Canadian television just struggles to get the right headline

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One of the best accounts I follow on twitter is @IAmAGM. He tweets some of the greatest stuff from around the basketball world, that is where I found this gem. So here is the report out of Canada, as you can see Steve Nash is on his way to the Stanley Cup winning LA Kings. The guy averages over 10 assist per game, with that offense the Kings will never lose another game. Unfortunately the Canadian point guard cant pass a hockey puck as well as he chucks a basketball, chances are he will stay with the Lakers instead.

Her face is like the 9th wonder of the world to me, I just don’t get it

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Okay, let me state my case first to clear the air.  I 100% believe JWoww gets some sort of work done to her face- I stare at peoples faces all day long cutting hair and applying makeup;  I know when something has lost its natural glow.    The thing that throws me off is that no matter how many pictures are taken, no matter how many accusations are made,  JWoww still denies getting any work done to her face.



I’m not picking on the girl- I have girlfriends and clients who say they will certainly be relying on the magic touch of a Doctor as they get older to ensure their face stays prim and proper for as long as they can,  I’m not judging anyone in that department.  My beef is with JWoww and her denial that she’s 100% all natural.



JWoww and Snooki stopped by the Z100 Morning Show this morning to talk about rumors, pregnancy, Jersey Shore, and their own tv Show, Snooki & JWoww.   I actually sat through the whole interview-  I don’t mind them in that environment, I admit I was a big Jersey Shore fan, my fiancee and I used to watch it every Sunday night,  but I think the whole fad is over with now.   It was nice to see these two ladies sober, relaxed, funny and extremely personable throughout the entire interview.



What will YOU be?

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Only a few more days until Halloween! I hope you have your costumes picked out already. Whether you choose to be a cute little kitten, or a scary flesh eating zombie, the make-up is just as important as the costume itself. Halloween is actually my favorite holiday. To me it is more important than my birthday!  I usually spend between 5-8 hours on my man’s makeup. He is such a good sport!  Last year he was Freddy Kruger and the year before, a head to toe burn victim. I cannot disclose what we will be this year because I always keep it a secret but it’s gonna be good! So now I want my fans to get creative. I want to see what you can come up with. Send us your halloween make-up photos. Maybe I’ll even post my favorites in a later article…how fun would that be? I hope now I’ve inspired some of you to do something more original than just a store bought costume ;)

Her own line of lashes!

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I’m surprised it took this long for her to do this! Katy Perry will be releasing her very own line of false lashes some time in February. After wearing Eylure lashes through her whole tour she decided they were the best choice for her. You can tell she was very hands on with the development as the packaging is a ’40′s style theme….so Katy Perry!


There are four varieties to choose from: “Sweetie Pie” which are natural-like lashes, “Oh, Honey”- a richer, thicker set for a night out, “Cool Kitty” a cute shorter set for your day time outings, and “Oh My” which kind of explains itself ;)


Ulta will be carrying the line for only $6.99. I just might have to get them all!


Now the real question is: When is she going to come out with her own color line?!

Emma Stone stuns in Elie Saab at the premier of the Amazing Spider-Man in the UK!

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I’m starting to think that they should change the title of the movie from The Amazing Spider-Man to the Amazing Emma Stone. Time after time, Emma does not fail to make us swoon over her red carpet attire. Emma thrilled us once again on Monday the the UK premier of her movie. This Elie Saab jumpsuit from the Fall/Winter 2012 collection was equal parts glam, sexy, and sophisticated. The pop of red on Emma’s belt added the perfect touch of color. Needless to say I am obsessed with Emma and her style.

Where is the sun?

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It’s a rainy Friday here on Long Island, so I thought I would inspire you all with some lightening makeup. You can’t go wrong with Lady Gaga….or can you?  I can’t keep up, is she in or out these days?  Oh well, whatever the case, her blue lightening bolt is a total “in” for me!  I love how it fades to teal and gets carried over around her whole eye.


This one reminds me of Jem.  Remember Jem? Truly outrageous?

I was Jem for Halloween one year…best costume ever.  Ahhh I’m getting off track here. While the black bolt is cool, I think I am more obsessed with the hot pink shadow!


Now this one is cool.  It’s like lightening during a sunset!  I don’t like the eyebrows though.  I definitely would not have lightened them.  Her bolt could be a little cleaner too, but I like where her head is at!

Of course I had to save my favorite for last.  I am obsessed!!  The lines are so clean and the blending is so perfect. I would love to recreate this look.  Wonder what it looks like her with her eyes open.

That is my ode to lightening!  Now let’s pray for a sunny day tomorrow!

18 and under ONLY!

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Seriously Spoiled (formally A Girl’s Gotta Spa) of Patchogue Long Island has been around since 2008. They recently opened another one up in Dix Hills and are currently looking for their third location somewhere on the island. I’ll tell you this, I wish they had something like this when I was a kid. This day spa is dedicated to girls 18 years and younger. The specialize in everything from make-up, updos, pedicure, and chocolate facials. Yup….I said chocolate!!  They are a wonderful place to have a girls birthday party! Each girl get’s to walk around in a pink robe and they serve bubbly pink lemonade to all their guests. So I say go check them out!