Prawn robber stuffs her dress full

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Nothing like shoving cold prawns up your skirt to the point that you’re walking funny, to blow your big heist!  That’s how Krystal Douglas and Charles Simboyan, of Staten Island, were recently busted.  Her awkward walk led security guards to approach her in the parking lot.  First Douglas told security that she had a bad knee, but once in the women’s room with the officers she produced boxer shorts and shrimp from beneath her ensamble.


The 26 year old female and her 68 year old accomplice are believed to be the ones behind an on going two week shoplifting spree.  Video surveillance has named them as the perps.  Accumulating over $5,000 worth of merchandise over those two weeks, it’s no wonder she wasn’t dropping pork chops, DVDs, chicken, steaks, and apparel at her feet as she walked around.  The couple would allegedly fill their cart, then once in the produce section transfer everything to beneath Douglas’ dress – after emerging from the produce isle their cart would be empty and they’d go on their way.


Not this time though, their gig is up!  And as a side note, who the heck would want to eat shrimp {or any of the other meats for that matter…} that had just been stuffed between some woman’s legs??


Ron Artest gets in on the vampire craze

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At first I couldn’t believe it, Ron Artest is becoming a Vampire actor. Then I looked at the picture above and saw him attempting to bite Kobe’s neck. And that was all the proof I needed to know that he was indeed a demon of the night. Lets be honest, we all know how crazy Artest is. Not a single person could have possibly been shocked when Ron announced he would be starring in a show known as “Real Vampire Housewives.”  Now for the best part, according to, the role Artest is playing is that of a “a gregarious and overly sexual vampire elder.” I cant wait to see where this is going.

Top Shop has some FAB sunnies for UNDER $50!

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I am loving these clear frames, the shape is so much fun!

These sunnies are great for the person who wants glasses that are a bit edgy but not too crazy!

I am such a sucker for cat eye sunglasses, these are my absolute faves!

These are the perfect beach sunglasses, they look good with any bathing suit!


Who knew you could find such fabulous sunglasses for UNDER $50! I certainly didn’t! Sure Target and H&M have SOME great options, but they are always a few steps behind with the most recent trends. Somehow Top Shop always manages be on trend when it comes to sunnies, and they are even more on trend with their prices! Where else could you find glasses like these for under $50?!

I freeze mine!

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Did you know black tea od great for your eyes?  It can help reduce puffiness and keep your eyes and under eyes nice and healthy feeling.


The best way to utilize tea bags is by freezing them when you are done making yourself a cup of tea!  Then when you are ready to use them on your eyes, let them defrost for a few moments (not too long, you still want them to be nice and cool)  Then place them over your eyes for about 10-15 mins.  Your eyes will super refreshed afterwards and you’ll feel great knowing your tea bags weren’t wasted!!


Just make sure to take the tea bag out of your tea before pouring in milk and sugar!

It’s my birthday and i’ll lez if I want to!

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Awww yeah! In the vein of shameless self indulgence – it’s my birthday today! Ill be spending it blogging, rehearsing for a show I am in and having a lovely dinner at the end of the day with my beautiful girl!


I share a birthday with Ashley Judd and Kate Hudson – pretty cool! I’m also the last day of Aries and the first day of Taurus! No wonder i’m so crazy!!!


Oh – and someone feel free to send me a delivery of Rainbow cupcakes! Mmmm’kay?


Have  great day wePRIDEer’s!

I love what I do for a living!

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This weekend I worked more weddings…surprise! I have to say that I really do love what I do and I love that I get to share it with you all! The photo above was one of my favorites of the weekends.  I’m not usually a ‘down-do’ type of girl for weddings, but this one just came out so awesome. She was a real sweat heart to work on too. A braid on the left followed by three simple pin curls with loose curls really made for an elegant style.

Here we have most of the hair pulled off to the side with a few loose curls. The side curls are very popular these days.  If you like to wear your hair down, but are afraid it won’t last all day, this is a great alternative!

Classic flower girl updo.  Doesn’t get any simpler than this.  Pull the hair up into a pony, make some curls and pin away.  The higher on top of the head, the better.  Little ones have no concept of keeping their hair neat.  If they want to sit back on the couch after their hair is done, they will! I usually like to leave them for last.

I was quite upset with myself that i didn’t get a photo of these two girls together when I was done.  The two girls in this photo are twins and decided to wear their hair identical.  I have to say that I did a pretty damn good job and recreating this look twice!


So that was my weekend! I’m sure I will have more photos to come next weekend after the coming weekend.  Hope you all enjoyed!

Where did they come from?

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Wondering where those little baby hairs are coming from in the front of your head?  Most likely they are breakage do to too much use of the flat iron, or maybe from dying your hair too much.  Either way…it’s annoying, right?  You pull your hair back, and all these little pieces just stick out and don’t have a clear direction where to go.  If you are victim to this problem, try spraying a bit of hair spray on a tooth brush and comb them back.  Or you can even use a little lip gloss (clear, or course) to keep them in place. Lip gloss tends to be stickier than gel, and it doen’t try and lose it’s stick-factor…just don’t use too much.

To prevent new small hairs from becoming a problem, cut back on the flat iron a bit, or start using a heat protecting spray!