Need some comfy shoes for your wedding day?

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Here comes the bride, all dressed in FUggs?????

It was one thing for Bebe to launch a bridal collection, but I was completely caught off guard with the launch of the Ugg bridal collection. Aren’t you?! I understand that some people value comfort over fashion, but there is just no reason for this!

As much as it kills me, I will admit that I do own a pair of Uggs, which are strictly for weekend wear out in the suburbs, when I am certain I will not see anyone but my best friends and sisters. These however, are the ugliest Uggs that I have EVER seen. EVen though I am not  fan, I guess there is a market for them. Would you wear these on your wedding day???

Quincy Acy finishes a big ally-oop play as Baylor beats Xavier to move to the Elite 8

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Luckily it is easy to tell which team is Baylor based on their jerseys looking they may or may not glow in the dark. Normally I’m the first person to compliment weird looking jerseys, but these wont be seeing Jersey of the Week anytime soon. Anyway, Quincy Acy from those Baylor Bears throws down a huge dunk off the inbound play. Most teams usually have the inbound all-oop covered, although this may explain why Xavier wont be going any further in the tournament.

Declutter your wardrobe (and your life) with the Personal Valet!

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Spring has sprung and it’s time to declutter your life! The Personal Valet is the perfect way to make space  for clothes when you really don’t think you have any. The roll-able rack can fit into any corner while taking up minimal space, and can hold up to 50 garments! Grab your own Personal Valet here and get started on your spring cleaning!

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the playoff loss of my fantasy team, Basketball Reasons

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Well it is all over, we have finally had the last nail hammered into our coffin. Basketball Reasons has been taken down by the slightest of margins. My 6-6 squad could not force the upset special against the 11-1 La Casa Roja, managed by the great mind of Jose Benitez. His one loss did come against me earlier in the season. We used to be known as the Big League Chewers, but that named was much better applied to my baseball team.


Russell Westbrook was my star, but his God awful shooting percentage ended up costing me many a fantasy point. Former Knicks great David Lee was my real team player with more double doubles then I could keep track of. I traded Amare for Rubio, a deal that would end horribly with Ricky having a season ending injury. But we kept trudging along and after two hard fought weeks, we are officially out of it.

Jeremy Lin is injured, and all I want to talk about is the annoying pun headlines

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Jeremy Lin gets injured, and all I could think of was how many puns would be played once again on the whole”Lin” thing.  We’re all friends here, we’re all guilty of it-  Linsanity was everywhere, as a Knick fan it was impossible not to get excited,  you probably even dropped a few Lin puns down at the bar with your friends… nobody is judging you;  but they’re over now, it’s time to let go people. I’m not even talking about the guys career! I’m just talking about the annoying use of the puns in relation to his last name.


Onto more important things-  I feel bad for this guy, I really do.   Jeremy came in and pumped this city full of life at a time when Knick fans didn’t have much to get excited about.   There will always be the argument of whether or not Melo’s return was good or bad for the team, what’s important to remember is how this kid came and took this team to a new level when they needed it most.    If the Knicks make a strong run deep into the Playoffs, Lin will possibly see some court time pending a speedy and full recovery.


My opinion?   He’s a free agent at the end of this season, he had a stellar year, made a tremendous name for himself, and he’s still young enough to worry about his own health and future.   I think he should take the time he needs to properly heal so that he can enter the league next year and make a statement-  there’s nothing worse than a 1 hit wonder, and I have my fingers crossed Jeremy will grow to be a consistent player and team leader one day, whether that place by NY or any other city it’s important for Lin to approach his first real NBA injury with some caution so that he doesn’t throw the rest of a potentially great career right out the window.


p.s. whoever spends all their time making those chop-up videos for all the viral trends that hit the web, Thank You.   I spend tons of time on this computer every day and can maneuver around it with the best of em,   but I wouldn’t even know where to start in putting something like that together.

(unfortunately) not in the eco-friendly way

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I am definitely a holiday kind-of-gal, so even though I am not Irish, I definitely am on St. Patricks Day! My goal for this post was to kill 2 birds with 1 stone and find some eco-friendly green gear. Well my friends, that is harder than it sounds. I came across of a ton of “green” activities to take part in on St. Patrick’s day, but no eco-friendly green shirts! That said, I thought this tux shirt was a bit different than the cheesy sayings on all of the other festive tees, find it at Sears for only $17.99!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Have a wonderful weekend everyone and BE SAFE!

Argentina hits Carmelo Anthony where it hurts

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Argentina has been one of the few teams in this tournament considered a threat to the United States. After trailing by just one at the half, they showed why everybody thought that. But then things went south fast and the only threat they posed was to the manhood of Carmelo Anthony. Melo hits a 3, and as he does the Argentines hit him where the sun don’t shine.