The Russian Rocket Pavel Bure IIHF Inductee

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Yeah that is right I said his name, Pavel Bure, gone but not forgotten the Russian Rocket will be an IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame) inductee. He will be inducted May 20 in Helsinki.  How could you forget this  Super Star of his time.  I know I haven’t, as I still till this day pull off the back hand pass into your skate kick the puck forward to your stick and snipe on the goalie move, you know the one I am talking about, the one he pulled against the Boston Bruins like it was no big deal.  Bure joined the NHL in 1991-92 and was immediately someone to look out for, and someone I wish was still playing to see how the new players of this time like Pavel Datsyuk fair against him.  He was able to tally 34 goals and 60 points in only 65 games as well as going on to win the Calder Trophy.  His next two seasons he also tallied 60 goals and lead his Canucks to the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals, where he unfortunately and I use that word loosely, lost to the New York Rangers.  I can still here the chants today, and If I remember correctly Bure showed us how to swing your stick like a baseball bat at Mark Messier after losing the final face-off of the series.

Go get ‘em!

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A few weeks ago I posted an article letting you all know that Nicki Minaj would be releasing her very own nail polish line for OPI.  Well, the limited edition polishes are now available!  Choose from 6 different shades at You can even see how they are going to look on your nails by using their virtual polish tester!


Not only is she ‘wowing’ us with her music and nail polish, she now is in the talks about starting her very own clothing line!  Check out more information right here at our sister site

What a beautiful pug!

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Well isn’t this just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? He is just loving every second of this! His eyes are the best part! <3

Props to a great nail blog!


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This is the nail blog, to end all nail blogs.  You want to see crazy, awesome, silly designs on a regular basis?  Then this is your stop!  The woman running The Daily Nail first began by attempting to post new nail designs on a daily basis for 365 days straight.  She accomplished her goal back in 2010, but continues to run her site pretty regularly. She is a true artist if you ask me. Each of her designs are hand painted by herself. She gets inspired by all that is around her…flowers, pocketbook designs, movies…ect.  The first picture posted here is her Halloween zombie nails!  Ummm…how could I not love this girl after seeing that?  She’s also got a great personality which makes for reading the blog much more interesting.  Check her out, and become a follower!  I’ve already liked her FB page ;)

NYC to open a full-service LGBT senior center next year!

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Go New York, Go New York!


A big announcemnt was made today that next January, New York City is going to open it’s first LGBT Senior Center in Chelsea! The center will be a full-service center, open all day and evening and will offer health and wellness programs, socialization and more! This is important becuase many LGBT seniors feel isolated and alone, seperate from their heterosexual elderly peers. People who are LGBT seniors now grew up in a very different time – their sexuality was shamed, they had no rights and many never even came out of the closet to their famiiles.


The Department of Aging will sponsor this endeavor as they realize that many LGBT seniors have faced discrimination when looking for healthcare or help. Mayor Michael Bloomberg says it’s time to change the “one-size-fits-all” approach that has traditionally shaped senior centers. This is great, and I will keep you posted on this as more news comes in! Maybe i’ll even go to the grand opening and report back!


Just bend and snap…very Legally Blonde!

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Scunci’s Bendini has been around for at least a year now.  You can get all kinds of clips in different colors and shapes.  It was about time they came out with a floral collection!  So many brides are using flower accents in either their hair, or for their bridal party.  These are a great accent to any hair.

They also have great lasting power.  The way the go in leaves them very secure. You won’t have to add bobby pins to them.  Basically you stick the comb in, best the flower forward and snap it into place!  The bend and snap!! haha


Wear one in place of a head band when you decide to wear your hair down, or make your ponytail more elegant by snapping on of the top of it.  There are so many options!  I say, buy them all!! ;)

Spikes on sale!

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Bloomingdales must really be trying to clear out their Winter inventory, they are having some amazing sales! These Sam Edelman spiked pumps are just $135, more than $100 less than the original retail price! They come in black and nude and will add a bit of edge and glam to your evening attire. How do you feel about spikes?