Newspaper Nails!


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What a fun, unique trend this is! Click here to read more about how to get this look!



nail file

base coat  & top coat

light colored nail polish (white, cream, or light gray work best!)

strips of news paper


small dish


1- Cut the strips of news  paper big enough to cover your nail

2- Shape and file your nails to you own desire

3- Paint them with base coat, then nail color of choice

4- Once they are completely dry, pour alcohol into small dish and dip your nail for 10-15 seconds

5- Firmly press newspaper onto nail. This must be done quickly before alcohol dries. Best to do one nail at a time!

6- Slowly peel paper off

7- Continue until each nail is finished

8- Paint top coat for lasting power!


Your result is a newspapered nail!  How cool?!!

Post earthquake price hike?

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April showers bring May flowers.. but for the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, May brought earthquakes instead.  Numerous fatalities, hundreds were injured, and even more were displaced from their homes.  Another lesser known affect of the quakes was the damage done to the parmesan industry.  The movement caused many wheels of cheese to shake off of their shelves as they were aging.


All parmesan cheese produced must abide by strict standards set forth by the Consorzio del Formaggio Parmigiano Reggiano.  One standard is that parmesan may only be produced in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Mantua and Bologna.  Both earthquakes were centered near Modena.  The damaged product represented 10 percent of annual production.  While parmesan prices have remained stable thus far, by the fall there’s a likeliness that we’ll see some inflation on the product.



Goodbye to Erika Van Pelt

Keyword: make-over, american idol, erika van pelt, voted off, tommy hilfiger

This week Tommy Hilfiger, the new in-house stylist, appeared on American Idol.  He helped to give each contestant a new look…and he didn’t hold back when it came to Erika Van Pelt!  She revealed her transformation when she came out to sing Billy Joe’s ‘New York State of Mind’ on Tuesday night.  She wowed the audience and the judges all had good things to say about the new look too.  Lopez ever compared her to Pat Benatar!  I think the change was awesome!  The new cut and color gave her a fabulous edge.  My sister, on the other hand liked her hair the way it was.  What did you all think?


Nevertheless, we did say ‘goodbye’ to her last night.  Sad to see her go as she certainly was talented!  We wish her the best of luck!

ROYGBIV comes to visit me in bed!

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Beautiful!! I have been home sick this week – more on that later or tomorrow- however yesterday when I was lying in bed wishing I felt better – a Rainbow appeared on my ceiling! My girlfriend took a picture of it! I was so excited I actually got up to touch it!  You could see every color beautifully – it was a sign from God if you ask me! He was saying – get better, stay gay and keep on truckin’. Or something like that. Either way, it absolutely made me feel better!


If you are out there and you see a beautiful rainbow appear naturally somewhere – snap a pic and we can start a reader rainbow gallery!


Have a wonderful day y’all!


Were Jackie O’s Chanel clothes knock offs?

Keywords: chanel, jackie o, karl lagerfeld, knock offs

One of America’s favorite First Ladies and timeless Fashion Icon, Jackie Kennedy Onassis is said to have worn fake Chanel clothing (gasp!!!!). This however has been defended by the fact that it was important to her to keep in her patriotism by wearing American made clothing. Therefore the First Lady, the fashionista that she was, had clothing made by an American tailor from fabrics that were shipped to her directly from Chanel. Regardless of where her clothing was made Jackie O remains one of the most prominent fashion icons of all time. Read more on this story at  Mail Online.

Photoshop taken too far

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Proctor & Gamble have pulled this mascara ad featuring Taylor Swift after reports of the photoshop done to lashes being too excessive. I mean when an ad for mascara has to contain, in small print ‘lashes enhanced in post production’, are you really advertising the product in the right way anymore?  How far is too far?

Isn’t it enough to know that Taylor Swift ‘uses’ this mascara brand? I mean that right there will grab peoples attention. Girls all over the place are going to want to buy the product just because they can associate her with it.  Is it really necessary to go above and beyond with the computer after the photo shoot and extend them so much that the ad winds up getting pulled?


Stay tuned, cause our next article will further the “photoshop” conversation!

Just tell them your thoughts

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Urban Decay is holding a contest.  If you review their products you hav a chance to win $500.


Hmmm…what to review first?  Their primer potion? Their amazing glide on eye pencils? Excuse me, but I have $500 to go win! ;)  Good luck all!!