Okay, well her face does at least!

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Keeping with the last botox article, I thought I’d post something that would lift women’s spritis a bit! Sometime back in May Teri Hatcher posted on her FB wall photos of herself coming right out of the shower.  She wanted to prove to the world that you can be beautiful without make-up, surgery, implants, or botox! Watch as she expresses her face to prove she has not been pricked with a needle.


In an album titled,’Oy with Botox’ Hatcher wrote in part:

‘Out of the bath getting ready for bed. Thought about all those damn critics of my face. Love it or hate it, my face that is, no surgery, no implants, no matter what “they” say. Decided I’d shoot myself in to reveal some truths about “beauty” and hope it makes you all easier on yourself.’

‘Did I every toy with fillers or Botox over the years? yes. Tell me does this look Botoxed to you?’

‘Oh look I can raise my eyebrows and wrinkles show up on my forehead.’

‘I can look both ways too.So I guess I”m safe to cross the street then’

‘Yes I am alone in my bathroom naked in a towel on behalf of women everywhere trying to make a point. Women YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL’

‘I can be mad, or confused or sad and tired. Julia Roberts had that same vein in her forehead in Eat Pray Love. Proud of Julia for being a real woman on a real journey.’

‘Hope you learned something. You create your own paradise or prison. Being happy inside is all that matters. Find that in whatever way works for you. See something in the mirror you love every day.’


Teri, you are my new hero! I have always said that I am going to allow myself to age gracefully!  I know in Hollywood it’s probably not that easy. I almost feel like I need to bow down to her for keeping her cool all these years!  She is a stunning woman and at 45, I will feel proud to look half as good as she does!

Courtesy of the awesome Arielle Scarcella and Project Toasty!

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Rarely do I force other blogs upon you but one you must check out is Arielle Scarcella’s Project Toasty Video Blog, particularly her video entitled “A Lesbians Guide to Looking Gayer”! I think this is an important and hysterical topic – but i’ll let Arielle explain why.


Arielle is like the real and actually funny Alice Piezecki from The L Word – except shes funny. And cute. And REAL. (Whoops, I hope Ilene Chaiken doesn’t send the lesbian mafia after me for saying that!)


Uh-Huh What??


Arielle is a pretty funny chick. She’s sassy and super cute, so it doesn’t hurt the eyes to watch her videos! (Don’t tell my girlfriend I said that!) Anywho, Arielle publishes comedic videos regularly that both inspire and entertain! Some of my personal fav’s are entitled “UNDERGROUND Lesbian Code” which has a ton of hits, as well as her contribution to the “Shit people Say”  viral obsession fueling Facebook a few months ago with her masterpiece “Shit Girls Say To Lesbians”.


So here, in all her gay great glory, I present Arielle’s  ”A Lesbians Guide to Looking Gayer”


And here, in all her great gay glory, are some really cute pics of Arielle from her equally as funny and sassy Facebook! 




“Sexy…and you know it!”


And to top it all off…




She’s funny and cute! I think she kind of knows she is a little bit of both, but who cares! Either way check her out on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube!


We represent the lollipop hair…

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Inspired by a lollipop this girl created an amazing head of hair!!!  I’m obsessed!


There is nothing creepier!

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Are these scary, or what?  Special effects make-up artist, Kevin Kirkpatrick created these life-like prosthetic pieces of the ever-so famous Beavis and Butthead. Boy, are they ugly! They are creepier in “real life” than as cartoons!

Show me zombies, and ghosts, and blood, and guts…and I am totally fine.  But looking at these, I’m thinking I might have nightmares! *shivers*  Just gonna finish up this article so I don’t have to look at it anymore!!

A dream come true for me!

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Now THIS is what I am talking about!!!!  Imagine, thousands of zombies chasing after you in a replica of the AMC’s Walking Dead set! Now, doesn’t that sound like heaven?!  Okay, maybe not to most of you, but in my little sick head it is a dream!


I wonder what kind of makeup team they have on a daily basis to do this? I can’t imagine the actors doing it themselves. All I know at this moment is that I MUST make plans to get there!  Who’s in?

Here is a little look at the best plays of last night


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Thanks to our friends over at nhl.com here is a look at the best plays from around the league for Monday March 19th, 2012.  Everyone likes a little highlight reel ever now and then no?  Enjoy and I will see you all tomorrow.

Bored with the red lip craze already?


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Believe it or not, this product was invented by a father who noticed his daughters using temporary tattoos on their lips!! Can we say “Go Dad!!”? While I can’t give a review on the product since I literally JUST placed my order for them ($15 at www.violentlips.com), I can say that I am extremely intrigued. From my understanding they go on the same way a temp tattoo is placed; by peeling off the plastic layer, placing on lips, dabbing with water, and peel off paper. I have read many reviews that seem to say the same thing. They all seem to love the look, but feel they can’t smile or eat as the tattoo tends to crack.  These lips come in many different funky designs including, zebra print, polka dots, stripes, rainbow, and glitter.  If you have tried them please comment below and let us know what you thought! I will make sure to give my thoughts when I have tried them myself. My feelings are…they look fun, and for $15 for three applications, can you really go wrong…even if I only use them for photo shoots.