My Favorite Lotion

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I was first given this product by a Doctor who I had seen when my face started to break out with “hormonal acne”  It’s fun to have this problem in your late 20′s after going through your teen years with perfect skin! *rolls eyes*  Needless to say, I have it under control now.  The Doctor handed me CeraVe PM facial lotion and told me to use it twice a day (morning & night).  On top of making sure I was using the right facial wash, my problems were gone.


Well, I eventually ran out of all the free samples he had given me of the lotion and decided to pick some up at CVS.  They didn’t have the PM one in stock.  So I figured I would get the AM one…biiiiiig mistake.  My face started getting bad again!  Recently switched back to the PM version and I’m back in business.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes.  Who would have thought that the AM one would be too harsh for my face.


Moral of the store- It’s okay to use nighttime face lotions during the day!  Just keep in mind they don’t have an SPF in them!

Just tell them your thoughts

Keyword: Urban Decay, $500, win, sweepstakes

Urban Decay is holding a contest.  If you review their products you hav a chance to win $500.


Hmmm…what to review first?  Their primer potion? Their amazing glide on eye pencils? Excuse me, but I have $500 to go win! ;)  Good luck all!!

Review and Tutorial!

Keyword:  sally hansen, magnet nails

This girl clearly is not a very neat nail painter as she gets it all over her fingers and cuticles, but she shows how the product works and lets you know her thoughts on it.


I actually have read similar reviews to what she is saying.  Lots of people seem to be smudging their nails because thy accidentally hit it with the magnet.  Also, that is by no means the color red!


hopefully Sally Hansen will take the hit and revamp this idea because I do love the concept!!

Nicki Minaj has a clothing line in the works!

Keywords: nicki minaj, clothing line, anna wintour

Nicki Minaj is unstoppable! Not only is she an extremely talented rapper, singer, performer, and songwriter, but she seems to be working her way to be a fashion and beauty icon for our generation. First she wowed us with her Pink Friday lipstick via her MAC collaboration and most recently she has dazzled us with her  line of nail polished for OPI. (check out for some fabulous beauty tips and information on lipsticks, nail polishes, and much, much more!) Now, as reported by the fabulous Perez Hilton, Nicki Minaj’s manager Cortez Bryant says that negotiating a deal with a fashion house will be a top priority for Nicki this year. Apparently at Fashion Week Nicki became acquainted with the lovely Anna Wintour, perhaps she will mentor Ms. Minaj? Either way, I am sure we are in for a fun and colorful surprise, and I can’t wait to see what Nicki has in store for us!

These are so creative

Keyword: finger makeup, finger art, finger painting

On your mark, get set….go!!!!!  What? Those are fingers?  Apparently finger makeup is an art, and I think it’s pretty amazing!


This elephant totally took my breath away! I love how they artist used the creases hin his hand ad the wrinkly elephant skin.

The eagle is so perfect it almost looks like an oil painting.

Using both hands, this artist created a breathtaking peacock.

But of course, my favorite has to be zombies! I love that the little pinky finger is munching on a foot.


Who said makeup always had to be on our face?  Get your hands dirty sometimes!!


Get your body ready for summer

Keyword: moroccanoil, oil, body buff, body care, soft skin

So you already know what moroccanoil can do for your hair, but what can it do for your body?  The recently released a body care line to help you jump start perfect skin before it’s bikini time! The line includes a body buff, body souffle, and an intense hydrating treatment.

The buff is like an exfolient that will help get rid of those dead skin cells.


Use the souffle as a moisturizer. It’s go shea butter in it so you KNOW you’ll be feeling super smooth after!


The intense hydrating treatment is for those extra drying  days.  Use the oil to help those areas in need (elbos, feet, hands…)


With this product line there is no reason your skin won’t be glowing by summer!!


I just had my eyebrows waxed

Keyword: eyebrows, dog hair, pic of day

How can you not laugh at this.  The eyebrows, and the expression on his face are just too perfect!