It’s not just about cupcakes anymore!

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Word on the Manhattan streets is that Crumbs Bake Shop is testing out a candy line in some of their NYC shops… According to Crain’s New York, three NYC spots are taste testing jelly beans, Gummy Worms and chocolate, among other treats, with their customers.



I’ve done a run through of the Crumbs in Huntingon and so far no sighting of delightful candy… but I’m staying hopeful.  Co-founder Jason Bauer told Crain’s that a red velvet candy bar wouldn’t be a far fetched idea.  Music to my ears!

It’s never a good thing!

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Some time ago I posted a video called “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” It was very funny and very cute.  Well this one I believe might be even funnier!  When he gets to her lipstick I actually started laughing out loud.  And then he pulled out the sharpie and I lost it!  The videos are so much fun.  I really want to get the fiance to do with with me!!

Rest in Peace, sista.

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Today marks the one year anniversary of the passing of one of the world’s greatest singers. Amy Winehouse would have been 29 in September, but left behind too short a legacy and too harsh a reminder of the downfall of drugs and alcohol. Amy will always be one of my favorite singers, although listening to her music is sometimes dark-feeling, and I get sad as I sing along.



Amy’s father has since started a charity, The Amy Winehouse Foundation which helps underprivileged children all over the world. Her father Mitch travels and speaks about his daughter, her demons and the need for substance abuse enlightenment among today’s youth. He has also just published a book, My Daughter Amy, in which he gives us insight into her early years, struggles and Amy the person.



God bless you Amy. And may others in this world realize the damage that comes from substance abuse and enabaling those around us. Another amazing life lost. Today Amy, we celebrate your life.



Cheers to you girl. I’m sure you’re singing wherever you are.



The best lashes


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Adrell lashes were founded in 1971 and has grown into the biggest suppler for false lashes today.  Why do I love them so much?  Well, they offer so many different varieties which is important when you have a specific look you are going for.  And they have mastered the art of making the lash line invisible! They are all over hollywood and in almost every magazine you pick up today.  It’s hard to miss this company.  Not only does their website offer the purchasing of lashes, but they also offer products for your eye brows. Everything from shaping them to filling them in with pencil or powder! You can also find helpful tips on the best way to set your lashes so they really look like your own!  Personally, I don’t know where I would be without my Ardell’s :)

This is sooooo true!!!

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I wish I could have all of my clients read this! (No, today is no Hairstylist Day…I think that is in April) This rang so true to me today when I saw it.  Here I am, sitting in front my computer with an eye infection, and how am I treating it? With ice! Why? Because as a hair dresser I don’t get medical benefits unless I want to pay $400 a month. When I have to take a day off, I don’t get paid for it.  And yes, I like to go on vacation just like the rest of you…but I get nothing for it.  If I don’t have clients booked, I don’t make money.


I don’t have a retirement fund for when I am old and can no longer stand to cut hair anymore.  But I do what I do because I love it! However, when clients try to nickel and dime me, I take offense to it!


I have clients who will take a day off from work just to come get their hair done.  Basically they are getting paid to sit in my chair!! But they will sit there and complain about how much it costs to have their roots colored and their hair cut.  Hopefully the next time you make an appointment with your hairdresser, you will keep this in mind!  We are not trying to take our clients for all they are worth.  We are simply trying to make a living just like everyone else!!

Sulfate-free is where it’s at!

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Sulfate-free shampoos are taking over…and for good reason! Sulfate is found in most shampoos these days. It is probably the worst ingredient in a bottle of regular shampoo.  Basically it strips your hair and leaves it dehydrated. Conditioner can only make up for so much. You are then left with dry and/or frizzy hair.  Sulfate free shampoos became popular when the kertain treatments began.  The sulfate shampoos would strip the keratin chemical treatment right out of the hair. I began using sulfate free on all my keratin treated clients…now I use it on everyone, including myself!  With a sulfate-free shampoo, your hair is never striped of all its natural, good oils that keep it healthy and hydrated. I even find that I can go with out conditioning sometimes!


My favorite sulfate-free shampoo to date is Kenra’s Platinum. I have written about Kenra’s Silkening Mist in the earlier days of this blog.  It is still one of my favorite products.  I even got my clients hooked on it.  It only makes sense that I would fall in love with their shampoo too!

She can pull off anything

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I felt that today was a good day to pay homage to lovely Miss Katy Perry and her amazing hair trends.  Is there anything this girl can’t do?  We’ve seen her brunette, blonde, long, short, bangs, no bangs, pink, blue, streaks, and now purple!  And with each style I think she looks better and better! She is a true hair icon.

Check out some of Katy’s other styles-



She is not afraid to do anything and wears each style with confidence. If my fiance didn’t freak over the teal streaks I have in my hair, I would do my whole head that color haha.  Gotta keep the man happy though, right?


I wonder what she will do next.  Maybe a highlighter yellow?!  That’s never really been done before!  Hmmmm……