Only a few hours left to shop!


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Yay for Cyber Monday!  Great deals at the click of your mouse.  You don’t even have to leave your room and you can cover everyone on your holiday list! Here are a few deals I thought you all would be interested in. I tried to get this up earlier but my day for a little busy!  My apologies!  Hurry up…only a few hours left!




Violent Lips is offering 50% off and free shipping



Urban Decay Cosmetics six eyeshadow palettes are marked down from $34 to $19





Ulta is offering a free beauty bag with tons of free samples for any order at $35 or more (a $65 value!)



Temptu has brought back their offer to save 20% off all airbrush make-up systems




Bare Escentuals had 5 days of deals, but today is their last day and they are offering ALL 5 DEALS TODAY!


So there are a few of the deals going on for today.  Most end tonight and are on-line only offers (hence the term Cyber Monday)

Your very own static guide


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Winter is slowly creeping up on us (ugh). And while I’m glad to get rid of the humid, hair frizzing weather…the cold, crisp, dryness of winter poses other problems for our hair. Here are several ways that I have learned over the years to stop hair from becoming staticy.


1. Use a dryer sheet.  Rubbing a dryer sheet over your head will help keep your hair down…and smelling nice too.   Yummm….white linnen!


2. More conditioner! With winter weather being much dryer, you can usually get away with using a bit more conditioner in your hair without it getting oily.


3. Leave-in conditioner.  These are great, but only for people with very very dry hair.


4. A shine spray always does the trick.  I love Kenra’s Silkening Mist spray. I use it wet and/or dry. Works great with frizz in the summer and static in the winter. The best part about this product is the amazing smell.  Some of my clients call it the cotton candy spray! Check out to find out more about this product and others.


5. Make your own spray!  Take a tsp of liquid softener, add it to a bottle of water, and sprits away.  When you dry your hair, you should be static free for  the day!


6. Spray a little hairspray on your brush and comb hair when dry…although this trick I find doesn’t have much lasting power!


Comment below and let us know some of your static tricks!



In 10 make-up mistakes

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Welcome back to Monday!!!  This will for sure make you laugh and start your week off on a high note :)

I’ve seen all of these first hand, if you can believe it! haha My favorite was the caked on make-up girl.  So gross!!!

Topshop is definitely aboard this nautical trend.

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Anchors seem to be all the rage for Spring, and as usual Topshop is all over the trend. Check out this navy top and adorable anchor stud earrings! The best part is the prices will totally keep your wallet afloat!

Anchor top, $36

Anchor studs, $18


A Great Tutorial

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This guy is good! He has several tutorials on youtube and I didn’t know which one to post first.  I chose this one because I just love the look! I can’t say it’s something I would do for a bride or for a night out, but it’s great for production work!

There is nothing better than this stuff!

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As a baby, my mom would use this stuff to help sooth rashes. Now, as a 29 year old woman, I am finding so many more uses for this stuff!



It works great as a moisturizer for your lips, and the rest of your face/body.  In the winter I tend to use it on my elbows, or my feet and hands because they can get very dry sometimes! I also seem to blow my nose a lot more in the winter time so my nose will get a litte rough.  Petroleum jelly has help keep my nose from getting raw and sore! And those dry/cracked lips…this will help heel them faster than any chapstick!


If you want to turn your favorite eye shadow color into a lipstick.  Mix it with a little of this stuff and you have a beautiful new lip color that will keep your lips feelings great too!



Petroleum Jelly can also help your perfume scent to last longer.  Dab a little in the areas where you spray your perfume the most and it will help it to stick for all night yumminess!


Sometimes we don’t all have the steady hands of a manicurist. To help keep the polish on the nails and off the skin, apply a little jelly around your nails and if you slip up, all yo have to do it wipe it off!



Ever wake up from an awful nights sleep where not only your hair is a mess, but your eye brows too? A great way to tame them is to brush a little petroleum kelly over them to help keep them in place.

The many uses of cereal, brought to you by Anthony Davis

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Guess what I had for breakfast today, Reeses!!! You had candy for breakfast? NOT CANDY, REESES PUFFS CEREAL. Ahh the classic cereal commercials of my childhood. It has been years since the cereal companies had any fun marketing. So with that, Kentucky fans took things into their own hands, making a mural of future first overall pick Anthony Davis. Now these two are holding just one box each, but something tells me it took a lot more breakfast treats to make this masterpiece.