Inspring words from Chris Crocker

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We all remember how Chris Cocker became a yotube hit over night with 80 million views on his “Leave Britney A lone” video.  Lets be real, he was a hot mess! Smeared eyeliner all over his face, bleached out hair, and awful crying…it was a bad accident you couldn’t look away from.  Well, I recently found some new photos of him and I was so shocked I had to share with all of you.  I almost didn’t even believe that this was the same person and I had to google it to make sure that it was! Turns out, it’s him and as you scroll down you will see a very inspiration video he posted about the changes he has made.


Ummm…yum?!  He is hot!!  Why the change??  Well…watch his very inspiring video below. He has certainly come a long way since that Britney video!

Amare Stoudemire drops over a million on engagement ring

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After spending a day in France touring the historical city of Paris, Stat took his longtime girlfriend out to dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower. And then he proposed with an 8.5 carat rock, a mineral worth well over a million bucks. I cant think of anything more cliched then proposing to a lady while dining in Paris. Then again I cant think of a single time this season that Stoudemire was creative out on the floor.


So there were obviously a ton of pictures I could have chosen for this, but I just found it hysterical that Amare wears the Knicks St. Patricks Day shorts out to the beach. The guy is dropping cake on a ring, he cant afford some swim trunks?

Hal Gill is one expensive Pylon

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Hal Gill sporting the angle brace posted this to his Twitter account yesterday with the caption “I’m the highest paid one!”

Get well soon Gill, you’re missing out on some great golfing weather with your teammates

Old Navy flip flops; a summer staple!

Keywords: old navy, flip flops, sandals

I was finally able to head out to Fire Island this passed weekend for my first beach day of the year! I was scrambling, half asleep, at 8 am, when I realized I couldn’t find my flip flops.

Believe it or not, I was extremely upset that my $2.5o flip flops from Old Navy were missing.  Then it dawned on me, these silly little flip flops are truly a summer staple! There is no way that I would wear my nice sandals to the beach, so I always like to have these on hand. Not only are they comfortable and colorful, but they literally last forever. Go ahead and buy 4 pairs of these flops from old navy, you’ll only spend $10, and you’ll have a pair ready for the beach all summer long!

They are too cute

Keyword: easter nails, nail art, easter eggs, pastel colors, bunny

So I have already shown you some Easter hair, but how about nails to match? Again, there are so many different directions you can go here. You can keep it simple with just straight up pastel nails, or paint them like colorful easter eggs. Or maybe you want the easter bunny himself to stand out on your nails.  You can even go with cute little chickies!


There is so much creative freedom here and they are all so fabulous…how do you choose?!  Here are some great nail art ideas!



The cat eye is back!


Keyword: cat liner, eyeliner

I find the best way to get this look is by using a gel liner, but to each his own right? Any way you do it, its going to look sexy. You can make it as bold or as delicate as you want.  Some artists call  a smaller version of this the kitten eye. To stay away from the Amy Winehouse  version (rest her soul), its best to not let the liner go passed the outside of your brow line. What I love so much about this liner look is that sometimes its all you need….a little liner, some mascara and you are ready to hit the town purring! Meeeoooww!

On your teeth!


Keyword: lipstick, teeth

Nothing irks me more than to see a woman smile to reveal her lipstick smeared all over her pearly whites. Do you not check the mirror before you leave? And why does no one help these women out? Why do they let her go about her day like this? There is a simple solution to this. After applying lipstick, simply take your index finger and place it in your mouth with your lips sealed shut. Slowly pull your finger out. Waa-laa! No more lipstick on your teeth! It’s an amazing thing people…not to mention, a very seductive move :)  Now I beg you, take the oath of never letting a poor lady walk around like this!