Kobe Bryant of the Lakers has the most famous jersey in all the world

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Of all the NBA players in the world, Kobe Bryant is the one that has the most value. This was news to me, I was almost positive it would be Lebron James. But no, apparently the Bryant 24 Lakers jersey is the hottest selling jersey in all the world. Strangely, Lebron isn’t even second, that nod goes to Derrick Rose who also happened to be the leading jersey seller in America. Lebron finished in third, while Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard rounded out the top 5.



Many of these names are shockers to me. First off D-Rose at second. Rose is a sensational player, but he barely touched the floor this past season. Not only that, he has one of the most bland personalities of any player in the game. Kevin Garnett? Over in the states most people hate KG. The fact he made the top 5 in international sales is something I still cant wrap my head around. But hey, I guess the people of the world know what they want.

What a cutie!

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Cute kids with trendy hair, gets me every time! Look at the little munchkin!  I bet his parents have great hair too!

What a cutie!

Keyword: kid hair, cute kid, children’s cut

Cute kids with trendy hair, gets me every time! Look at the little munchkin!  I bet his parents have great hair too!

The popular cut might be more dangerous than you think

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Word on the street is, the ‘Emo cut’ can lead to a case of lazy eye, this according to ibtimes.com.  An Optometrist out of Australia has come forward with some information that may have some of todays youth making their way over to their local barber shop today.  The article refers to Justin Bieber several times, as an example of an Emo cut; except, Bieber never had an Emo cut.


Optometrist Andrew Hogan said Emo-style haircuts that dangle over one eye can cause lazy eye by preventing the nerve pathway from the eye to the brain from developing properly. The damage is more detrimental to the younger generations whose eyes are still in the developmental phase of growth.



Everything in Mr. Hogans statement all seems to make sense, except for the Justin Bieber part.  I can’t say I’m the biggest Bieber fan, but I can say that I’ve seen the kids haircuts plastered all over every major news outlet thousands upon thousands of times,  and Bieber didn’t have an emo haircut.   An Emo haircut is much more distinct and dramatic, with a stretch of hair intentionally grown past the location of the eye socket.



These are Emo haircuts- not what Bieber was wearing when he first came onto the scene.   Needless to say, the article makes an alarming point.  While it is known to effect the younger development years of our human growth, it is still found to be problematic in the later stages of life as well.


I understand and respect that we all have the right to express ourselves however we want- unfortunately when we are 10-20 years old we feel as if we are invincible, and that warnings like these do not apply to us.  But rest assured, as we enter our late twenties,  we quickly realize how any harm we might have caused to our bodies growing up can catch up to you very quickly.


As displayed in the picture above of one of the best bands to ever live, a haircut is a sense of expression, an outlet for us to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack, whether it be an Emo cut, blonde tips, a mohawk, crew cut, extensions etc. We are all unique in our own ways, and however we choose to alter our image is entirely up to that individual.  Unfortunately for those with the Emo-style cuts,  I don’t think a simple article like this will change their mind much.

Two-toned nails


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I looooooove this look!  If you know me, you’ll know that I get my nails done every two weeks and I love to pick out fun, quirky colors and designs. It’s very rare for me to come home from my nail appointment with a simple french manicure. It’s just boring to me. My mom, however has had the same french manicure for years.  I don’t know how she does it to be honest!  Well, I am thrilled to find that this two-toned-ness was totally in! I’ve been doing stuff like this for years….maybe I started this trend?!! haha! You can mix and match any color any way you wish! There is no limit to what you can do here. Colors I have tried in the past: white nail with pink tip, dark forest green with black tip, tan/beige nail with white tip, blue sapphire nail with white tip…the list goes on. It’s even fun when you separate the two colors with a small strip of glitter!  So go out, get your nails manicured, and send us your photos!



Summer shoes for dudes…mandals not permitted.

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Sperry Top-Sider, $90

Vans California Decon Chukka Sneakers, $70



We usually chat about women’s shoes on Shoesday, but summer shoes for men is something that definitely needs to be addressed. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to mens fashion is mandals, just don’t do it! The only time that I think it is ok for men to wear sandals is when they are on or headed to the beach. In the mean time there are definitely some great, stylish, and comfortable summer shoes out there for men. These Sperry bat shoes and canvas Vans are a few of my summer faves for men. The best part is that both of these pairs retail for under $100!

Oooh gurl, youve got SHEmail!

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Hello Queens! Grab your sparkles, tuck your manliness and get your spanx on over to RuPaul’s website today to apply for the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race!


The application process opened up on March 7th, and closes soon – so hurry! There’s a lot of crap you have to fill out, and you have to show them TEN different looks! Get you tapes in today – first come, first served! Yummy!


You could be the next human swiffer, Sharon Needles or Jujubee!