Oh, Donald Trump…

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In honor of the Miss USA pageant I thought I wold post of photo of a hair icon! haha  Donald Trump is known for his hair…just don’t think it’s something he should be proud of.


Comb-over-central over here!!

Free yogurt… with a side of body fluid??


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Yuck, yuck yuck yuck…. Some people need to be sent to a deserted island for all of eternity.  Anthony Garcias, of New Mexico, is one of those people.  Last January he was given the task of passing out yogurt samples at the grocery store he worked at.  One woman spit the yogurt out, repeatedly spit onto the floor, and even wiped her mouth with her clothing to attempt to get the taste off her tongue….. What would cause such a vile reaction?  The fact that Garcias tainted the yogurt samples with semen.  *pause for nauseated and repulsed gag reflex*  The 32 year old admitted to placing the semen on the spoon and offering it to a female customer.  He pleaded guilty in court this past October and he’s facing up to three years in prison…. {insert all obvious jokes about him likely getting a “taste” of his own medicine….}

Cute animals with funny hair

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I’m giving you all an extra article today because I just love you all!!  So this is just a thanks to all my loyal fans!!  This monkey had me crying.  He is so fluffy!!  How did he get like that?


Remember the bowl cut??  I knew a few kids back in elementary school who rocked it for a while.  It was a big thing. Wonder who ever thought of the idea of using a bowl to cut someones hair lol.  Maybe they were hungry.

A puppy with a comb over…does it get any cuter?!!!

Well, I’ve been blonde, brunette, mahogany, pink, blue…I have fun no matter what color my hair is! But how could I resist this cutie?


Hope this made you all smile :)


Richards Cashes in on Rangers Win

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The pick up of Brad Richards in the off season might have been the best move the Rangers have made since going after Mark Messier.  The Rangers brought him in to be a set up man for Gaborik and boy is the chemistry flowing.  Richards added a goal in the 1st period and set up Gaborik on a power play in the second to give the Rangers a 3-1 lead.  Lets hope they both stay healthy and we will sure be chanting GOALLLLLL, GOALLLLLLLL!!!!!!, ( you all know the Rangers chant.)

Our new sister-site

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The week I left for vacation two new sites were born to the we__ny.com family; weHOOPny, and wePRIDEny.  Hoop is dedicated to all things basketball. If you or a loved one is a die hard basketball fan, I suggest you check it out!


The site I am here to tell you about today is our new PRIDE site. I hold this site very near and dear to my heart since I have so many people in my life who are in a same sex relationship. Since there happens to be  a large chunk of my fans who are gay, lesbien, trans-gender, etc…I thought it would be a great time to share this site with you all. I am proud to announce that wePRIDEny.com has been going strong for almost a month now.  Here is where you can go to support all things LGBTQ. Read the latest politics, trends, fashion…etc.  The lovely Miss Furey, who runs the site is a beautiful talented lady (as is her gorgeous girlfriend!). She has been a friend of mine for many years and I am happy to turn some of my fans over to her site. So please take the time to check it out and have pride in your fellow friends and family.  Support all kinds of love <3



And don’t forget about our other sites: weEATny.com, wePuckny.com, weFASHIONny.com, weHOOPny.com, weBLOGny.com

Interesting facts, to say the least

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Well this will certainly give you something to think about!  I tell all my clients how unhealthy it can be for your hair to wash your hair  every day and to try every other day…but this takes it to a whole new level!  I can usually go 3 or 4 days, but two weeks might be pushing it!  Enjoy this 1950′s tutorial on hair care. It’s quite interesting to think our parents and grand parents treated their hair this way :)

And better with hair!

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Everyone knows babies are cute.  But how much cuter are they when they are having a bad hair day?  Enjoy these adorably cute baby photos of some way too cute babies :)