If I didn’t know any better I would have no idea that this jersey represented a Hawk

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The mint green color scheme along with the blue doesn’t really make me think of a Hawk. Actually I have no idea how this color scheme of jersey even represents Atlanta. Now the jerseys I am talking about are the reverse of the one pictured. This smooth shot of Pistol Pete Maravich was too good to pass up though. The Hawks used one with a base of mint green with the blue stripes and the one pictures which has mint green stripes. It may not even actually be mint green, but saying mint green just makes it seem like an even odder concept. And once again, I still do not see what this has to with a Hawk.

Jeremy Scott’s latest sneaker collaboration with Adidas causes major controversy.

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These unique looking sneakers are the latest Jeremy Scott for Adidas Roundhouse Mid “Handcuff” sneakers. While controversy may not be the first thing that comes to mind for you when looking at them, it has been for many civil rights activists, including Reverend Jesse Jackson. The main problem with the shoes, is that people are claiming that the design of these shoes is linked to slavery.


Interesting enough, the inspiration of these shoes has absolutely nothing to do with slavery. The shoes were actually designed with the “My Pet Monster” toy in mind. If you take a look at Jeremy Scotts collaborations with Adidas, they were based off of panda heads and Mickey Mouse. I understand why some people may be offended, however it seems like the situation was taken out of context. Now that we know the real origin of the shoes, what are your thought on these kicks?

Cool take on the ponytail braid

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A few months ago I would have looked at this and thought “Wow, I wish I could create that!” Now that I know how to braid, I realize how easy this photo is to recreate! What a fun look this would be for a bridesmaid!!

I worked some wedding magic!

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Today I worked a party that was all about the messy buns!  I have to say, I am so happy that the half up/half down do’s seem to be going out of style these days.  Updos are making a come back and I am thrilled!!!

The lady decided to wear hers to the side with some height on top. It came out stunning!


A peacock feather adds some fun to the look. It is hard to see in the photo but she wanted hers pulled back in pieces.


As simple as this is, it really came out beautiful!  It’s amazing how much a braid can dress things up!


Though it was raining, the bride seemed to be in good spirits!  I hope all these ladies have as good a time as we did working on them!!


Happy Friday, everyone!  See you Monday!

It’s Friday Everyone!!!!

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I feel like this was a very long week so I am very happy that is is Friday!  I get to pick up Fozzie today and take her back home, which makes it an even better Friday!!

I know I know… more memes, I’m sorry

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I swear I have no intention of posting these meme pictures everyday, it’s just that there are so many out there, and they’re so damn funny that I have no choice.   I guess because they’re so popular at the moment, that everyone with an imagination and simple picture program feels it is their duty to churn these things out like clockwork.


I’m not complaining, I wake up every morning to atleast a half a dozen of these things in my inbox, 90% of them make me crack up, so it’s a no brainer when it comes time to choose my Picture of the Day for you guys.

Look how pretty!

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Ooooooh, look how prettttty!  These are perfect summer nails, don’t you think?  I know my girl over at wePRIDEny will love them! How do you get nails like this?  Simple!  it’s the marbleizing technique I posted a few months ago.  Don’t remember?  Click here! Rainbow Brite would absolutely love nails like this, don’t you think?


All you need is a cup of water, scotch tape, toothpicks, and your nail polishes.

Check out these NEON rainbow nails.  Oops….did I say neon?  That’s illegal, no? ;)


What goes great with these nails? Some rainbow swirled cupcakes!  Find out how to make those at weEATny.com