What a way to end the game going down foolishly in a shootout


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What a way to end the game and a great way for us to head into out weekend.  I am sure he is wishing when he feel he could have went right through the ice and disappear right into the the locker room. I don’t know about you but I definitely would have went down like I was hurt, HAHAH


Enjoy your weekend Everyone!!!

This girl can do it all!

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Beautiful and talented, this Super, Grammy winning, Diva has done it all! And now she comes out to say that she she even does her own make-up on tour! Carrie told “Glamour” for her lashes she can use up to 4 different mascaras! Some to lengthen and some to thicken. I was glad to see she uses a trick I have become very fond of as well….instead of eyeliner, she uses charcoal shadow. I’ve been doing this for years. Seems to have a softer look than a pencil. To hold all her make-up, Carrie carries (haha, get it?!) everything around in a MAC by Zuca Bag for $279.

Where did they come from?

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Wondering where those little baby hairs are coming from in the front of your head?  Most likely they are breakage do to too much use of the flat iron, or maybe from dying your hair too much.  Either way…it’s annoying, right?  You pull your hair back, and all these little pieces just stick out and don’t have a clear direction where to go.  If you are victim to this problem, try spraying a bit of hair spray on a tooth brush and comb them back.  Or you can even use a little lip gloss (clear, or course) to keep them in place. Lip gloss tends to be stickier than gel, and it doen’t try and lose it’s stick-factor…just don’t use too much.

To prevent new small hairs from becoming a problem, cut back on the flat iron a bit, or start using a heat protecting spray!

Obama, Gays and Politics – Oh, My!

Keywords: president obama, robin roberts, same-sex marriage, jesse jackson, al sharpton


Well, all the hoopla surrounding President Obamas “backing” of same-sex marriage this week has seemed to set a fire-island storm about the nation!


Barack spoke with Robin Roberts of ABC news for the big “announcement”. Interesting, as sources claim that Roberts herself is a lesbian and quietly partnered up. It seesm that while Ms. ROberts was excited to bag the interview she also feared that the President may out her during the process! He didnt, but think of the huge steps Robin could help take for black gay Americans if she came out now!



Earlier this week we spoke about Jesse Jackson and AL Sharpton backing Obama’s stance, and now others have joined suit. And while reports across the nation state that many Black-Christian based church are struggling with the call to accept LGBTQ people as memebers of their congregation, it is happening.

Too bad Obama isnt really saying much about gay marriage…


You see, Barack is speaking out in support of same-sex marriage, but he has also gone on record in the same days stating that marriage should be a state by state issue. He has said nthing about striking down DOMA nor appeaing Prop 8 in California or Amendement 1 in North Carolina. And along with that goes rights.


“I continue to believe that this is an issue that is going to be worked at the local level because, historically, this has not been a federal issue,” he said


And, according to the NY Post, when referring to Mitt Romney’s support for a constitutional amendment to bar same-sex marriage, the president warned it would be “a mistake to try to make what has traditionally been a state issue into a national issue.”


Womp womp womp.


So get out there and spread the word – tell President Obama to be real with the LGBTQ community since he is striding towards re-election.

Contour and highlight

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What a great visual for everyone wondering the best place for contour and highlighting when doing their makeup.  Follow these guidelines and you just can’t go wrong!!

What can help keep it tame?

Keyword: frizzy hair, humid weather, conditioner, fabric softener

Sometimes in the summer as weather becomes more humid, your hair will start to frizz more.  There is nothing a girl hates more than frizzy hair!  To resolve this issue, try conditioning it more often.


If conditioner isn’t helping there is another way to tame those locks, but I bet some of you won’t believe me!

Liquid fabric softener works wonders as a leave in conditioner!  Of course this product isquite strong so you MUST dilute it with water.  Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup  water and 1/2 cup fabric softener.  After you shower, comb through your hair and spray your homemade leave in conditioner as needed!

Not only will your hair smell great, but it will be much smoother and softer and will be less likely to frizz on you during those hot summer days!

Perfect for Memorial Day Weekend

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With the three day holiday weekend only hours away from beginning I thought what a perfect time to share some BBQ inspired desserts.  This is a great way to add some fun to your dessert spread at this year’s Memorial Day party.  Try: cakepops {dipped in blue chocolate, icing for grate, fondant for foods}, cupcake burgers {yellow cake cupcakes split in half, crown of chocolate cupcakes for burger meat, shaved coconut dyed green for lettuce, icing for mustard & ketchup, small swipe of honey & sprinkle of sesame seeds on top of the “burger bun”}, or cupcakes baked in ice cream cones with icing that looks like a sundae!