The cat eye is back!


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I find the best way to get this look is by using a gel liner, but to each his own right? Any way you do it, its going to look sexy. You can make it as bold or as delicate as you want.  Some artists call  a smaller version of this the kitten eye. To stay away from the Amy Winehouse  version (rest her soul), its best to not let the liner go passed the outside of your brow line. What I love so much about this liner look is that sometimes its all you need….a little liner, some mascara and you are ready to hit the town purring! Meeeoooww!

On your teeth!


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Nothing irks me more than to see a woman smile to reveal her lipstick smeared all over her pearly whites. Do you not check the mirror before you leave? And why does no one help these women out? Why do they let her go about her day like this? There is a simple solution to this. After applying lipstick, simply take your index finger and place it in your mouth with your lips sealed shut. Slowly pull your finger out. Waa-laa! No more lipstick on your teeth! It’s an amazing thing people…not to mention, a very seductive move :)  Now I beg you, take the oath of never letting a poor lady walk around like this!



Love is love is love.

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The Human Rights Campaign’s new, interactive photo project celebrates the relationships of pro-equality LGBT and ally couples and friends. You can click on tons of pictures of LGBTQA couples, read their stories and even submit your own to be posted on the site! The pictures are amazing, inspiring and totally GAY! Check it out, and send yours in today. And, be on the look out for the picture and story of my beautiful girlfriend and I, coming soon to (P.S. that is NOT my girlfriend and I in the picture…one day! Go New York!)

Where to find the best haunted house

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It’s the time of year where everyone is looking for a good scare, where making plans with friends to walk into a “haunted” house is the norm. But with so many to choose from these days, how do you know which one is the right one for you? You go to be scared, right? So why are you going to waste your time going to one where teenagers do their own make-up and jump out at you?! I say, if you’re going to scream…do it right!! I can only speak of haunted houses in the Long Island/NYC area, so if you live upstate or close to the NY area feel free to comment about places in your area!

Gateway’s Haunted Playhouse of Horror, located off of exit 56 of Sunrise Highway is said to be preeeeeeetty good. I have not actually been to this one but I know a few people who work there. Most of them are about 16-18 years old and do their own make-up.  There is no age cut-off as far as letting people in which screams to me that it can’t be all THAT scary! Friends have gone and have had a good time though. I’m sure it’s a fun night out if you are looking to do a little screaming! The attraction is about 20 minutes long, general admission is $20, and $25 for fast pass.


Located in Wading River is Darkside Haunted House.  For $20 you can enjoy a walk through the house and a walk through the haunted village. The make-up here is a little more scary than above, but you still have your teenagers running around in masks trying to scare you. Their website states that it is not recommended for children under the age of 12. It also states that it is not recommended for people with heart conditions, injuries, or pregnant woman….this is a good sign :) Not a bad price for getting two attractions out of it.


Bayville Scream Park is probably one of the best on Long Island. With five attractions to choose from, you can make this an all night event. You can choose to do just one for $14.75, two for $25.75, three for $33.75, four for $39.75, or all five attractions for $42.75! Children less than 12 years old must be escorted by an adult, but there is not age requirement. Each attraction only lasts about 10-15 mins so I would recommend doing at least two! The make-up here seems to be a little better than some of the other haunted houses on LI, but still I am left to want more (remember, this is coming from the crazy zombie-lover lady here!) I have gone to Bayville every year and it seems to keep me satisfied though. I would say it is worth buying tickets into all the attractions. The clown house is my favorite!


And now we hit up NYC for Blood Manor! This one is much more professional than any of the ones located on Long Island.  Its New York City…it HAS to be done right, right? :)  I definitely think you should check this one out if you really want to be scared. The actors are not allowed to touch you which is usually the case in these houses. Ages 14 and younger need to have an adult with them (much better than the others that are 10 or 12 years or younger). Tickets to this even are $35 at the door. I think that is pretty reasonable for the quality of work these artists and actors are portraying.


And now for the best haunted house out there in my eyes….Nightmare Fairy Tales. Actors have to audition to be involved in scaring the public in this. They have a professional costume designer who designs each costume for the specific actor. And the make-up is to die for (get it??!). They have professional special effects make-up artists who design each prosthetic from scratch! Don’t like being touched? Then don’t you dare walk into this haunted house! This is one of the few where the actors have permission to touch you!! No one under the age of 16 will be admitted without an adult and if you are under 10….sorry! This is not the place for you! They don’t recommend it for anyone with heart problems, back problems, prone to seizures, or anyone that has anything that can be sparked by anxiety or fear.  This is serious stuff people! These creatures look real, and they are going to scare the poop out of you!! There are two attractions and you can do them both for $35 but you’ll be waiting on line for a looooong time.  They do offer VIP tickets though. It will take you about 35-45 minutes to do both attractions. If you are looking for a scary night….scarier than any other haunted house you have ever been to, this is the one!!!


I hope this has helped you in choosing your night of terror! And if you are thinking of starting up your very own haunted mansion in the future, remember…make-up is a very importnat aspect to this. You can’t just have kids running around in masks!

Happy Haunting!!

Celeb chef helping you with stress free cooking

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Iron Chef Cat Cora is still on a roll after recently being inducted into the American Academy of Chefs® Culinary Hall of Fame.  She’s launched her new iPad app, Cat Cora’s Kitchen, which helps to simplify cooking and meal prep so that an at home cook with any level of skill feels comfortable.  Cat Cora’s Kitchen uses a patented “smart recipe” format, which guides users through time management in the kitchen and this allows them to create delicious meals right on schedule.  Tips are given on which steps can be completed in advance and the user will be alerted to any potential conflicts that may arise {for example, when cooking multiple recipes}.



There are 76 recipes available through the app with step by step instructions and targeted completion times for each dish – a user is able to create a full menu or just choose one dish to concentrate on.  Serving size can be adjusted up or down from the original recipe.  Detailed photos accompany the recipes, as well as appearances by Cora with helpful tips along the way.


Cora collaborated with Nimble Chef, Brainware and Troubador Digital Media to launch this app and it is available now for $7.99 at

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

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I respect this kids hustle and his use of resources-  but how can you possibly improve your dunking game when the rim is a foot shorter than you are? and that’s before jumping.   Step your game up kid-

Keds announces the launch of a capsule collection for Madewell!

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You know how I love me some capsule collections, especially when the price is right! On Wednesday, PR Newswire broke the news that this Spring, Keds and Madewell will partner up for an exclusive, limited-edition collection of kicks. The collection will consist of classic Keds Champion shoes in three brand new prints; Color Block Stripe, Blanket, and Polka Dot. Although it is not an unlikely collaboration, I am SUPER excited about it! AND get this, the shoes will retail for just $50 a pair! How fab would these sneaks be to mix and match prints with a pair of printed pants? Or just to add a pop of color to some denim cut offs and a tank? Can’t wait to see the collection in person!