Deron Williams sets a franchise record for points in a game as a New Jersey Net

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Deron Williams dropped 57 points to set a franchise record for the Nets. The rest of the Nets roster had just 47 points as the Nets beat the Bobcats 104-101. Deron was perfect from the free throw line, and he was there often, hitting 21 of all 21 opportunities from the charity stripe. Williams old career high in points was 42 when he was a member of the Jazz. While 57 points and 7 assist is an incredibly amazing performance, it is important to acknowledge that the game was against the Bobcats. The Bobcats who have 4 wins. The Bobcats who have by far the worst record in the NBA. Yea, those Bobcats. Still though, kudos to Deron on a very strong performance, hopefully next time he can do it against an actual team.

Rag & Bone sample sale starts today!

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This week is an amazing week for sample sales, as if 70% off of  Sam Edelman bags isn’t enough, Rag & Bone is starting their sample sale today with items up to 60% off!!!!

Rag & Bone is the ultimate line for New Yorkers. The chic professional yet trendy with an edge clothing can make anyone look put together. Although the line leans more towards the price line, I’m sure you can find great bargains at this sample sale! Starting today at 10:30 a.m. you can head over to the Chelsea Market, 75 Ninth avenue between 15th & 16th street to get in on the action!

Seattle has a new arena on its way, and they are looking for teams to play in it

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The fans of the Seattle Supersonics have spent the past few years watching their own team develop into NBA championship contenders. Unfortunately that team no longer plays in Seattle, they play in Oklahoma City under their new Thunder name. So those bitter fans have spent the better part of these years begging for their team back, and they may get their wish.



Seattle will be building a new state of the art arena that can hold an NBA team as well as an NHL team. The Phoenix Coyotes are the obvious NHL team on the move, but which NBA teams departure makes the most sense? There are plenty of option; the Bucks, Kings, Bobcats to name a few. Of the three the Sacramento Kings are the most likely to be on the move. They barely survived being moved to Anaheim last season, they wont be so lucky when Seattle comes calling.

These celebs reinforce that point

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Our friends over at posted an article a couple weeks back about how this whole feather trend is big right now, so I thought it would be fun to google “celebrities in feathers” and see what turns up, and see how they’re being used to accessorize.

Kudos to our counterparts, this feather trend is in fact pretty hot right now, and has been for a while now.   Based on the calls I put out there to confirm this, it sounds as if the ‘feather trend’ is nowhere near over.

Figured I’d share my Google Image results. Some of you may have been on the edge about getting a feather done, so hopefully this puts you over the edge.   Although, the Steven Tyler picture may scare you far far away from it!


A reference to the 2003 Kobe rape prompts an apology from the WWE

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I haven’t watched wrestling since I was a kid. But after hearing the comedy show they got going on over there, I may need to give it another look. The video has the comment where the manager on the sideline compares one of the wrestlers to Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado, unstoppable. Now the WWE decided to apologize for the comment. I, on the other hand, find it hilarious. There is a good chance Kobe got away with rape, and he deserves to have some classless jokes sent his way.

16 year old Kendall Jenner to model for Victoria’s Secret

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The second youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, Kendall Jenner, has been making quite a name for herself in the modeling industry. The 16-year-old beauty has modeled for a number of top magazines, including the September issue of Seventeen, as well as for some fabulous brands such as White Sands swimwear (pictured above). Despite the fact that she is still in her teens, it looks like her next career move may be an angelic one. Today, Kendall tweeted:

“On set of a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot! #NBDDDDDD”


Does this mean Kendall is the next Victoria’s Secret Angel? Hopefully she will just be modeling for PINK until she is at least 18!


Washington Wizards get the Gold treatment

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Back in high school I went back and fourth trying to decide if I wanted this jersey or a Toronto Raptors jersey. Luckily I went with the Raptors, this golden Wizards jersey would have been social suicide. Yet as it often goes with my Jersey of the Week, the weirder it is the better. And for a bonus it is being worn by Gilbert Arenas, one of the few players who still rocks the number 0. Actually I’m not sure if 0 is a number or not…..I guess thats why I failed math a couple of times…..