Fancy up your pie with some Prosciutto!

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Prosciutto, portobellos, spinach, grana padano –  you’re going to need each of those to make this mouth-watering pizza pie! I’m not going to give specific measurements for each ingredient – just make it according to preference using each.  You can’t make it wrong if it’s made the way you like it!  It’s best when the dough is rolled out thin and becomes nice and crunchy.

My only suggestions are to brush a thin coat of EVOO onto the rolled out dough and bake for maybe 3minutes or so just to get the crunch going (obviously we’re not professional pizza pie makers…but that’s a good thing – because if we can do it, all of you can do it!)  … then begin your layering with the mozzarella, after that it’s your choice!  Drizzle the truffle oil very lightly over the pie, it’s extremely salty in excess, but otherwise adds an outstanding flavor to this pie.

Fresh pizza dough
Shredded mozzarella
Fresh spinach
Portobello mushrooms, sliced
Grana padano cheese, shaved thin
Truffle oil
Extra virgin olive oil

Bake for 9-13minutes depending on your oven at 475°

…if you whip up your own send us some pictures!!

Winter Classic do-over, and I feel the Pens will come out on top

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In their first meeting since the Winter Classic in 2011 Sidney Crosby and the Penguins travel to play Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals.  Crosby has the advantage going into the match-up winning the last 12 of 21 meetings against the two teams and not to mention the points he has been putting up and the electrifying play he has brought to the team since his return.  I know there is a lot going on in Washington which makes for an entertaining game but back to Crosby.  Did any of you see it coming so soon? Crosby has 11 points in 5 games and has found himself right back where he belongs in the number 1 center spot ranking.  Both players Ovechkin and Crosby have a lot to play for but I know Crosby will come out on top.  Again to any Crosby hater that still feels Ovechkin is better take your shots and leave me a comment I would gladly like to put you in your place, until then lets go PENGUINS!!!

All you have to spend is $15

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ELF Cosmetics is celebrating their 8th birthday so they have all kinds of sales and promotions going on.  Today they are advertising free shipping on orders $15 or more. So what do I suggest picking up?


The 144-piece Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette is $15! Hellooooo? How could you NOT by that? You save yourself almost $7 by not having to pay for shipping.  Do I recommend this palette for professional makeup jobs? No, the pigment isn’t as good as other brands that are more expensive, but it is an awesome palette to have for yourself for every day use! just think of all the endless creations you can create on your lids every day with all these colors!

Thank you, Sigma Beauty!

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Thanks to Sigma Beauty you can now tend to your eyebrows with ease! This kit has it all!  A brow shaper that you can use to help you pluck your brows perfectly, tweezers, scissors, brow pencils, shadows and a brown brush.  It even includes a highlight pencil to add just under your brows to make them pop.


If you are interested in a product like this check out Sigma Beauty’s website.

Habs and Flames strike up a 4 player deal involving Michael Cammalleri that will keep them going this season

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I knew it was going to happen, I saw it coming but I didn’t know it was going to happen this fast or with these two teams being involved.  The Montreal Canadians have dealt Michael Cammalleri to the Flames for Rene Bourque and 3 others.  Like this wasn’t plain as day that Cammy was going to get the dish after publicly announcing his disgust with his playing time which in my opinion was a cause for concern right off the bat.


See how easy it is to get what you want in this business, just bash your team and the coaches decision making and poof your gone.  I wonder is this is going to be the move Cammalleri rekindles his career with or he is going to regret what he wished for.   Let’s be honest sometimes you  just need a change and this deal was sealed in between the second intermission of a 2-1 loss to the Bruins.  Talk about moving fast huh?  The Habs also acquire the rights to European goal tender Karri Ramo,  and a 5th round pick in the 2012 draft.  Read the Click Below for more on this Story.Gauthier said he’d been working on potential deals, including this one, since the start of December.

“We’ve been trying for all those weeks to try to get bigger up front,” said Gauthier, who said the only thing holding up the deal with Calgary was a five-game suspension to Bourque, which now has just one game left. “We felt as the season started that was one of the things [we needed]. We have a lot of young players that have joined the team in the last year or so, and then Mr. [Raphael] Diaz this year, that are not very big. We felt that if we want to improve the club, we need to be bigger up front.

“And one of the reasons that it would improve the club is, we need to score harder goals. We need to score the goals that are not the fancy ones and not the outside shots. The outside shots don’t go in anymore. It’s the second chances, the third chances, the rebounds, the screen shots, the tip-ins. And the stats show it very clearly. And that’s why Mr. Bourque was a very attractive player to us, because he scores most of his goals, a great majority of his goals, from the hard areas.”

Tattoos and all!


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Now this is a Barbie I would have killed to have had when I was 8 years old.  I mean, just look at that awesome pink bob! Mattel released this $50 limited edition Barbie inspired by the Japanese brand Tokidoki. Not only does she have awesome hair, but she sports a smokey eye, some punk rock clothes, totally rockin’ pumps, and tattoos cover her arm and collar bone. And can I say how cute her little Japanese pet is!! Lots of parents seem to be complaining that this Barbie sends to wrong message to kids. remember parents, this is a collectors item. It’s not meant for playing with anyway!  Leave these on the self for us gals who can appreciate the beauty of self expression and uniqueness.

 This weeks watch ‘ups the ante’ a little bit in the price department

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The Panerai Luminor.   Tons of different options that you can get this watch in-  but my vote is for the black face, smooth bezel, with the rubber diver strap.

This is a watch you buy and use everywhere.   An expensive watch that will last you forever, even wearing it around for your daily activities.  It’s manly, classy, sporty and elegant all wrapped into one black and chrome piece of perfection.

Had to include this pic to give you a better idea of the sizing on the wrist-  the thing is a beast that can be worn to a Black Tie Affair.


All in all, give or take a few hundred bucks, you can call yourself a proud owner of one of these beautiful Panerai Luminors, price tags hovering in the $7,995… better get to work!