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While browsing the internet for some new interesting articles to post on the site, I stumbled upon this clever accessory. What stylist would not want to sport one of these around their wrist? Made from recycled scissor handles, it is bendable to fit around any wrist. Don’t settle for the cheap knockoffs though! Visit and get your very own today. The holidays are coming before you know it! Put it on your Christmas list (that was a hint to the fiance. Now if I don’t get one, I know he doesn’t really read the blog when he says he does!)


For those Twilight fans out there!

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I am going to apologize to all those ‘Twilight’ fans out there…but I have never actually seen these movies, or read the books….nor do I want to.  I know, I know, I must be the only female out there that hasn’t gotten excited the night before the premiers.  If you’ve been keeping up with my blog then you’ll know that Vampires just aren’t my thing. I am a zombie girl in every sense of the word. However, I find it very cool that the movies have been such a hit they seemed to have formed their own styling line of hair tools!  They even have a ceramic blow dryer on top of the three tools shown above (just couldn’t find a good photo to post) According to my findings, these are supposed to be just like the ones the stylists used on set. I will say that they look like great products. Ceramic is the newest, most efficient material for styling and they have a great sleek look to them. They even have their very own website!! Check it out:

Mike Modano and actress Willa Ford are calling it quits

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After what most thought might have been an amazing 5 year run Mike Modano and actress Willa Ford are calling it quits on their marriage and getting a divorce. I guess all of the glitz and glamor of being big time stars finally catches up to you when you are sitting at home all day with each other with so called nothing to do.  There were no other details on why they have come to these terms but if I were Mikey boy I would keep a close on on Miss Ford.


Douglas Murray I hear likes to swoop in on ex-wives.  It might be that shark mentality he has and there is some blood in the water.


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For the first time in a while, I was able to watch one of my favorite TV shows live, meaning I was forced to watch commercials. (Since I hardly ever have time for TV, I record everything and watch it all sans commercials.) I was extremely agitated when I saw a commercial for “BOBS” by Skechers, a familiar concept in which when one pair of shoes is purchased, another pair is given to a child in need….ring any bells?



This is exactly the idea that TOMS is based off of. And although it is an extremely powerful and successful venture, it seems as if Skechers has approached this “charity” venture in the completely wrong way. Not only is the name similar, but the shoes are nearly identical. Don’t you think with branding power and financial backing as strong as Skechers, they can afford to come up with their own philanthropic idea? If they really cared about the cause, why would they put themselves in direct competition with a company that is already successful in helping the cause? Do you think that Sketchers has an alterior motive?  I am personally annoyed by this situation, but I would love to hear your thoughts, can anyone sway my opinion?

…to have jewels on your fingers!


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I’ve always loved things that shine and glitter…what girl doesn’t? I was very happy to find out that jewel toned nail polishes would be very popular this season. While I am a sucker for hot pinks and neon colors in the summer time, I’ve always found that come fall I am pulled into wearing browns and deep oranges that seem to get kind of boring for my rock-star-like personality. (Yeah, I like to pretend I’m a rockstar…I’m even known to bust out a tune while cutting my clients hair sometimes….a girl can dream!)  This is the perfect solution to keeping your nails from feeling drab.  Choose something that glitters if you are feeling funky, or something with a simple shimmer if you want to be a little more classy. And if you are feeling more sophisticated, stick to a creamy texture. Colors like Sally Hansen’s Ruby Rush, YSL’s Moonlight Blue, or SpaRitual’s Rhythm of Life make me much more excited for the autumn season!

Who doesn’t want adult toys and other fun stuff??! (and I’m still talking about Ice Cream…!)

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I’m so excited because I’m having a Passion Party in August! If you haven’t been to one – or you are a dude – Passion Parties are the ultimate in adult at-home party fun! These parties are so fun – the last time I had one over 35 women of ALL ages showed up! And to spice mine up, I’m saying ‘screw the taco dip and mini-hot dogs’ and yay for Ice Cream! Everyone has been asked to bring an Ice Cream of their choosing or a fun topping!! Lesbians + Passion Party + Ice Cream =



Forget those boring Tupperware and jewelry parties – Passion Parties bring the fun things your embarrassed to buy, right into your home and teaches you a lot you were afraid to ask! You get to have fun and see the items with everyone, but order in private! It’s perfect!


My friend Kelly Ann is an amazing consultant in the Long Island area. She is hysterical, hot and totally stocked up! Kelly is totally down with lesbians and our culture that she is great at hosting parties!


You can check out more from her and some of the sassy products here…!


Free your mind and don’t be embarrassed! There is nothing wrong with having a happy, healthy and fun sexual relationship – just remember to be SAFE!!! (Lesbians, this means you too!!) The party is in August, so you’ll have to wait until then for the details! But, until then – put a little passion in your life by emailing Kelly Ann and spicing up your next party!!

Keep your bevs chilled at your desk!

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Sometimes you want to just reach out and smooch the creative minds behind some products!  This is one of them {the ingenious printed mold sandwich bags is another one!}.  Like we said in the sandwich bag post, falling victim to a work place lunch theft situation can be heartbreaking and infuriating.  And when an entire brown bag of goods isn’t safe you know that a single can of soda is like a sitting duck.  Often I wouldn’t even bother to put my drink in the break room refrigerator, I’d just leave it at my desk… and while a room temperature can of soda or iced tea isn’t the world’s worst thing it certainly isn’t ideal.  This toy size refrigerator is powered by a USB cord that you hook up to your computer… a little blue LED light even clicks on when opened.  It holds a single can of perfectly chilled liquid.  Now if only it had a switch that made your work day speed up!  Click on over to to order yours for only $19.99.