Islanders fans around the world, run out and get your 3rd Jerseys

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The New York Islanders have unveiled their 3rd jerseys and to be honest with you I think I like them.  Wouldn’t mind putting that autographed 3rd jersey in a nice frame in my office.  Its about time they found a new look and I am sure Islander fans everywhere are too.   Simple, bold and pretty good looking. Maybe this new look will get local politicians excited enough to stop being morons and help the Islanders and the community build a new state of the art arena, is that too much to ask ?.  I will keep you posted on when they will take to the ice for their first game in these beauties.  Post your comments on what you think of the Jersey.

I know I know… you’re tired of hearing about her, right?

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Okay, when I first heard that Kim lightened her hair I was shocked…then I saw the photos.  It’s really not that big of a difference.  She went from dark brown to medium brown.  Big deal!

Kim was at a lingerie shoot for her Kim K collection last night when she posted these photos to twitter.  I have to say, I’m not impressed with the hair…or the bra.  Sorry, Kim!

Make-up tattoos are a bad idea!

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I have tattoo. I have cute little stars, and butterflies on varies parts of my body, but tattoos on my face? Noooooo thank you!  It’s just way too risky, and to be honest, it looks real fake to me too. There are days I don’t feel like wearing any make-up. I like the natural look sometimes. I donno, people have their own opinions about this but I think it’s scary and not worth it! I’m getting grossed out just looking at these photos (and I’m a special effects artist too! I don’t get grosed out easily!) I guess all I can say is…think really, really hard if you are considering getting tattooed lips, eye liner, or brows. Do your research so you don’t end up like these poor women!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day – why can’t I find gay cards?

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…and its going to be hard to find an appropriate Valentine’s Day for your partner! Last year, I got my girlfriend a card with two puppies sleeping on it, becuase cards for us LGBTQ folks are not carried in most stores. In doing research for LGBTQ cards, I came across several interesting facts.


1) Hallmark only began to make LGBTQ cards 2 years ago.

2) You can only buy them online.

3) Most of them are not really for LGBTQ folks, but are non-gendered or have animals in place of gays. (Great way to use the old “if gays can marry soon sheep will be able to marry too” imagery, Hallmark.)

4) Any other “gay” cards I found were not really for gays and kind of offensive…see?



So, onward into the recesses of the internet I searched. I also lurked through the aisles of a few…ahem…”adult” shops, but didn’t really find any cards there either that weren’t offensive or clearly geared towards straight men. (No offense, dudes.)


What I did find was that you can order LGBTQ cards on Etsy or Cafe Press, and you can also check out the website “a little to the left” .com. This site for LGBTQ greeting cards was founded by a lesbian woman who felt just as annoyed as us that she couldn’t find a card for her partner in the store. Well, okay…you really still cant find LGBTQ cards in stores, but at least you can order them! Or, do like my girlfriend and I and make your own card! Or…order something today – time is running out!


Like tattooing ‘stupid’ across your forehead


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A while back I posted about tattoos on the face (mostly make-up tattoos) and how they are a bad idea!  This woman took it too a whole new level!

Performer Drake rhymes in one of his songs “Tat my name on you so I know it’s real.” Apparently someone took the lyric a little too litteral. A young woman from Los Angeles took it upon herself  to post pictures of the tattoo she had just gotten. Yup, that’s right!  ’DRAKE’ is now permanently written across this woman’s forehead! 

The tattoo artist, Kevin Campbell of LA shop Will Rise claims the woman was psyched about it. She had the font picked out and really wanted it on her forehead.  He said  “…She acted as if she had planned it out for a while; though I’m not really sure how much extended coherent thought could actually go into getting such a stupid tattoo on your forehead.”

According to Campbell, she was initially excited, but her demeanor changed when the tattoo was finished. He said he did ask several times if this is really what she wanted, a usual question when people come in asking for outrageous tattoos.  If they keep answering ‘yes’, he isn’t going to turn them down.  He says he plans to finish the tattoo for her if she comes back to get in colored in.

First of all, can we talk about the fact that her eyebrows are gone?  Why?  They didn’t tattoo that area so was there a reason they had to be shaved off?  Maybe it helps the tattoo to look better?…….okay, I can’t stop laughing.  Nothing is going to make this tattoo look better.  I bet even Drake is laughing at this!  As a make-up artist, I know how much make-up is used to cover a tattoo really well.  So what do you do when it’s on your face?!  She’s not Mike Tyson.  She appears to be a beautiful woman. I have nothing against tattoos, I have a few myself and have been pressuring my fiance to get one as well. But you have to think about it really well.  I wish I could interview this women (if someone knows her, tell her to contact us!!)  I would love to know what she thinks about her decision now!


And for FREE!!

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Here’s where we gave you the run down on BK’s New French Fries – and in thisssss post we want to let you know you can try them FOR FREEEEEE.   What’s better than a FREE Value Size french fry after a long day of holiday shopping? Or a short day of nothing.. it doesn’t even matter – there is nothing bad about getting free fries!!  So head over to a Burger King near you on Friday December 16th {which is thisssss Friday!!} and get your goods!

I appreciate great art!

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When I saw this posted I knew I had to share! Thank you to Jewel Hair Design- Julie Flury for creating such beautiful art work!