How much fun?!

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They are absolutely adorable! I wonder if I can get my fiance to do this.  See how much he knows about make-up considering I do it for a living! She looks like a hot mess, but they totally had fun! lol

Hometown and LGBTQ Pride all up on my laptop!

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Last week we reported that the Long Island GLBT Service Network would be chartering the nation’s first ever Gay PTA for students on Long Island! As a former GSA advisor – I am so excited that school’s will have this support!


So imagine my excitement when i saw that my favorite blog,, covered the story!



Shout out to Rachel and the awesome site! Hopefully I can be a guest blogger for them one day too!


Subway has a heart…

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I haven’t been able to find the source of this photo, so I’m not sure which location honors this… but regardless it helps restore your faith in humanity just a little bit, with all the negativity bombarding the news now a days.  Yes there will always be negative comments to follow an offer like this, but what it comes down to is that someone has a great deal of love and concern in his/her heart for the well being of their fellow man.  So I applaud this store owner for doing something so kind and generous.

Yes, it is customary to do so

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Just like a restaurant waiter, hairdressers sometimes rely on their tip.  Most salons pay their employees either a small salary, or give them a percentage of each client they work on.  Let’s say you pay $20 for the haircut of yours.  It’s probably true that less than half that actually goes to your hairdresser. So when you walk out the door without giving them something for their hard work, it is kind of a let down.


Recently I had a fellow stylist contact me to tell me all about how hard she worked on this one client and how she felt when she was finished-


“Dear Jill at weSTYLEny,

I have been working at a little salon on Long Island for the past 7 years. All of my clients are pretty loyal to me. Recently I had a new client come in asking for a full head of hilites. She had a lot of long hair so my boss quoted her at $135. I spent a good 3 hours on her. When I was all done she looked beautiful. She kept talking that it was exactly what she had wanted.  She paid the receptionist, then came over and handed me $3!! 3 singles folded up is what she placed in my hand after a 3 hour service! That’s like a 2% tip. I was insulted, angry, and extremely agitated! My boss pays us 35% of our clients. We all rely on our tips to help us make a decent salary. I would have been embarrassed if I was her. I had to share my anger as I knew you and your readers would understand my woes.


Grace (a very agitated stylist)”


Well Grace, I feel your pain! If you can’t afford to tip your stylist on top of the cost of the service, then don’t have it done.  Especially if you were raving about the job well done. Tipping should  be based on how much your service is, how well the service is done, and personality of the person performing the service.  If all of the above are fantastic then an 18-20% tip should be added.  If it’s adequate then a 12-15% tip will do. But I don’t think I can ever justify a 2% tip.  It’s  degrading.

I hope my non-stylist fans read this article and take it to heart.  Please let your hairdresser know she is loved and appreciated!!

Olympic nails!

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What a great way to support the London Olympics!! Just had to share this with you all.. Have you guys been keeping up with the Olympics? I can’t say I have…Just not that in to sports.  Now if they had a makeup category…THAT I would watch!

Blogger down, Spewak springs into action

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So this all just came together pretty quickly this morning, but I finally got the green light to come and post this morning for wePUCKny.

I’m officially hired to write for all the blogs in the network(see bottom of page if you didn’t know there were more sites)… Good news is I live and breathe for hockey,  so I got this one covered.

wePUCKny, through the eyes of  Spewak. You guys are in for a treat.

Sounds like a recipe for legal disaster… Let’s have some fun!

I know the first thing I’m getting to it Ovi’s goal last night,  congrats dude!   You broke your 17 month dry streak,  that’s what all-stars are made of!



Others find the grey hair on Kelly stupid too!

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In a recent article “Kelly Goes Grey”, and yesterdays article about the Golden Globes I have discussed my dislike for Kelly Osbourne’s newest hair color.  So I found it awesome when TMZ posted this earlier today:



Dyeing to Be Helen Mirren

Here’s “Fashion Emergency” host Kelly Osbourne sportin’ an unfortunate hairdo of various shades of gray at the Golden Globes on Sunday (left) — and the always stylishHelen Mirren at the same event (right).

Only one is 66-years-old.

We’re just sayin’.


-Thanks again to TMZ for the backup, I knew I wasn’t the only one.