Move over margarita, sangria is here!

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There is no stopping the newest mega-mogul Bethenny Frankel, especially since selling off her Skinny Girl Margarita drink to a distributor for $120million.  But taking the money and jet-setting off to the Fiji Islands for early retirement is no where to be found on Frankel’s agenda… she just continues to launch her new products.  Making its cameo this summer is the Skinny Girl Sangria.  Light, refreshing, and not overly sweet – this white sangria is a summer favorite and definitely passes our taste test, especially when keeping in mind its low calorie count!  Chill and serve over fresh cut fruit for a fabulous addition to a warm summer evening… or afternoon… (or with your breakfast, we don’t judge!)

A Great Tutorial

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This guy is good! He has several tutorials on youtube and I didn’t know which one to post first.  I chose this one because I just love the look! I can’t say it’s something I would do for a bride or for a night out, but it’s great for production work!

Love is love is love.

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The Human Rights Campaign’s new, interactive photo project celebrates the relationships of pro-equality LGBT and ally couples and friends. You can click on tons of pictures of LGBTQA couples, read their stories and even submit your own to be posted on the site! The pictures are amazing, inspiring and totally GAY! Check it out, and send yours in today. And, be on the look out for the picture and story of my beautiful girlfriend and I, coming soon to (P.S. that is NOT my girlfriend and I in the picture…one day! Go New York!)

It’s me, Mario!

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Summertime always reminds me of the time my best friend and I spent the whole summer back and forth between the pool and playing Mario 64. I’ll never forget having to call her little brother over to beat one of the boards for us! Haha  Those were the good ol’ days! This is so very clever nail art, don’t you think?

Long nails are in!


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They always say that history repeats itself. Well, vintage nails are in! Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry have all been spotted sporting their long tapered nails. It’s a very classy, sophisticated look that seems to look great with any cocktail ring! So file your squared nails down and go vintage!



Wayne Gretzky could find himself in the Winter Classic Game this January

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New York Rangers fans get ready because rumor is already circulating around that Wayne Gretzky will take to the ice in the 2011-2012 Winter Classic.  Could this be true? and if so who cares about the Legion of Doom and the Flyers.  I love the management move on the part of the Rangers by stealing the thunder of some home town heroes, by putting the legend Wayne Gretzky out there to represent your team. Kudos Glen Sather. Gretzky commented:  “Glen called and we talked for 45 minutes,” Gretzky told “I really respect the Rangers doing that. That’s classy of Slats, Mike Keenan [who is coaching the Rangers' alumni team] and the Dolan family. So I told Glen I would think about it.”

Water can be so boring!

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They say that water is the best way to stay hydrated during these hot summer days.  Dehydration can affect you in several ways. The quality of your skin, hair, and nails are all affected by how hydrated you are.  But what if you are like me and find drinking water to be super boring?

Try to spice it up!  Add cucumber, lemon, and orange slices to your water and it will actually have flavor to it and you’ll be excited to drink it!  It also will be reminiscent of being at the spa. Boy could I use one of those days, huh?