Long nails are in!


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They always say that history repeats itself. Well, vintage nails are in! Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry have all been spotted sporting their long tapered nails. It’s a very classy, sophisticated look that seems to look great with any cocktail ring! So file your squared nails down and go vintage!



The living sea!

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Last weeks episode of SYFY’s ‘Face-Off’ was probably one of the most interesting episodes between last season, and this season….and we are only on episode 2.  The contestants were given a challenge to bring sea creatures to life but the kick was that all make-up had to hold up underwater!  They were put into teams of two and got to work right away! Immediately drama beings, as expected of reality tv otherwise we wouldn’t watch it, would we?

While most of the creatures were pretty spectacular, there were two that just didn’t make the grade what-so-ever and in fact it was embarrassing to watch! Ian and RJ decided to create a shark and thought it would be funny to put him in a suit and call him a “lawyer”. As soon as they came up with the idea I knew it was a bad one.  They took the easy way out here.  Everyone else spent time on full body make-up and these guys dressed their model in a suit. For this concept to work, the make-up they DID do should have been absolutely amazing…and it wasn’t. Their biggest down fall = not sewing the clothing down.  As soon as their model jumped into the water, his whole jacket and shirt went up and covered his face, exposing his unmade-up body.  I was shaking my head the whole time watching this.

I had higher hopes for Jerry and Nix. One is known for his painting skills, the other had been doing FX make-up for like 40 years or so. When their turtle stepped out on stage I thought I was at an amusement park for kids. I could see children lining up to take pictures with the cool cartoon-like turtle!  This is NOT the way to impress the judges. It only got worse from there!  When he jumped into the water, he couldn’t seem to get his barrings and when he finally did, his shell almost completely came off.  It was such a disaster! In the end, this duo was rated the worst out of all of them…and with good reason!


I really hope to see more from these contestants. They have a lot to prove after this episode!

A diva in the making!

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Little Miss Meghan has made it to my blog again! A few months back I posted about how she took the scissors to her own hair…more than once.  Now, here I am to show off how cute my little cousin (or soon to be cousin since she is actually my fiances cousin) really is.  This past weekend we had a family party and all the little girls wanted feathers. Meghan asked for a pink one. It was so cute how excited she was to get it. She kept showing it off all night. Then today, her mom sent me the two photos below with the caption “Now I look just like Jill.”  My heart melted! Not only does she have the pink in her hair like me, but now she’s got cool press on nails too! If you’ve been following my blog at all, or know me, then you know that I never go a day without my acrylic nails!

When asked what Meghan wants to be when she grows up, she will most likely answer with ‘hairdresser’, and the number one thing on her Christmas list this year is that little kids salon station they sell at ToysRus. <3  I tell you, this girl is me 26 years ago!  All I cared about was making sure my mom did my hair in something different every morning, I had to wear dresses so I could spin around in them, and I loved having my nails painted!

Jimmy and Denise, you guys are raising one hell of a diva ;)


Shadow Shields are genius!

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If you are a makeup artist then you know the importance of keeping the under eye area clean of falling shadow while doing the eyes.  I know some artist will do the eyes first before using foundations on the face.  I personally don’t like this way because the look of the eyes is so different once the face is all done up too.  Also, there are several times that I offer “only eyes” and the girls will come to me with their face already prepped.

These Shadow Shields help a lot!  I’ve tried the whole act of holding a tissue under the eye, but I like to use both hands when working.  I don’t like being tied down to having one hand hold a tissue.  Usually I load a ton of translucent powder under the eyes, but this is not always fool proof. Therefore I can why these shields are becoming more and more popular.  I just placed an order with them and I look forward to using them on my next wedding.


Get them here for only $9.99 for 30 shields!

On a budget and would prefer to make them yourself? You can with cotton pads.  Just cut them in half and use tape to hold them on.

 Islanders fans around the world, run out and get your 3rd Jerseys

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The New York Islanders have unveiled their 3rd jerseys and to be honest with you I think I like them.  Wouldn’t mind putting that autographed 3rd jersey in a nice frame in my office.  Its about time they found a new look and I am sure Islander fans everywhere are too.   Simple, bold and pretty good looking. Maybe this new look will get local politicians excited enough to stop being morons and help the Islanders and the community build a new state of the art arena, is that too much to ask ?.  I will keep you posted on when they will take to the ice for their first game in these beauties.  Post your comments on what you think of the Jersey.

I know I know… you’re tired of hearing about her, right?

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Okay, when I first heard that Kim lightened her hair I was shocked…then I saw the photos.  It’s really not that big of a difference.  She went from dark brown to medium brown.  Big deal!

Kim was at a lingerie shoot for her Kim K collection last night when she posted these photos to twitter.  I have to say, I’m not impressed with the hair…or the bra.  Sorry, Kim!

Make-up tattoos are a bad idea!

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I have tattoo. I have cute little stars, and butterflies on varies parts of my body, but tattoos on my face? Noooooo thank you!  It’s just way too risky, and to be honest, it looks real fake to me too. There are days I don’t feel like wearing any make-up. I like the natural look sometimes. I donno, people have their own opinions about this but I think it’s scary and not worth it! I’m getting grossed out just looking at these photos (and I’m a special effects artist too! I don’t get grosed out easily!) I guess all I can say is…think really, really hard if you are considering getting tattooed lips, eye liner, or brows. Do your research so you don’t end up like these poor women!