Today, we focus our attention on ‘Sloan’

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Emmanuelle Chriqui, AKA Sloan,  was brought into my world around the same time she popped up on everyone elses Celebrity radar. Season 1 of Entourage. I didn’t know she was 33 years old, she has a much younger face than that, and the way I read her personality she seems much more young and fun(no i’m not saying 33 is old, trust me, it’s right around the corner for me) I guess I pictured her in her middle 20′s.  But now that I know she’s 33, and watched a few more clips of her online,  I stand my ground-  this girl is in her prime and she’s working the hell out of her career.

Plenty of pictures after the click of Emmanuelle Chriqui carrying herself professionally and beautifully all across Hollywood

Taylor Halls scar is amaaaaaazing!

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WHOOOOOAAAAAAAAAA!!!! I don’t follow hockey, but I read all the sites in our network to stay up to speed on everything-  my fiance plays hockey and I love watching him, but I get bored watching it on TV.  If it’s not live, I can’t watch it.


wePUCKny  reported on this yesterday, and followed it up with another article about it today-   talk about bad luck huh?  Poor guy was just skating around loosening up before the game and before the puck even drops he’s got this thing on his face!

I do alot of prosthetic work(I loooooove prosthetic work) and alot of times people get freaked out at how realistic some of the stuff looks.   Unfortunately for NHL star Taylor Hall,  this isn’t coming off with the usual go-to “isopropyl myristate and a cotton swab” approach that’s for sure :(

Get Well Soon Tyler!

Carmelo Anthony has finally found a head coach he actually likes

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If Carmelo Anthony has it his way, Mike Woodson will be back with the Knicks next season.”I’m a big supporter of what coach Woodson has done. His approach to the game, and what he gets out of all his players, even me. He holds everybody accountable and that’s what we need.” And to be honest I have never seen Melo that happy in any picture. Ever. That alone is reason enough to retain Woodson.


Considering Melo pushed Mike D’Antoni out of town and had a pretty bad relationship with George Karl in Denver, this is a revelation. Carmelo Anthony finally has a coach that he actually likes. In fairness to Melo, I love Woodson too.


The man is 16-6 since taking over the Knickerbockers and he has clinched a playoff berth. If he gets the Knicks a postseason win that will be one more win then anybody has seen in about 10 years. I’ll sign up for that. Also that beard, damn that is one of the best beards I have ever seen in basketball.

AKA the Nike Air Mag

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Ahhh those were the days… Michael J. Fox racing all over town in Delorians, custom Nikes and Hover Boards.  That was when life was as simple as Mom setting you up in the living room with a Juicebox, a bowl of pretzels, and popping ‘Back to the Future’ into the VCR( remember those things?).   I remember it like it was yesterday,   Michael J Fox was my idol. So young and innocent, yet he handled that crazy grey haired scientists tests like it was his job…. and for his efforts?   20+ years later, Nike releases the same custom sneaks that graced the feet of Marty Mcfly back in ’85.

These are for our sneakerheads.  I won’t ever be able to get my hands on them because i’m sure they’ll be sold out within minutes, while i’ll still be stuck behind this computer screen slaving over the web to bring you the latest and greatest in our industry.   While I would never wear them in public personally, I stand behind the entire campaign Nike has put behind the release of this shoe.  This is the stuff I/we live for!

I foresee an impromptu Kanye/Jay-Z photo-op in our near future.  On their way out of a restaurant in NY somewhere;  crisp new jeans, fresh new T-shirt and some hard to get Marty Mcflys on their feet.

Model/blogger recovers from accident

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Though the recovery process is going to be a long one, we are happy to hear that Scruggs is at least headed in the right direction.  Since the accident last week she has made some progress.  She has walked on her own, been able to eat a drink a little, raise her eye brows, and has even smiled. Reports have said that after seeing her own reflection her reaction was shocking.  Scruggs was reported shrugging it off and saying ‘It’s not that bad’.  What a great attitude to have for a young model! Her parents (pictured above) claim her spirits are up and her spunk is back. Doctors are still monitoring her left eye, which has been non-responsive since the accident. Keep those prayers coming for this beautiful young woman. We will continue to feed you updates as we get out hands on them!


Click here to read the original article we posted about the accident last week.

Ashley Tisdale did some barefaced shopping before walking the Red Carpet of her movie premier

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Ashley Tisdale was out and about in Beverly Hills yesterday browsing the boot and shoe collection of Neiman Marcus in her workout gear.  Just hours later, she appeared on the Red Carpet Premier of her new film ‘The Lucky One’.  I love seeing celebrities leaving the house in the raw-  granted I may not always agree with how celebs walk around in public,  but I always respect when they’re seen out in public running everyday errands just like the rest of us.    Okay wait, Neiman Marcus shopping sprees aren’t exactly everyday errands, but you know what I mean



Ashley is pictured here at the premier for the film,  absolutely glowing and looking adorable.  You know what I love?  the fact that she kept her makeup minimal for the premier(minimal by red carpet standards that is).  A simple lipstick, some work around the eyes and her adorable outfit made this girl shine last night-  not to mention we’re absolutely looooooving her hair!  I respect her underlayer of pink, especially considering I just changed mine from pink to teal last night!

There’s a new brunette on the scene

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Mary-Kate Olsen has a new do!  I love her new brunette locks.  The blonde was just getting to old for me. Her eyes stand out so much better with this new deeper color. It’s definitely more flattering on her, in my opinion!

However, does anyone else ever notice that it always looks like she is sucking her cheeks in? What is that all about?!