The ginger is back!

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It’s about time! Lindsay finally went back to her natural ginger color and I couldn’t be happier! Not that it should be her goal in life to impress me, but I do think she looks so much better this way! She was spotted yesterday leaving a Beverly Hills salon with no more blonde locks! Lohan has attempted several colors during the course of her career…brunette, blonde, red….and here she is again! Why someone would ever change their hair color when it’s as beautiful as her natural color is, is beyond me…but we are happy to have her back :) Maybe the change in her hair color will spark a change in her behavior!

Just had to share this!

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When I posted this on FB yesterday and eded up with a few comments and over 30 ‘likes’ in less than a few hours, I knew I had to share this with you guys.


This is Courtney.  I’ve known her and her family for several years. Wonderful young lady.  She came to me with a photo off my website of a girl I did a few years ago and said “I want that”.  The difference between the first girl and the second was the amount of hair.  Courtney has sooooo much long, beautiful (virgin!!) hair.  Kind of fitting since one of her all time favorite musicals is ‘Hair’ ;)


So I told her I would do the same thing but it would be a lot fuller since she has much more hair.  Well, an hour and 20 minutes later we had this awesome updo!  No curling is involved.  Just simply weave and place pieces of hair, randomly braiding sections as you go.  I was thrilled when I got this on my FB the next day-


“People were AMAZED by my hair! Thank you SOOOOOO much!!”


You’re welcome, Courtney!  Hope you had a blast!! I certainly did styling your hair!


PS- I later got a message that her and her date counted the bobby pins while taking her hair out….109!  Might be a record! haha

Thought we were due for this

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Time for some funny hair!  And where better to go to get a few laughs, then right here on your favorite blog site ;)  I’m a big fan of this guy here. Matching the tattoo to the hair…good job guy!



I’m hoping this guy was in the process of shaving his head and decided to snap this before finishing.

This is the BEST mohawk I have ever seen in my life, and this guy knows it too!  Look at that smile.



And for our last photo, it had to be the adorable little baby! Babies are cute, babies with funny hair are even cuter!

Reports are confirmed, sadly, the Y is a thing of the past

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I don’t agree with this one you guys, it just seems to ‘businessey’ than it is emotional.   Yves Saint Laurent passed away in 2008, and now just 4 years later the brand that he personally designed and built is being rudely changed by the hand of the new guy in town.  YSL’s new creative director, Hedi Slimane is making a bold move in changing the name of the French powerhouse to Saint Laurent Paris.



On one hand, I can respect that this guy Hedi Slimane is a creative genius and everyone believes whatever he touches will turn to gold- but on the other hand I also feel as if there needs to be an emotional and long lasting bond between a companies creator and the product that company produces.  Without the founding father of YSL, there would be no YSL, let alone a company that could be renamed an ‘SL’.


The highest powers over at YSL must feel differently, because they’re financially backing Slimane, which could be an expensive investment if all 83 worldwide stores need to have all of their signage on the front of the stores changed.   However, they could probably offset that cost with the amount of money they’ll be making on any remaining products on YSL shelves before the newly designed logo starts to make its appearance.


As more develops, and as soon as any type of logos or lines are released, I’ll be sure to get the info up here for you guys right away.

Talk about a life changing experience

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Back in December, I wrote an article on this unbelievable makeup tutorial by a young woman with very troubled acne ridden skin.  The video had begun its rounds on the internet and was getting passed around quite quickly-  but never did I expect the video to get this popular, and I’m sure it surprised its creator, Cassandra Bankson.



9.1 million hits!!!   That’s crazy!   And I could not be happier for Cassandra.  For anybody that has ever struggled with acne, this story has to have a special place in your heart knowing the struggles this poor girl must have gone through growing up with her troubled skin.


While she still struggles with acne, her life has taken a positive turn for the better, as the immense popularity of her viral video has helped launch her into a career of modeling, the continued success of a tremendous social media following, and a couple TV appearances.



Her youtube channel has 222,556 subscriptions, her youtube videos have accumulated 29,129,667 views, almost 8,000 followers on Twitter, and well over 13,000 likes on facebook.


I love love love love stories like this! I love when good things happen to amazing people, and I wish nothing but continued success and positivity for Cassandra.


If you want more of this extremely talented and hard working young lady:

follow her on Twitter here

Check out her Facebook Page here

Or subscribe to her Youtube Channel here


I said it in my last article, and I’ll say it again here, Cassandra, you are a true inspiration to people everywhere!  Thank you for being you.

Chris Mullin had got his love from the Warriors, but the fans had a different message for the owner

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This one was awkward to say the least. Chris Mullin (formerly of the St. John’s Redmen) had his jersey retired by the Warriors last night after the hall of fame player had a stellar career with Golden State. While the fans loved seeing Mullin, they were a whole lot less excited to see their owner, Joe Lacob. Or more excited depending on how you look at it. This video is a solid 5 minutes of Lacob being booed. Jump to 3 minutes to see things get even weirder. Rick Barry came in to speak of his old teammate Chris Mullin, but before that he had a few choice words for the fans. I’ll let him tell you hear it for yourselves though.

Another awesome beauty app


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This is an app you cannot pass up. Sephora has out done themselves here.  Download this free app and you can learn all the “how tos” of make-up.  Find all the latest hair, make-up, skin care trends happen right now! You can even shop around for all your favorite items. But I would say that my favorite part is the fact that you can learn how to create all your favorite looks with the side-by-side mirror/video.  Practice as you watch!  It’s te perfect hands on experience for anyone learning new tricks.  Give it a shot! I know you’ll love it!