Newspaper Nails!


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What a fun, unique trend this is! Click here to read more about how to get this look!



nail file

base coat  & top coat

light colored nail polish (white, cream, or light gray work best!)

strips of news paper


small dish


1- Cut the strips of news  paper big enough to cover your nail

2- Shape and file your nails to you own desire

3- Paint them with base coat, then nail color of choice

4- Once they are completely dry, pour alcohol into small dish and dip your nail for 10-15 seconds

5- Firmly press newspaper onto nail. This must be done quickly before alcohol dries. Best to do one nail at a time!

6- Slowly peel paper off

7- Continue until each nail is finished

8- Paint top coat for lasting power!


Your result is a newspapered nail!  How cool?!!

Some great tips!

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I’ve always had thin, weak nails.  That’s one of the reasons I have always gotten my nails done with a silk wrap. But I have recently been thinking that I should start saving money now that I have a wedding to plan. So I might stop paying all the money to have my nails done and start taking care of them better. Nice to know that I have options on how to thicken my nails so they stop breaking all the time!!

 So we let the girls have their moment to shine with the Lundqvist picture, and now it’s our turn

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Okay guys, we are back in action with more of the stuff that I love looking at: Women, beautiful women with hardly any clothes on touching each other, etc etc.

This about sums up why the Panthers have horrible seasons huh?  How are you supposed to stay focused with that running about your arena?  I can’t even decide which one I like better, can you?

Katy Perry was inspired to write a song, you should be inspired to paint your nails!

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Tomorrow is the 4th of July!  Most of you probably have a bbq to attend, and if you don’t tomorrow, them I am sure you do over the weekend! Here are some ways to incorporate fireworks in a safer way then lighting them off in your street!

Nail art is the perfect way to be festive.  I love these firework nails, and there is not way to mess these up either!

Here is a fun way to dress up your hair for that bbq!  It’s like a personal firework for your hair, only better because your head won’t go up in flames!! haha


Okay  I really wanted to post some firework inspired makeup, but there was really nothing good out there.  Everything was just ridiculous and stupid so I don’t want to waste your time!  AT least your nails and hair can look fabulous!

Austin Armacost hits the runway in his birthday suit for PETA!

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Austin Armacost, who briefly dated Marc Jacobs, has teamed up with PETA for a new campaign geared toward the gay community. The idea behind the campaign is that designers and stylists stay away from fur. This sneak peak of a photo shoot that took place last Friday was released earlier today with a quote from Armacost:

“As a gay model, I have always been dismayed that some otherwise progressive people in the gay fashion pack have such disregard for the animals who are skinned alive for coats, collars, or cuffs [including my ex Marc Jacobs].”

Will this campaign make you pro-PETA?

Maximize your space


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Are you tired of your bathroom counter-top looking like this? Do you run out of room to store your blow dryer, curling iron, nail polish, and make-up? I think it’s time to get yourself organized!  These are a few organizers that I feel are unique, cute, fun, and helpful.


If you do a lot of nail painting and like to have your polish easily accessible, why not try this turn table from PB Teen? For only $39 you can keep your polish off the counter top.


Also from PB Teen is this adorable hair organizer that you can even have personalized with your name on it. Store your hair dryer, flat iron, curling iron, and all your hair products here and it will create  neat, but functioning decor to either your bathroom or bed room. You can even store all your clips and hair ties in the drawer at the bottom. Find this and many other cute organizers at

For a more modern way to store your items, you can try this Capelli Hair Dryer Holder and Vanity organizer from It is made with durable plastic that allows your to put your items away while they are still warm. Look how neat it keeps everything!


And then of course you can never fail by picking up matching sets for your tooth brush, cotton balls, q-tips, make-up brushes, soap…ect. These will not only help you keep organized but it will add nice color and decor to any bathroom. They can be plastic or glass…I guess it depends on how clumsy you are. Pick these up almost anywhere!


I hope now you all can have neat and organized bathrooms with easily accesible hair and make-up tools! I’m telling you, if you de-clutter your bathroom…life will be so much simpler :)


2 Women, 5 babies and a toddler!

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John and Kate it aint…!


When Australian same-sex couple Rosemary Nolan, 23 and Melissa Keevers, 28 decided they wanted to have a family, they started with one donor and ended up with one daughter. Then, last year when they decided to expand their family, the women started with one U.S. donor and ended up with five adorable babes! Theirs was a special case, as the women flew to the U.S. to receive the insemination and became pregnant without the use of IVF! After only 26 months, the couple were blessed with 3 girls and 2 boys to add to their loving family! The odds of having quintuplets via insemination is One in 6 Million!


The babies were in intensive care for over 2 months, and have not been without their challenges. To assist with financial help, the women set up a website 2 Ladies 6 Babies, where you can learn about the children and make donations. As someone who used to be a Nanny for triplets, I think this is a great idea! Now the babies are One year old and doing just fine, however word is that Melissa and Rosie continue to seek support and sleep! Congrats on your adorable family!