I have a headache already!

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Please don’t put your mascara on like this! You’ll just get it all over your face and give yourself a headache! Vibrating mascara is just a gimmick and does not help the mascara to go on any better!

Did you all see her new look?

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I first saw this photo posted on someones facebook and I didn’t even realize it was Miley Cyrus until today when someone asked me if I saw her new haircut.  Since I haven’t had much computer time I had no idea that Miley had cut her hair so drastically! It doesn’t even look like her!

I have to admit…I think she looks fantastic!  She is totally rockin it the right way.  I never would have pegged her as edgy like that but I am thoroughly  impressed by her.  Now I wonder how many little girls are going to be begging their mom’s for this cut…and how many disappointed young ladies will have it done and hate it! haha

Ellen DeGeneres already gave it a shot! Hahaha Imitation is the best form a flattery, huh?

Not very classy, if you ask me!

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The other day I stopped to get myself something to eat and in the shopping center was a hair salon.  I won’t name this salon here but I will say that this sign is just awful!! Did a third grader do the cutting here? Any why is is several pieces of paper instead of just one sheet?  You had to know in advance that you would be closed these days, so why not go to staples and have a sign printed up for like $5?  This just makes you look unprofessional!


I worked in a salon on this same road as this one and my boss would do the same kind of stuff.  It’s what made me realize that going off on my own was the best thing to do. If you want people to think you are a high end salon then you have to think, act, and look like one! My last boss spelt Wednesday wrong in the times and days we were open on the front of the store.  How embarrassing is that?  Places like this need Tabatha!!

Hey if Dion Phaneuf has his own hit why cant Orpik


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Ohhh Baby a few months back I wrote an for a hit that I thought was going to be the hit of the year for sure called, You Got Phaneufed, but Brooks Orpik definitely steals the show with this one.  Hurry up and get a net there is a fish out of water.  I don’t know man I mean your first reaction after getting launched off your feet is to get right back up and get into the play, but dude go to the bench and chill down those rosy embarrassed cheeks.

His name is Kyrie Irving, duuuhhhh

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Ok, I’m kidding, I had no clue who this guy was up until about an hour ago.   He’s Kyrie Irving, the NBA Rookie of the Year, that’s pretty cool!   Basketball just isn’t my sport, can’t say I’ve ever sat through more than like 3 minutes of a game on TV.     But that’s not important,  what is important is this absolutely amazing makeup and prosthetic job by these talented artists,  transforming Kyrie Irving, into an old grandpa.


After the transformation,  Kyrie goes out to the local basketball court, and ends up embarrassing everyone he played!  I hate basketball, but this video was really very funny to watch.  And the last minute or so of the video they do an awesome behind-the-scenes look at the amazing work done by the makeup artists.



Pepsi Max is the company behind the whole prank, so I can only imagine the quality of the products that the makeup artists were using.   If you look closely,  you’ll see that the hand prosthetics have real, pronounced knuckle marks, and veins, and the edges taper off perfectly so the transition into real skin is easy as ever to create.



The bald cap is flawless! It’s hard to make that transition on the forehead like that without making it completely obvious, but the artist did a nice clean job here!  very impressive!



Kyrie looks like he was a trooper throughout the whole job-   some clients tend to get a bit antsy once they realize they’ll be sitting still in a chair for a few hours straight.



Best of luck to Kyrie and his team the Cleveland Cavaliers, whenever it is that their next season starts up.     How cool would it be if Pepsi ran with this stunt all over the NBA.   City to city with a new star, collect all the video and create a mini movie of old grandpa basketball NBA stars  local basketball courts!



Oooh and I can’t forget, without weHOOPny I would have never known Kyrie Irving existed-   see what a little random internet browsing can do for ya?   Thank guys!



Perfect Primaries

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Victoria Beckham

Jenny Packham

Zac Posen

Tadashi Shoji

Catherine Malandrino


Rachel Roy

Lela Rose

Erin Fetherston

Diane von Furstenberg

Photos courtesy of Style.com

The tents at Lincoln Center are chock full of fur, leather, and fabulous prints, but one of the most prominent trends turning up at New York Fashion Week are shades of crimson, cobalt, and canary yellow. Primary colors seem to be all the rage for Fall 2012. Daring designers like Catherine Malendrino have taken the trend as far as combining it into one look. I am loving the red shoes with the blue dress.  Which primary look is your fave?

Beat the winter chill at Dunkin’ Donuts

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Have you been over to Dunkin’ Donuts yet to try their Mint Hot Chocolate?? It’s an awesome twist on the traditional favorite.  It has a lovely holiday feel to it!  And I’m not beverage-donut pairing professional, but I happen to think that the chocolate glazed donut at D&D makes an amazing partner to a large cup of this beverage.   Send us your viewer uploads of you enjoying this cocoa treat!!  And keep an eye out for the amazzzzzzzing white hot chocolate recipe we’re going to give you guys!!