Does the best of the best cut your hair?

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So, you live on Long Island and you want to know the best place to go to get your haircut (besides me, of course ;) ) Long Island is a big place, and let’s face it, it can get really overwhelming when you are in need of a new hair dresser and new salon to go to. Well I hope this makes your process go a bit smoother!

First of all, did you know there is a site out there where you can find all the best of Long Island information?  Everything from food, to wellness, to clothing…etc.  I had no idea this even existed!  But now that I now about it, I feel like I need to share this site with you.

According to this site, the top salons on Long Island are:

1. Cactus Salon & Day Spa
Multiple Locations.

2. Maximus Spa & Salon

Multiple Locations.

3. Aura Salon & Style Lounge
25 Cuttermill Rd., Great Neck. 516-487-AURA.

So where did I find lovely tidbit of information? is where you can find al the best of the best for all things Long Island!

Congrats to the three salons who made it to the top!  If your salon wasn’t on there, be sure to check out the site and vote for them for 2013!

Apple has everything!


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InStyle and Apple have done it!  They have found a way to make a hairdressers life easier!!  Now your clients can download this app and instantly see what they will look like with hundreds of hair styles to choose from. You can even get tips from the editors on what cuts will look best for your face shape. I find I might be addicted to this as much as I was addicted to Angry Birds! You can download the app through iTunes by searching “InStyle”. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go see what I would look like with a short blonde bob!



A Great Tutorial

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This guy is good! He has several tutorials on youtube and I didn’t know which one to post first.  I chose this one because I just love the look! I can’t say it’s something I would do for a bride or for a night out, but it’s great for production work!

Miss Piggy for MAC


Keyword: Miss Piggy, Muppets, MAC

First of all we need to say “Congrats” to Miss Piggy for being the first celebrity to appear on WeStyle twice in less than a month! This is just too important not to post about!  MAC cosmetics recently released an on-line-only collection in honor of Hollywood’s biggest Diva. The line includes eyeliner, a set of lashes, and a shadow called Miss Piggy Pink. Props to Piggy for pulling off such a high end look here.  She’s looking fab as usual!


Can’t wait to see the new Muppet movie which will be out in theatres on Thanksgiving!

New York Ranger Marion Gaborik gets the last laugh heading back to New York over teammate Henrik Lundqvist


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Its always nice to see teammates battle it out against each other over the All Star weekend and that they did.  Marion Gaborik and Rangers teammate Henrik Lundqvist probably being the most hated at the festivities being that the Rangers are in 1st place and rolling took to the ice to represent different teams this weekend.


It started out early against the two when moments after the Fantasy Draft they both took to twitter to get at it.

Hank: Alright @MGaborik10, having a lot of pasta and going to bed early tonight.. Watch out for the 2 pad stack tomorrow ;)

Gabby: “@HLundqvist30: Want me to tuck you in?:)Watch out for the speed and the five hole shot;)



It was all fun and and games until they took to the ice where even thought its for the fans and the experience these guys do not want to lose.  Gaborik not only getting the last laugh against his teammate but also locked up the All Star Game MVP award.  Way to go Gabby, Looking forward to seeing the team get back together and keep it moving into the playoffs

Spice up your eyes.


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I NEVER leave the house with bare lashes. Ever!!  If I don’t put any other make-up on to leave the house, you bet your hiney that I am at least going to put mascara on my lashes.  I’m obsessed with my lashes…what can I say? :)  So when I stumbled upon this website dedicated to eye lashes I was so excited. It was hard not to grab my credit card and order one of everything! The site is laid out so that you can find the type of lash you need with ease. They have everything to natural lashes to over the top feathers, and glitter. I didn’t bother posting any of the natural looking lashes here because that would be no fun. I wanted to show off some of my favorites. Beautiful, aren’t they? So if you are looking for lashes to spice up your make-up, look no further than

It’s never too late to start planning ;)

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Welcome back!  I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend. Was Santa good to you all?  He certainly was god to me.  And the fun part is, I get to do it all again in two weeks when I see my Dad! How exciting!! *dances in her seat*

In the spirit of gift giving, I thought I would start you early on some fun gifts to get your hair dresser next year!  If you are a hair dresser, then they are fun gifts to get yourself!!

This necklace comes straight from this amazing website called The Zombie Boutique.  It contains all handmade jewelry specially for those zombie lovers out there.  Have you met me?! haha Love this!!


Perfect for that punk-rock type girl. This pillow would go perfect in my room btw. To be honest, it would even be perfect in my studio salon! Find it here, along with cute hairdresser t-shirts and such.


I actually have two of these.  I pretty much drink EVERYTHING out of them. Everyone in my house knows not to touch my mugs! Occupation Gifts is a great website.  You can find this and other things such as, ornaments, frames, business card holder, figurines…etc.

These are always great ideas, and totally practical. Hairdressers travel a lot to do hair.  Maybe not all of them…but a good portion of us do.  We always need bags to lug our stuff around in. So when in doubt…this is where to go!  Or an apron!  Always need new aprons!


See! There is no need to be stressed for the holiday season next year.  You already have one gift done ;)