Weather proof Vivienne Westwood shoes? I’ll take em!

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These shoes have been around for quite some time now, and I really think they are under rated. Not everyone fancies stomping around the slushy city in boots that weigh more than their purse (for us workin’ gals, that really says a lot). How about a pair of weather proof designer flats? Count me in!

Many of you may recall the name Vivienne Westwood as the divine designer of Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress in the Sex and the City movie. Our girl Viv has way more to offer than just breathtaking wedding dresses, take these plastic/rubber flats for example. Vivienne Westwood has collaborated with the shoe brand  Melissa to create these amazing shoes that are fit to endure any kind of weather. You can snag a pair for yourself here for $152.19. And not to worry, if you’re not into the bubble gum pink and funky bows like I am, there are way more subtle versions at

Hot lipsticks for spring!

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This week marks the start of Spring! Hard to believe since we never actually saw Winter…I’m not complaining though! And what better way than to celebrate with a cute cuddle kitten amongst some pretty flowers?

With Spring comes lots of new trends. It’s time to step away from the deep red and brown lipsticks shades and step into lighter colors.  What’s hot this season?  Coral, Hot Pink, and Orange are the three colors to try this year.


Go for the Hot Pink if you have a bold personality.  You have to wear this color with confidence. It’s not for everyone…but if you can pull it off, it looks amazing!


If the pink is not for you you can try  the Coral.  It’s a little more subtle. It’s the perfect in-between for those that don’t think they can pull off with pink or orange.


Orange is my favorite this spring.  It’s really making a name for itself this year…not only in make-up but in fashion all together!

Dinign out for life Long Island is this Thursday!

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On Thursday, July 19, 2012 Long Island will join over 3,500 restaurants and bars in more than 65 cities across the United States and Canada to stand together and raise more than $4,000,000.00 to fight HIV/AIDS. The Long Island GLBT Network is asking you to make a difference in our Long Island community by dining out on Thursday, July 19, 2012.


Participating restaurants in Nassau and Suffolk have pledged to donate 25% or more of their day’s profits to The Long Island GLBT Services Network to benefit programs to combat HIV/AIDS.



Through the 2012 Dining Out for Life event, The Network hopes to raise resources to support:
-Getting more people to know their status by increasing our HIV and STI testing services
-Support groups for people who recently learned they are HIV positive
-Outreach to individuals at highest risk and greatest need
-Increased prevention and education efforts to young gay and bisexual men of color — the largest growing percentage of new cases of HIV
-Launching new campaigns for HIV prevention

Some of the awesomely yummy restaurants participation on Long Island are Tula Kitchen in Bayshore (my favorite place to go!), Bagel Boss, Rain, Fuse and Taste 99. For a full list and more info click here! Then, let me know where we should meet for dinner on Thursday to dine out for life!

Sorry America but Ukraine girls have you beat on this one

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What can I say Ukraine girls just know how to have a good time i guess.  What a big up yours to the International Ice Hockey Federation. Keep it moving girls. This is what we call ourselves puck bunnies.

Was it worth the price?

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Would you pay $10k to have a celebrity butt?  Jenny Fizgerald apparently thought it was a good idea!!  After watching the Royal Wedding she decided to take action towards getting a butt just like Pippa Middleton!  She researched plastic surgeons and fell upon Dr. Constantino Mendieta.  Apprently he takes fat from other parts of your body and gets injected into your butt.  Ewwww…

Jenny is a mother of two (divorced) and resides in Florida.  She was excited that she got to eat whatever she wanted before the surgery as she had to gain some weight to suck the fat from somewhere haha.  After the surgery she went from a size 4 to a size 2!!  Wow!!  ”I love my new body and just like Pippa I get loads more attention from men.” says Jenny.

Well I am happy for her.  I am glad she feels better about herself and glad she doesn’t regret the $10k bills. I on the other hand, don’t think I could handle a surgery like that.  Does it feel weird to sit down on your own ass after a surgery like that?!

Jenny is now engaged and she says that she owes it all to her new “Pippa” look!


Special thanks to for the photos.



Design them yourselves!

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Here is another thing I wish they had when I was a kid.  In case you haven’t figured it out, I am a huge Barbie fan.  Always have been…always will be.  I can’t wait to play Barbies with my little girl one day. So when I saw this product I got a little jealous that I didn’t have something this cool!  For only $29.99 you can design your very own extensions. You create the design on a computer, put the printable hair in the printer, and print up your design.  Clip it in your hair and show it off all day! It’s so awesome, isn’t it? You even have the option of clipping them right into Barbies hair too.

Is it too late for me to ask for this for Christmas? Okay, maybe I’m too old for this, but if you have someone who you think this would be perfect for click here!

Now if you read my last post ‘Barbie’s Going Crazy’, you might be wondering why these stylists are getting to play like that at work.  Well, it is all to promote this product!  What a great way to promote, huh?

Tattoos and all!


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Now this is a Barbie I would have killed to have had when I was 8 years old.  I mean, just look at that awesome pink bob! Mattel released this $50 limited edition Barbie inspired by the Japanese brand Tokidoki. Not only does she have awesome hair, but she sports a smokey eye, some punk rock clothes, totally rockin’ pumps, and tattoos cover her arm and collar bone. And can I say how cute her little Japanese pet is!! Lots of parents seem to be complaining that this Barbie sends to wrong message to kids. remember parents, this is a collectors item. It’s not meant for playing with anyway!  Leave these on the self for us gals who can appreciate the beauty of self expression and uniqueness.