Blake Griffin goes down with an injury while having the boo birds rained upon him

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Memphis, Nashville, I’m not sure how close the two cities are but being a New Yorker I just assume they are both close enough to both be considered musical cities. Anyway, the song the Grizzlies fans sang to Blake Griffin last night was a cascade of boos. The TNT announcers called the fans classless. However with the extreme amount of flopping going on with the Clippers I think the boos were warranted.

Those classless Grizzlies fans had the last laugh. Their team won it and now they will head to Los Angeles to try to tie up their series with the Clippers. Despite what may have been a bit of embezzling on the play last night, Griffin as well as Chris Paul are both playing fairly injured. Now is the time for those Grizzlies to bite. Bear pun very intended.

Look Mom, I did my own makeup

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Looks like someone got into Mom’s makeup!  It seems she got everything almost in the right spot. Not sure about the purple eyebrows though lol

Must be hard to eat with those

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Jlo’s new video for ‘Goin In’ features Ms. Lopez with bejeweled lips that are to die for!  Now, I know this is not really a look that is appropriate to wear when you go out simply because you can’t eat or drink properly.


What if I told you there was a way to sort of mimic this look and you could wear it all day?  I know, you’re jumping up and down right now aren’t you? I’ve written about this product before but always get excited about it.

Violent lips is a way to get super awesome lips that are impossible to smudge! The glittered look mimics the jewels and it won’t go anywhere once you put it on!  Why not?  Because it’s not lipstick.  It’s a temporary tattoo, just like when you were a kid and got them from the ice cream man.  It is the same idea except it goes on your lips!


You can order straight from their site and choose from so many different fun colors and designs!  Check them out-

Or just get rid of them all together!

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Thank you to The Beauty and Makeup Blog for posting this helpful tip on how to get rid of those ugly acne scars. For more useful make-up tips, make sure to visit their site!

Is that pizza sauce?

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First I have to apologize to all who cannot view Flash, but this video was too good not to post! If you cannot view it and would like to, you can find it here ‘Hold The Hair’.

I’ve worked a lot of weddings and I have been lucky enough to not have a Bridezilla *knock on wood*.  This girl is crazy….super crazy!  It seems that none of her bridesmaids even want to give her the time of day and I don’t blame them! I’d love to high five the girl who put pizza sauce in her hair!


I would just like to say that no wedding should be so stressful that you act like this.  When planning your wedding, try not to lose sight of what a wedding is all about….a celebration of your love for each other. If you feel like you are becoming a bridezilla, take a step back and breath!!

Nom nom nom nom


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Lady Gaga has yummy lips!  Literally! These chocolate lips are part of her workshop over at Barney’s in New York. For more information on this workshop check out the article our fashion blogger posted a few days ago.

Richard Nicoll to design a wedding collection for Topshop!

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Like mass market retailers before them: White House Black Market, J. Crew, and Bebe, Topshop has just announced the launch of their bridal collection. Vogue UK reports that the collection will be designed by British designer Richard Nicoll and that it will be a ”modern alternative to meringue culture”.

Although there are no sneak peaks of the collection just yet, check out some of Nicoll’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection to get a feel for his style. I am dying to see the collection take shape!


I am dying to see the collection take shape!  I’ll be sure to get some pictures up once they are released