Real Life Comic Book Character


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The detail in this make-up job is simply AMAZING!! It really looks like she jumped right out of a comic book. I have to give credit to Mac, as this comes straight from them. It certainly takes a great deal of patiences to mark all those dots with such precision. She almost doesn’t even look real. Is it weird that my favorite part is her ear? The genius outline seriously makes it look like a drawing. I find myself just staring at it. And the liner around the lips is perfect! As a special effects artist myself, I am now sifting through my brain for some awesome halloween costume ideas.



It’s not what you think

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Isn’t this the truth?!  Yes, my friends do think I give out free haircuts to everyone.  Can’t make a living that way, can you?  My mother thinks I sit ho,e all day playing dress up.  Though that would be fun, it still doesn’t make me any money.


Society thinks hair dressers are a joke and beauty school is a breeze.  Let me tell you this, I had to study my ass off to pass my tests.  Chemistry was never a great subject for me in high school.  Little did I know, I was going to have to learn some in school.   My clients think I work miracles.  They think I can transform them to look just like the celebrity picture they show me lol.


I’ve always compared what I do to construction.  Spacel the wrinkles, paint the hair…it’s all similar, no?  A contractor can make a house look younger, and I can do the same with hair and makeup!  But in all seriousness, that last photo is so true.  I work on the same clients almost monthly and they always sit in my chair and ask for the same thing “Just trim it”. And yes, sometimes they DO fall asleep in my chair! haha


Kim and Kanye,matching AGAIN!

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Kanye seems to be taking his lyrics a little too seriously. Apparently he and Kim are going by his “all black, everything” request. I don’t know about you, but I am getting tired of these two matching all the time, it’s just a little too much. Do you enjoy seeing the happy couple and their coordinating outfits everyday, or have you had enough?

Water can be so boring!

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They say that water is the best way to stay hydrated during these hot summer days.  Dehydration can affect you in several ways. The quality of your skin, hair, and nails are all affected by how hydrated you are.  But what if you are like me and find drinking water to be super boring?

Try to spice it up!  Add cucumber, lemon, and orange slices to your water and it will actually have flavor to it and you’ll be excited to drink it!  It also will be reminiscent of being at the spa. Boy could I use one of those days, huh?

Or just get rid of them all together!

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Thank you to The Beauty and Makeup Blog for posting this helpful tip on how to get rid of those ugly acne scars. For more useful make-up tips, make sure to visit their site!

Ron Artest takes to twitter to express his feelings on James Harden

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For a guy named Metta World Peace, he is far from a civil individual. As we all remember Ron Artest elbowed James Harden towards the end of the regular season which led to a lengthy suspension. Clearly Artest doesn’t feel like he should cut Harden some slack as we can tell by his tweet last night. Harden was 2-10 shooting while taking 4 fouls. A poor game off the bench for Harden leads to critiques from everybody, including the guy that tried to knock your head off with his elbow.


Awesome product alert!!


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Whoa Gweneth! A little shiny there, aren’t we?  Just because its the time of year where everything should be sparkling with lights, does not mean your face should match the shine of the Christmas tree!  Temptu has a product that will help you stay shine free all day! Even if you’re running around shopping, wrapping, cooking…etc. this product was built to last even when your energy might not!

Temptu’s Base smooth & matte primer goes on under your make-up. You simply apply it to your problem areas and that’s it!! It’s THAT simple! Let’s face it, the summer isn’t the only time we have to fight this problem.  Shine can kick in at any time, any season, and any time of the day. So be prepared! Any why not be a good friend and add it to a few stockings this holiday season ;)