I appreciate great art!

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When I saw this posted I knew I had to share! Thank you to Jewel Hair Design- Julie Flury for creating such beautiful art work!

The Orlando Magic get a meek return for the NBA’s best center

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There is a lot wrong with Dwight Howard as a person. He is a selfish, greedy, and idiotic child. But there is much more of an issue with the Orlando Magic franchise, who just traded the best center in the NBA for a package of scrubs. As you have heard by now, Andre Iguodola goes to the Nuggets, Andrew Bynum goes to the 76ers, and the Magic, well they get Al Harrington, Arron Afflalo, some pretty low draft picks, and most interestingly, Moe Harkless.



I don’t care about Howard and the Lakers. Quite frankly I hope he suffers a career ending injury and we never have to hear from him again. I am much more interested in what Moe Harkless will be for the Magic. After watching him play all year at St. John’s I know what he can do. He is skilled and only going to get better. And he will get better as by default, he is the new face of the Magic franchise.

It’s pedicure season

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As of this weekend I think it is safe to say that it is officially pedicure season! *knock on wood*  Though I am one of those New Yorkers that gets a pedicure every two weeks regardless of the fact that my feet will be shoved in shoes all day, not everyone lives by my routine.  I know there are several of you out there who let their feet go during the winter/fall months.  I get it, I’m not knockin’ you…but it’s time, people!  It’s time to make your feet pretty again (or, as pretty as a foot can be because in my opinion they are pretty gross haha)


So where do your start?  Well your best option is to call your local salon!  Let them take care of it for you!  If you are the type who gets skeeved out when people touch your feet though, you’ll be stuck doing in yourself.  Or maybe you would rather spend the money on more important things. If that is the case, here are a few things you can do to get your feet looking less like troll feet and a lot more normal looking!

-Start with cutting and filing your nails.  Get them nice and smooth.  Use a buffer to help!

-Soak them in hot/warm water then use an exfoliator on them (you can do this in the shower)

-After you exfoliate it’s great to go over extra rough areas with a pumice stone.

-Feet your feet nicely moisturized!

-chose a polish that best suites you. Bright colors are great from summer, or use a clear if you are not into color!

-Repeat all these steps regularly and your feet will thank you!!

One guys story of domestic abuse

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All of us at the we___ny.com sites do not take lightly to domestic violence. Usually when you think of abuse amongst couples, stereotypically we assume the female to be the victim.  This is not always the case! Abuse can come from all sorts of people.  There have been cases of children abusing their parents, grandparents abusing their grandchildren, or in this case a wife abusing her husband…..over a bad haircut?!


A few short days ago, Daily Mail posted an article about Male Domestic Violence. Here is an excerpt I found interesting:


“The first time my ex-wife’s temper turned from vicious insults into violence was after I’d had a haircut she didn’t like. She dragged me down the hall by my hair, punching the back of my neck. 

Soon after, she repeatedly hit me on the head with a telephone receiver after she didn’t approve of the way I’d spoken to my mum.

And, most absurdly, she set about my shins with a child’s plastic golf club after I’d hung my underwear out to dry without folding it the right way.”


You didn’t like his hair so you beat him?! Really?!  How bad could the haircut have been?  If it was too long he could have simply went back to have it re-cut.  Or if it was to short…IT GROWS BACK!  My heart goes out to this poor man.  No one should live a life of abuse!


If you suspect you, or someone you know is a part of domestic violence please contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline at  1-800- 799-SAFE.


Zelda Kaplan, 95, dies while sitting front row at a fashion show.

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Zelda Kaplan has been a fixture on the fashion scene for years. The 95 year old socialite, known for her round sunglasses and bold African prints, was seated front row at a fashion show at Lincoln Center on Wednesday, when she collapsed and died. Check out the full New York Times article here to learn more about the life and death of Zelda Kaplan.


It was a sad day on the ship when we all finally found out about Whitney Houstons death about 2 or 3 days after it actually happened.  Not only was she a woman of many voices and song, but she shared many different looks throughout her short, but inspirational time on this earth.  Here is a tribute to to her style. May she rest in peace!



A young Whitney.  So full of energy! Look how innocent and beautiful she is.



I guess she always had a thing for big hair, huh? ;)


Looking sexier than ever!


Her music and voice will be missed! <3


Tiger Woods mistress to release polish line


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To be honest, I am on the fence about posting this article.  Part of me feels like I shouldn’t give this girl (or even Tiger for that matter) the free advertising, but the other part of me feels  like this needs to be discussed.  So, here I am….


Tiger Woods 11th mistress, porn star Joslyn James, is set to release her very own nail polish line called “Shameless”. Cute name, right? *rolls eyes*  It’s a sad world when this girl can use her affair with a married man as a way to make money off of nail polish. The sadder part is, that people will buy it!  Her plan is to release 13 different polishes every year. She even mentioned some of the names: ’36DD’, ‘Not Just A Porn Star’, and ‘More Than Just a Mistress’  I cannot roll my eyes enough over here.