Baby Bangs….no joke!

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Okay, so my fiance actually found this article.  He said to me when I woke up this morning “I found a good article for you” as he laughed.  He then said “baby toupees”  So I thought it was one of those funny sites that places ridiculous toupees on babies and adds funny captions underneath.  I laughed and said I would check it out.


When I clicked onto the site I at first was in shock…and then as I sat there looking it over I made the decision that I actually think this is a cute idea!! They are called Baby Bangs.


They were made for those little girls who have not yet grown in their hair. Unless you dress your child in pink, people don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.  Well with these Baby bangs they won’t be mistaken.  Basically its just a headband with hair.  It was designed by a grandmother for her grandchild.

You can order it to the color you want, and size you want to fit your child.  You might this it’s ridiculous…I think it’s adorable lol.   If you want more info on them you can visit their website at

But don’t forget your sun screen

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Welcome to Spring everyone! Such a wonderful time of year!  No more static hair problems, your skin is no longer dry and itchy, you’re not freezing when you get out of the shower…all good things! Let’s just not forget one important factor that comes a long with spring…wearing sun screen.  Technically you should be wearing an SPF on your face all year round, but let’s be real here- how long are you really outside for in the winter time? Certainly not long enough for the sun to have any time to cause damage to your skin. In the spring though, we find ourselves outside much more.  Either sitting on the porch reading a book, doing some gardening, or going for a stroll around the block…it’ important to keep that face from sun damage!  So if you don’t have one already, go pick out a daily moisturizer with some SPF in it.  Doesn’t have to be a high number, 10 SPF will do just fine for normal activities.  It’s when you are baking in the sun where you’ll need a higher number!


So go….right now…why are you still sitting here? Get your butt to CVS and protect your skin!

This kid did!

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Okay, it’s probably not a good idea to dye your hair on a dare from people on Twitter.  Nevertheless, it made for three and a half minutes of good entertainment so I’m not complaining.  This kid is adorable, and it made him even more adorable when he started the clock before the color was even completely on his head haha.  Such a rookie mistake.

The controversy continues as David Stern is still being questioned

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Days after the Hornets won the draft lottery, people are still questioning the legitimacy of the process. I have highlighted all the evidence against David Stern, and I continue to believe he played a part in the Hornets winning the first pick. However of course I do not want to be biased, so here is a quote from the Boston Globe that suggest it may just be impossible to rig a draft.


“[R]eporters and team executives who have witnessed the actual lottery process — which is no longer televised, as it was 25 years ago — say there is no way it can be rigged. Each of the 14 teams has a number of four-digit combinations — the number weighted according to their record, meaning the Bobcats have 25 percent of the combinations.”

Jeff Dunham & puppet Peanut

Keyword: Jeff Dunham, Peanut, puppet

Jeff Dunham’s puppet, Peanut is quite a riot. This totally had me giggling. Who knew that puppets could have bad hair days!  I loved when he hugged his fellow bald friend haha.

New Make-up Line

Keyword: Marilyn Monroe, MAC, makeup

Marilyn Monroe will always be a fashion/beauty icon. So, it’s only right that someone is FINALLY putting out a make-up line to honor this blonde bombshell! MAC is releasing a Marilyn inspired 30 piece limited edition make-up line. The line will include eye shadows, lipsticks, nail polishes, and eye liners and is due out in October 2012.


It’s actually surprising to me that it took this long for someone to do this. I can’t think of a better way to honor Miss Monroe than her very own make-up line. I only wish I thought of the idea myself haha

Dita Von Teese gets custom Louboutin ballet slippers

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Once, just once, even for a day, I would love to experience the life of a celebrity.


Christian Louboutin designed these custom ballet slippers for Dita Von Teese to wear in her Burlesque tour: Strip Strip Hooray!  You know you made it big time when your ballet slippers are adorned with the iconic Louboutin red bottoms, that’s for sure.