Where is the sun?

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It’s a rainy Friday here on Long Island, so I thought I would inspire you all with some lightening makeup. You can’t go wrong with Lady Gaga….or can you?  I can’t keep up, is she in or out these days?  Oh well, whatever the case, her blue lightening bolt is a total “in” for me!  I love how it fades to teal and gets carried over around her whole eye.


This one reminds me of Jem.  Remember Jem? Truly outrageous?

I was Jem for Halloween one year…best costume ever.  Ahhh I’m getting off track here. While the black bolt is cool, I think I am more obsessed with the hot pink shadow!


Now this one is cool.  It’s like lightening during a sunset!  I don’t like the eyebrows though.  I definitely would not have lightened them.  Her bolt could be a little cleaner too, but I like where her head is at!

Of course I had to save my favorite for last.  I am obsessed!!  The lines are so clean and the blending is so perfect. I would love to recreate this look.  Wonder what it looks like her with her eyes open.

That is my ode to lightening!  Now let’s pray for a sunny day tomorrow!

My kind of photoshoot

Keyword: america’s next top model, zombie makeup, photoshoot

I have been asked by a few readers if i watch America’s Next Top Model at all….I am sorry to say that I do not.  I have seen the show. Sometimes I’ll turn the tv on and a repeat will be on and I’ll watch it, but I just don’t get excited about it as a show so it’s not on my ‘to watch list’.  However, I did hear that they were doing a zombie shoot.  This intrigued me!


For all my newest readers/fans…I am obsessed with  zombies.  If I could be one, I would be haha!  So These photos were very exciting for me to come across.


I never knew how sexy zombies could be…corset tops, leather pants…She doesn’t have the right zombie stare though….



This one is kind of like an angelic zombie. But she still looks too pretty for me!



This girl has got it!  The awkward pose, the zombie stare…and still looks sexy and pretty?  She nailed it!!


You can check out the rest of them on the website, and even vote for which one is your favorite!

At least it did for Starbucks…

Keywords: starbucks, La Boulange, bakery


I tell it to you all the time… I’m a huge fan of Starbucks – at times it’s like my sanctuary.  So, when I saw this picture pop up on their Instagram I was so excited!  More delicious treats coming our way!!


After purchasing the small bakery chain, La Boulange, Starbucks will start replacing its current culinary lineup. Changes will begin to take place early next year and will appear in the Bay Area stores first then spread nationally.  Starbucks’ goal is the bring the French bakery experience to this side of the pond, the same way they made us fall in love with the Italian espresso bar experience.  The La Boulange locations currently serve French pastries along with salads and sandwiches in a casual sit-down setting.



I worked some wedding magic!

Keyword: wedding hair, bridal hair, updos, friday

Today I worked a party that was all about the messy buns!  I have to say, I am so happy that the half up/half down do’s seem to be going out of style these days.  Updos are making a come back and I am thrilled!!!

The lady decided to wear hers to the side with some height on top. It came out stunning!


A peacock feather adds some fun to the look. It is hard to see in the photo but she wanted hers pulled back in pieces.


As simple as this is, it really came out beautiful!  It’s amazing how much a braid can dress things up!


Though it was raining, the bride seemed to be in good spirits!  I hope all these ladies have as good a time as we did working on them!!


Happy Friday, everyone!  See you Monday!

New York Rangers extend the gap for 1st place


Keyword: leaps and bounds, new york rangers, extend the gap, win, 1st place, penguins, minnesota wild, new york islanders

Last nights win in Minnesota helped the Rangers to extend their 1st place lead and give them some more breathing space.  As I watched this game going into the third period I sat back and said well this is going to go down in typical Rangers fashion losing what I feel is a give me game and a golden opportunity to extend their lead.  My optimism grew more and more as I sit on the edge of my seat and then BANG we’re up 3-2 on a goal by Ruslan Fedotenko.



Could this get any better? yes it can!  I flip over to the Islander game and just when you want to hate them more than most of you probably do already you can’t because they buried the Penguins 5-3 helping out their fellow neighbors the New York Rangers in their quest for the cup.  This victory by both clubs helped the Rangers to extend their league lead by 3 points, and the top spot of the Atlantic Division and the Eastern Conference.



I’ve never been more excited this time of year especially now that the Rangers are in it to win it.  It’s going to be exciting no doubt about that! no matter how far they go.  I will be on the hunt for Playoff tickets likes its deer season so watch out MSG here I come and I am going to be yelling at the top of my lungs for my team, LETS GO RANGERS !!!!!!

But don’t forget your sun screen

Keyword: sun screen, spring, SPF, moisturizer, sun damage

Welcome to Spring everyone! Such a wonderful time of year!  No more static hair problems, your skin is no longer dry and itchy, you’re not freezing when you get out of the shower…all good things! Let’s just not forget one important factor that comes a long with spring…wearing sun screen.  Technically you should be wearing an SPF on your face all year round, but let’s be real here- how long are you really outside for in the winter time? Certainly not long enough for the sun to have any time to cause damage to your skin. In the spring though, we find ourselves outside much more.  Either sitting on the porch reading a book, doing some gardening, or going for a stroll around the block…it’ important to keep that face from sun damage!  So if you don’t have one already, go pick out a daily moisturizer with some SPF in it.  Doesn’t have to be a high number, 10 SPF will do just fine for normal activities.  It’s when you are baking in the sun where you’ll need a higher number!


So go….right now…why are you still sitting here? Get your butt to CVS and protect your skin!

And she wears it beautifully

Keywords: kate middleton, updo, celebrity hairstyles


Admittedly, I can’t say I follow Kate Middleton much, but I know a near flawless Updo when I see one, and this thing is beautiful!  I can only imagine the talent that Kates hair and makeup artists have, no wonder she always looks so beautiful every time she leaves the house, or, castle?   I guess she lives in a castle now? Palace?  I don’t know.  Moving on!



Huffington Post made a big deal out of this,  apparently Kate Middleton never wears her hair up.  After a quick google search; they were right.   I’m surprised because a woman with features and beauty like her, you would think she would throw it up in a pony tail and be on her way and still turn heads.   I guess living the life of royalty comes with a bit more prep work prior to leaving your house.



I have done a couple articles in the past on Kate, and I just don’t have anything bad to say about her. She always conducts herself with such class and elegance,  and always looks red carpet ready.   I remember growing up how fascinated my Mom was of Princess Diana, and all I ever hear is how Kate Middleton conducts herself with such eerily similar fashions as the late Princess.