It HAS been done!

Keyword: zombie bride, bridal makeup, halloween makeup

It’s that time of year where people start thinking of what they are going to be for halloween.  Well for one bride I have booked, it came pretty easy to her.  She hired me to work her wedding on Halloween weekend. Her wedding is a costume party and they whole bridal party will be made into zombies!!


You cannot believe the excitement I had when I first got the inquiry. Upon having her trial last night I learned that they are actually to be wed at the justice of the peace a few days before and that the wedding is really just an excuse to have a halloween party.  Still, she will be arriving in a hearse and walked….or should I say carried, down the aisle in a coffin!  The flower girl will be throwing dead petals and they will be eating “brains” instead of a four tier wedding cake.


I so wish I could post pictures from the trail but I don’t want to give it all away.  Rest assured I will be taking photos left and right on the morning of the wedding.

This has been done before.  She is not the first to come up with this concept.  I give credit to everyone who can pull this concept off!  Stay tunned in October to see how it all turns out!

Naturally curly hair

Keyword: curly hair, natural hair, peanuts

I can’t say if this is true or not as I do not have naturally curly hair.  Maybe some of you ladies can let me know! ;)

If only I had a little girl…

Keyword: easter, kid hair, fun hair, ribbon hair, eggs

It’s Easter weekend and what is more fun than doing your little ones hair to coincide with the holiday? Okay, so maybe not like the picture above (you must admit that takes some talent though!!) Believe it or not there are several Easter-like options that are pretty easy…and I am sure there are many more than the ones I am posting too!


This one is super easy. Make several little ponies then decorate accordingly!


This one is cool, isn’t it?  They just weaved the hair in and out to make it look like a basket.  I love it!!


Braids are always classic, but the weaving ribbon is what really brings this to life!


So those are just three of the many ideas for cute hair for Easter!  If you create something different, make sure to send us a picture!!

Nope, just some fabulous, printed, silk pants!

Keywords: silk pants, printed pants, spring trends

I am currently OBSESSED with silk, printed, wide-leg pants, and I think I found the perfect pair! While the price is a little high on these, I figured I would share them with you for inspiration. If you are willing to splurge check out YouHe&She to purchase this fabulous pair. The greatest trends are those that are colorful and those that are comfortable, and these fit the bill just perfectly! Stay tuned for some more fabulous printed pants as Spring slowly quickly approaches!

You can do this at home

Keyword: prom hair, updo, easy hair, formal hair


Prom is on it’s way! Time to start thinking about how you are going to wear your hair.  This is a simple updo style that I am convinced anyone can do!  Just a few simple knots, curl the ends and…tada!! There are so many ways you can use knots to create really cool hair.  Check these out-



Times are tough nowadays, so there is nothing wrong with a little homemade hairstyling for your prom day.  Help keep a few bucks in moms pocket and put a little love in her heart, that kinda stuff means the world to them.

Butterfly Makeup

Keyword: butterfly, eye makeup, monarch butterfly

I saw one of these butterflies the other day and was inspired.  So I knew I had to find a butterfly photo to share with you all.  Isn’t it beautiful? I just love the blend of colors. This is a look you could wear every day, minus the butterfly outline on the end!

Cute animals with funny hair

Keyword: animals, hair, monkey, cat hair, funny animals

I’m giving you all an extra article today because I just love you all!!  So this is just a thanks to all my loyal fans!!  This monkey had me crying.  He is so fluffy!!  How did he get like that?


Remember the bowl cut??  I knew a few kids back in elementary school who rocked it for a while.  It was a big thing. Wonder who ever thought of the idea of using a bowl to cut someones hair lol.  Maybe they were hungry.

A puppy with a comb over…does it get any cuter?!!!

Well, I’ve been blonde, brunette, mahogany, pink, blue…I have fun no matter what color my hair is! But how could I resist this cutie?


Hope this made you all smile :)