Beautiful new red helmet to fight the signs of aging while you sleep

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DailyMail brought a few good laughs to my face this morning when I read about this new red headgear/facemask thing that they found out of Japan called the PinUp! mask.   It looks like something little kids wear when they do karate and stuff- how is this supposed to prevent the signs of aging!?


The site claims directs the user to bind the accessory tight around their head before relaxing for a good nights sleep, and the mask will do its part to reduce sagging and firm up your complexion.  Hmmmmm I’m not buying it Japan, sorry.  Its one of those products that they’ll probably make millions on anyway, but I don’t think there is any way it could bring any improvement to your skin.



It reminds me of one of these! haha Of course I wasn’t alive when these things came out, but I’ve seen them on tv a bunch of times-  clearly no way it could ever work your butt out, but apparently women were all over it back then!

Zac Efron looks hotter than ever in the John John Denim ad campaign!

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That DEFINITELY doesn’t look like the same guy who was on High School Musical a few years ago! MAJOR hottie, Zac Efron, is the new face of John John Denim, and he’s lighting the campaign on fire!

When did the tap dancing teen get so buff? Oh yeah, the clothes look awesome too! What do you think of the sexy new Zefron?

Goodbye to Erika Van Pelt

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This week Tommy Hilfiger, the new in-house stylist, appeared on American Idol.  He helped to give each contestant a new look…and he didn’t hold back when it came to Erika Van Pelt!  She revealed her transformation when she came out to sing Billy Joe’s ‘New York State of Mind’ on Tuesday night.  She wowed the audience and the judges all had good things to say about the new look too.  Lopez ever compared her to Pat Benatar!  I think the change was awesome!  The new cut and color gave her a fabulous edge.  My sister, on the other hand liked her hair the way it was.  What did you all think?


Nevertheless, we did say ‘goodbye’ to her last night.  Sad to see her go as she certainly was talented!  We wish her the best of luck!

The Little Mermaid

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Even though Belle is my favorite Disney Princess, I decided to show vintageortacky’s Ariel version because it was just so beautiful :)

I’m not a fan of the eyebrows.  I would have liked to have seen them just a little bit softer, but the shadowing it beautiful.  I love that she used the paper lashes.  Those are not easy to use!  After watching this video I checked out some of her others.  She was very impressive!  Great personality, awesome hair (it changes in every video!), and very easy to follow!


Check out her other Disney Princess videos!


Photoshop taken too far

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Proctor & Gamble have pulled this mascara ad featuring Taylor Swift after reports of the photoshop done to lashes being too excessive. I mean when an ad for mascara has to contain, in small print ‘lashes enhanced in post production’, are you really advertising the product in the right way anymore?  How far is too far?

Isn’t it enough to know that Taylor Swift ‘uses’ this mascara brand? I mean that right there will grab peoples attention. Girls all over the place are going to want to buy the product just because they can associate her with it.  Is it really necessary to go above and beyond with the computer after the photo shoot and extend them so much that the ad winds up getting pulled?


Stay tuned, cause our next article will further the “photoshop” conversation!

Long, layered locks

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Hair trends change on a monthly, sometimes weekly basis. Bobs will come in and out of style, pixies will do the same….but there is one kind of cut that will always remain a classic in any decade!



Long, layered locks work on almost any age group and are simply timeless. There are just so many things you can do with this type of hair that there would be no reason for this look to ever be only a trend! Hair styles like braids, buns, ponytails, waves, curls…can all be utilized with long locks. There is just no wrong way to wear long hair.



In fact, I missed my long hair so much that I am currently growing it out! The bob was fun for a while, but looking at old photos of my long luscious hair made me miss the days of being able to do anything I wanted with my hair. I am well on my way too!  Current status- just past my collar bone!!



Remember to have long beautiful hair, its important to keep it healthy!  Go for regular trims, condition your ends well, and protect it from heat when blow drying and flat ironing!

As the cameras are aimed at Jeremy Lin, one Knick has flown under the radar to help the team win

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As Linsanity continues to capture the imaginations of Knicks and NBA fans across the globe, there is a man on this Knicks team who is silently percolating to points no NBA aficionado could ever imagine.  Masked behind the Lindestructible Knicks winning streak is the role Jared Jeffries, yes, that Jared Jeffries, has assumed during the absence of all star power forward Amar’e Stoudemire.  Jeffries is notoriously known throughout the NBA as an inept offensive presence with just enough defensive prowess to keep him in the league, but man how that has changed under the new Linderella Knicks; and in fact it almost seems as if the emergence of Jeremy Lin has elevated Jared Jeffries to all star status.

What has impressed me the most with Jeffries’ play is his consistent dominance of the intangibles.  For example;  three games ago when the Knicks battled the Utah Jazz, Jeffries drew five offensive fouls throughout the game to keep the Knicks on pace with the Jazz. He did this while also adding 13 points, 8 rebounds and 2 steals in a Knicks victory. Appropriately, the player of the game was Jeremy Lin, but the veteran play, leadership, and willingness to bang of Jeffries was the heartbeat behind what could become known as one of the key turnaround games of this Knicks season.

What has also impressed me about Jared Jeffries is his impeccable demeanor.  Throughout his Knicks career, (now in his second stint with the team), this is a man who was nothing but booed and criticized on the court, game in and game out.  It is mind boggling to think that this man wanted to return to New York around this time last season due to his past endeavors with the New York fans.  In recent games, Jeffries’ offensive confidence has rapidly grown, as he is noticeably trying to get himself involved in the offense and create shots for himself more than usual.  But through perseverance and professionalism, Jeffries has publicly earned the support of his head coach, and a standing ovation from the MSG crowd to boot.


Contributed by Jimmy Bacchioni