Avery, Christensen Battle for last spot in the line up

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There is a battle in New York right now for the final roster spot and the two names being tossed around are Avery and Christensen.  Their is a lot to think about here other then what type of players they are, and that is comparing apples to oranges in my opinion.  One big consideration is money and the rangers salary cap, the other is wanting to keep a goal scorer and the reason you made the playoffs last year or a ruff tuff in your face hockey player who scores a goal here and there. Even though Avery did not play in the last two preseason games, it is not a sign that he will not make the roster, it is simply to get a better look at Christensen.  In my opinion keep Avery and rely on your other big name goal scores to do the job. You need someone like Sean to stir the pot and pop a few in the back of the net here and there, and you are not going to get that out of  Christensen.  Coach Tortorella made comment about the two players.  Read Below the Click.“We’ll have to make a decision,” Tortorella said without confirming when the decision will be made.

Avery didn’t play in the last two preseason games, but Tortorella said it was only because he knows what Avery is capable of and he wanted to see more of Christensen.

Christensen was used at center and on the wing in Monday’s 8-4 loss to Swiss club EV Zug.

“You look at (Christensen) and a big reason why we get in (the playoffs last season) is that shootout,” Tortorella said. “I know what Sean is and the type of player, what he does. I wanted to see Erik in different situations. We’ll make our decision there as we approach our opener.”

Tabatha Coffey’s new series


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Tabatha Coffey will be back on your tv screen on January 10th in her newly titled show ‘Tabatha Takes Over’ on Bravo. Why the new name?  Well, she has decided to expand her expertise! In the new season she will not only help out salons but a beauty school, yogurt shop, dance club, doggie daycare…to name a few.  While she started her career in the hair industry, Tabatha is one smart woman.  She really knows her stuff.  So I am excited to see what kind of help she can offer these other businesses. She’s really great at dishing out some tough love and sometimes that’s all it takes to get these business owners back in shape. Even my fiance has been known to get suckered in to her show. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run.  She offers great tips for entrepreneurs of all kinds.  So tune in to Bravo on January 10th at 10pm to check out the new show.

12 World Renowned Chefs-1 Dinner under the stars

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On Tuesday, November 1st, 6 of Italy’s most distinguished chefs join forced with 6 of New York City’s most acclaimed chefs to create an unprecedented dinner event. Hosted by chef, tv personality, and author Lidia Bastianich – tickets are $225 per person, and that includes wine pairing with each course and tax & gratuity. This phenomenal dinner will include 7 courses created by these culinary masterminds: Moreno Cedroni & Jonathan Benno, Emanuele Scarello & Missy Robbins, Davide Scabin & Mark Ladner, Gennaro Esposito & Michael White, Carlo Cracco & Wylie Dufresne, and a 7th course presented by Katia Delogu. A final menu is still in the works. Space is limited, register online.


The man with the red sole launches a capsule collection to celebrate the brands 20 year anniversary!

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Christian Louboutin is celebrating the brands 20th anniversary with a capsule collection complete with 20 pairs of shoes and 6 bags. The collection is based upon Louboutin inspirations throughout the years…showgirls, art, and architecture. My favorite pieces from the collection are this amazing pair of sky high heels and the actual “capsule” purse. This amazing collection will be available at Christian Louboutin’s online boutique. Check out the brands’ Facebook for a look at the complete collection!

We want more girls with dragon tattoos!

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Ilene Chaiken, most famous for producing/directing/creating the lesbian super series The L Word (and The Real L Word) has been stopped dead in her tracks regarding a new show she was producing/creating for CBS called Quean, about a hot, dark computer hacker chick. Why, you ask? Well, it seems that monts ago lawyers behding the movie The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo filed a suit claiming “Quean” bared way too much resembelence to their movie. After copious re-writes, CBS greenlit the project, but the “Dragon” lawyers still said no.


The show was officially axed on Monday. Oh well….The Real L Word season 3 should be coming our way soon, right? And WHY am I not on it??


Show us your ink!

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Tattoos are becoming more and more popular and people are coming up with many more ways to stand out from the crowd with unique ideas and placement.  These next photos show the best, and the worst of tattoos for stylists of all kinds!


This one is awful.  A skull between her cleavage?! Not to mention the fact that it looks like she tried to cram as much stuff onto her chest as possible!  How embarrassing!


This one I really like, I just wish the artist did a cleaner, steadier job on it.  But the concept is cool.


I’m not sure I would ever want a pink, leopard blow dryer tattooed on me. Especially if it’s a terrible drawing of it like this one..


This one is my favorite. The artist did a great job and I love the blood splatters. The font of the writing is great too! This was a well thought out tattoo…bravo!

Or are you…


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I felt it was important to recognize talent such as this. It’s certainly not something you see every day. Words cannot express the detail that Craig Tracy puts into his work. Born and raised in New Orleans, Tracy began his career as an artist and graduated with honors from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. He soon fell in love with the aspect of body painting and now owns and operates the very first art gallery in the world that is dedicated to fine art body-painted images. I urge you to go check out his work at www.paintedalive.com  It is exquisite. I wonder if my fiance would be jealous if I let this man use my body as a piece of art like this ;)