guys and girls hiding in the back corner folding the same shirt 300 times until their manager spots them.

You go over to India,  and they have Johnny pack-a-bag going to town behind the register, just bagging peoples purchases up like a champion.

Wake & Bake!

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Wake and bake every morning you say?  Well, to each their own – I don’t judge!  I wonder if the advertisers realized they were referencing a morning pot smoking term when they created this ad, or if they’re just innocently telling us that each morning they have fresh baked goods.  I don’t care either way as long as someone hands me a fresh flaky biscuit!


We want your ideas


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Have an idea for an article? We want your help!  Whether you are a stylist of any sort, a make-up lover, or just love reading about the newest hair trends…we want to hear from you.  If there’s a product you want us to try, or one that you love or hate, let us know. If you would like us to feature your NY salon, send us an email on why it’s so special. Would you like to hear more about celebrity trends, nail decor, new hair products…don’t be shy!  Or maybe there’s a special stylist in your life that is just simply amazing and you think she/he deserves an article dedicated to them…CONTACT US!  We want to hear alllllll about it!  Help us make this website even better!

And a Hockey Game Broke Out

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Yes you heard it right, I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out, or at least that’s how it seemed yesterday when the Flyers and the Penguins faced off .  By now we all know what we are going to get from both of these teams, A DAMN good hockey game.


I know this video is 13 minutes long-  but it’s the best option out there right now-   there was a TON of scraps in this game, there is no way of condensing this clip down to 2 or 3 minutes.    But here are the highlights if you were looking for them-  covers just about everything fight wise .    People can say what they want,  but I enjoyed seeing guys like Giroux and Crosby go at it-   and Letang=BEAST MODE.


I don’t know how they found time to play hockey in between all of the WWE excitement and penalties being dished out. All of the antics started when Crosby decided to play games with his opponents glove which is when it all went down hill.  The Barn Burning began and everyone got into the action and it was definitely one of the  grittiest, most enjoyable hockey games I’ve seen in a while.


But really, what is going on with the Penguins?  they have their backs against the wall and are doing everything they can to stay alive and it just isn’t working.  You can’t say the Offense isn’t producing, cause they damn sure are. You can’t say Fleury is playing bad because he’s stood on his head at every chance possible-  The kid has played solid and you can’t ask for anything more in a Playoff Goalie.



As I was writing this article, I had that 2nd video playing in a seperate window on my screen- My god!   All I heard were 1 timers being released like every few seconds haha.   That’s one thing that has blown my mind with the always improving talent level in the NHL-     One timers have become hands down the most dangerous thing in Hockey. The game is just moving so fast and these players are so talented, that if a goalie gets a piece of gear on a one timer, it’s most likely a highlight reel type save.  Watch the video and you’ll see what I’m talking about.   One timers all day, high, low, rebounds, no rebounds-  these guys were just letting them loose at every chance they got.