Weave glue, in the club, by the shady hair extension company

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Dailymail reported today that 34 year old Atasha Graham, a housewife in London, collapsed after a night out dancing.  The cause of death went in the books as “natural causes”, but Doctors are certain the woman met her fate when the latex based extension glue she used in her hair, leaked into her pores when she began sweating from dancing.    If you read the article, it kind of jumps all over the place-  there are 2 doctors who say “she died from anaphylactic shock” in one sentence, then the next are signing death slips for “natural causes” .   Sounds kind of wrong no?  If the woman died from a fatal combination of chemicals, maybe they should investigate a  little more before they close the book?

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DailyMail: A housewife died after suffering a massive allergic reaction possibly triggered by the glue in her hair extensions, an inquest heard today.

Atasha Graham, 34, collapsed after a night out dancing at a club where her boyfriend was the DJ.

The hearing at Southwark  Coroner’s Court in London was told the allergic reaction may have been caused by the glue used to attach her hair extensions – but there was no way to be 100 per cent certain.

Home Office pathologist Doctor Michael Heath told the inquest: ‘I’ve seen cases where people using solvent to apply hair extensions has actually caused anaphylactic shock.

‘There are about 10 to 20 deaths a year in this country, many more in America. I have seen four in the last three months.’

The inquest heard that ‘fun-loving’ Ms Graham had been fine on the night out until she stepped through the door of her home in Lee, south-east London, at 6.30am, then suddenly collapsed and stopped breathing.

Her shocked partner, Fenton Johnson, called an ambulance and tried to resuscitate her while 999 operators told him what to do over the phone.

Ms Graham, the third youngest of nine siblings, never properly regained consciousness and died later in hospital. 

A post-mortem failed to find any abnormalities with her organs or substances which could have caused her death.

Her younger brother Carlus, who attended the inquest with his wife Marsha, said: ‘This is the most frustrating thing of all. We still don’t know what happened.’

The inquest heard Ms Graham had been drinking Hennessy brandy and Red Bull hours before she died, but only had a moderate amount of alcohol in her body which could not have caused her death.

Dr Heath added: ‘The hair extensions in Atasha’s hair were of a latex type. This may or may not be related [to her death].

‘If it is the hair extension normally a reaction would occur within half an hour of applying them or if some of the latex got into the solution because of perspiration and then got into the bloodstream.’

He added that sweat, for instance if she had been dancing in a club, could potentially have caused the glue to get into her bloodstream.

But the pathologist said he would expect an allergic reaction to occur shortly after the glue was applied and Atasha had been wearing extensions, which she got done in salons, since the age of 20.

After lengthy discussions with experts the pathologist said he was certain the cause of death was anaphylactic shock as the level of tryptase, which occurs naturally in the body during an allergic reaction, was 178 micrograms per litre of blood – up to 25 times higher than the normal amount of between two and 14 micrograms per litre.

However, he said he could not pinpoint exactly what was the trigger was.

Dr Heath added: ‘The diagnosis is correct, but I am not sure what triggered it.

‘If she had recovered we could have carried out tests, but the situation we have, tragically, we cannot take it any further.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2095450/Atasha-Graham-dies-allergic-reaction-glue-hairdo-night-out.html#ixzz1lFoYvSES

Kobe Bryant continues to turn heads off the court

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Last week Kobe was caught shirtless with two girls. A couple of days into the Olympic games he was seen checking out the girls volleyball team. And now, we have this. And this I am sure is not Vanessa Bryant, who came over to London to keep an eye on her husband. Looks like she needs to start doing a better job.

My favorite holiday.


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The boyfriend and I spent our Saturday night at The Irish Times Pub in Holbrook this weekend. Almost everyone there was dressed up for Halloween. We were able to get a few pictures of our favorite costumes. The first photo is the prom king and queen of 1952. They came back from the gave to do some more dancing!  He was in full prosthetic and it was pretty awesome.  Both covered in blood, of course!  The second photo is creepy haha!  He was Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas. The guy walked in on stilts!!!  He did have the Jack head that he made out of paper mache but when he took the head off (it weighed a ton!) he had on a full skeleton prosthetic. This guy was good. He stayed in character almost the whole night! The last photo is pretty little Alice and Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter. He almost resembles Johnny Depp too, which was ironic. I have to say, I was impressed with the quality of make-up this year. It’s exciting to see people putting time into their costumes!  We’d love to see your photos. Send them our way!


Remember these guys?

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Remember trolls?  They came with ever color hair you could imagine! Apparently this guy thought it was cool enough to get a tattoo of one and use his real arm hair….poor guy :-/

I think I might have to splurge and pick up a pair

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These have been out for a few months now, and I have seen hundreds of pairs walking down the street.  At first,  they were more of a “wow factor” for me.  I thought they were cool, they came in attractive colors, and they looked comfy as heck.  But still, I never actually went out and invested in a pair for myself,  I was never sold to that extent.

However, lately, I have been working out a bit more, and as the weather changes, that shifts my treadmill running- to outdoor running because Fall is just my time of year.   Everything is changing color, theres an awesome breeze, and whatever is blowing through the air just gives me a sense of energy while running (let’s be honest, we all know how much fun running on a treadmill isn’t).    My only hang up here is…. I don’t know what color to get.

The reviews that I’ve heard are nothing  but positive.  People absolutely love them and say they have helped the daily stresses on their back tremendously, something I was hoping not to worry about until I was atleast 40 haha.

Anyway, I’ll be browsing the aisles of my local mall and shoe stores to try and find the pair that suits me.   I must say though, this black/cyan combo looks pretty sweet… and I do have a watch or 3 that matches! haha

Perfect makeup for this weather

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Don’t be afraid to go nude this spring! Nude doesn’t mean naked.  The trick is picking the right nude tones and going as minimal on the eyeliner as you can!

Start with a light powdered foundation like Avon’s Smooth Minerals.

Next try Urban Decays Naked palette for the eyes.  To get the true nude look, stick the the colors to the left. Usually just a high light under the brow and one color for the lids works for this look.  You don’t want to over-do it with too many shades of color.

Try to go eyeliner-less…if you cant then just lightly line your top lid, but keep the bottom open.

Use a mascara of your choice. Do only one coat as you don’t want the lashes to look too over done.  They must look natural!

When you pick a blush, try to pick one on the browner side, rather than pink.  Or simply use a bronzer as blush.  Don’t over do it though!

Finally top off your look with the perfect nude lips.  MAC Myth makes for the perfect lipstick for this look.


Now, go be nude!!


A mirror for all you tech geeks out there!


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I thought I would kick off the start of a new week with something that would make you say “I want that!” Now, I’m a Mac girl.  No PC’s over here!! I made the switch last Christmas when I received my first Macbook as a gift from the fiance (then boyfriend!). Soon after, I went from Blackberry to iPhone. So when I saw this, I got all excited! Seriously!  Here I am, Sunday night, browsing for some fresh ideas to write about, and this pops on the screen.  I actually got out of my cozy bed, laptop in hand, just to show my fiance how cute this little mirror is!  

The scary part is, in like 8 more years…give or take…this is could actually be the size of our computers!  Imagine typing on those things?  I have enough trouble with my all-touch phone! haha

In all seriousness though, it really is a very creative and unique compact to carry around.  As a girl I know that probably 85% of you carry a compact or some type of mirror with you at all times.  Wouldn’t it be cool to pull this out of your purse?  It’d be a great conversation piece!

Find this product on the French website W3SH