Social media tattoos

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There have been several times that I have posted about tattoos on my blog (check out these awesome stylist tattoos!). I am a tattoo fan; I have a few myself and am thinking up my next one.  That’s just it though…I’m actually thinking.  There are so many people out there who don’t think before they put a permanent mark on their body.  It’s scary.


Today I bring you social media tattoos! I would assume that most of these people did not think about it before doing it….but I could be wrong!


Oh hey, remember MySpace? It was cool for like a month.  Now this guy will have to explain to his kids what it was every time he goes in the pool!


Thank you to College Humor for sharing this photo! (check them out for some hilarious posts!) If there was a “like” button, I probably WOULD click it…but for all the wrong reasons!!


Now here is a guy who isn’t begging for as much attention as the guy above….or is he? Hmmm…?  Can we just point out how awful the quality of this tattoo is though. It looks like those ones you get in prison.


I love my mac, and my iPhone. Not sure I love it enough to put it on my body though.  At first I thought this one was a fake.  Then I noticed that the hair around it was shaved off.  No guy would shave their arm just to put a fake tattoo on.


I had to put this one on here because WordPress is the network we use to bring you all these wonderful blogs (including wePrideny, weFashionny, weEatny…and more). I also thought my boss would get a kick out of it.

I have saved the best for last…I hope you are ready……


wait for it…….



BAM!!  Yup…an iGoogle tattoo!! But really I know you are all checking out that manly body!


What possesses these people, I will never know.  I am just glad they are here for our entertainment!

There is nothing better than this stuff!

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As a baby, my mom would use this stuff to help sooth rashes. Now, as a 29 year old woman, I am finding so many more uses for this stuff!



It works great as a moisturizer for your lips, and the rest of your face/body.  In the winter I tend to use it on my elbows, or my feet and hands because they can get very dry sometimes! I also seem to blow my nose a lot more in the winter time so my nose will get a litte rough.  Petroleum jelly has help keep my nose from getting raw and sore! And those dry/cracked lips…this will help heel them faster than any chapstick!


If you want to turn your favorite eye shadow color into a lipstick.  Mix it with a little of this stuff and you have a beautiful new lip color that will keep your lips feelings great too!



Petroleum Jelly can also help your perfume scent to last longer.  Dab a little in the areas where you spray your perfume the most and it will help it to stick for all night yumminess!


Sometimes we don’t all have the steady hands of a manicurist. To help keep the polish on the nails and off the skin, apply a little jelly around your nails and if you slip up, all yo have to do it wipe it off!



Ever wake up from an awful nights sleep where not only your hair is a mess, but your eye brows too? A great way to tame them is to brush a little petroleum kelly over them to help keep them in place.

OPI releases new line in time for July 3 release of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

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OPI is launching a nail polish collection inspired by Spider-Man! To celebrate the July 3rd release and future Hollywood Blockbuster: The Amazing Spider-Man.  OPI created seven new shades—including one inspired by Emma Stone’s character Gwen Stacy named “Call Me Gwen-Ever.” ”The colors in this line capture the movie’s exciting atmosphere, and the new chapter this film covers is both dark and sexy,” OPI Executive VP Suzi Weiss-Fischmann said.  they will be available to buy in stores in May, priced anywhere from $6.50 to $8.50 per bottle.


The colors are as follows: Your Web or Mine Spider-Man Red, Call Me Gwen-Ever Fiery Orange, Into the Night Midnight Blue, Just Spotted the Lizard Scale Green, Number One Nemesis Black/Silver and, My Boyfriend Scales Walls Pure White.



I thought I would make it easy on you guys and post the Spider Man 3 preview here as well for those of you that were going to run and Google it-  Watch it here in all of it’s 1080HD glory.  I may not be the biggest Spider-Man fan, but I can always appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into a Production like this,  I’ll definitely be seeing it when it’s released.

A stylists Thanksgiving


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Its the day before Thanksgiving and between clients and trying to get the house in order for company tomorrow I am constantly reminded of what I am thankful for. So here is a list, in no particular order:


1- Bobby Pins. They are the cure to any bad hair day for me.


2-  All of my loyal clients.  I couldn’t live without them… literally (how would I buy food with no money?!) Seriously though, I am lucky to have such loyal clients who respect my passion for both hair and make-up. Every day these people but their trust in my hands and that means so much to me.


3-Kenra hair products!!  Probably some of the best products out in the market right now.  I would die without their silkening mist spray!


4-My very own hairdresser, Dusti. Without her my hair would be boring. I am also grateful to have her help for large bridal parties as well as grateful for her friendship!


5- My family, of course! Everyone is happy and healthy and without them who would I get to have daily arguments with to release frustration? hehe


6- My blow dryer.  It would be an awful thing to have to air dry my hair every time I wash it! Can you imagine!?


7-Lip gloss!  Honestly any kind…as long as my lips are shiny!  I do love Victoria’s Secrets brand though.  They taste pretty yummy :)


8-My WeStyle fans! Duh!  I would have no reason to turn my computer on if it weren’t for all of you.

9- My beautiful kitties. At almost 19, Sandy is still a happy little cat and at 15 Fozzie is the biggest sweetheart and still going strong after her diagnosis with kidney failure almost 4 years ago.  Unfortunately we lost my baby Kit-Kat at only 6 months old about two weeks ago, but I am thankful to have him watching over my other babies up in kitty heaven.


10- And of course….my Fiance! He is such a wonderful man and I am thankful every day that I have him in my life. I don’t know where I would be today without him.


So those are my top ten right there ;)  What are some things you are thankful for? We would love to hear it!

Are “jelly” shoes making a comeback?

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Remember these???

Forever 21, $19.80

Bloomingdales, $250

Hold onto your snap bracelets and pogs, I am pretty sure we are flashing back to the 90′s! Remember your clear jelly shoes with glitter in them and that horrible heel like the first pair pictured? Well thank goodness someone has decided to at least update jelly shoes before bringing them back! I think these Forever 21 studded jellies and the flower adorned Missoni jellies are definitely an upgrade from the ones that I was wearing when I was 5 years old! I am not sure that I would drop $250 on a pair no matter how much I love Missoni, but I would totally spring for a cheap pair. Will you be bringing jellies back this spring?

Spice up your eyes.


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I NEVER leave the house with bare lashes. Ever!!  If I don’t put any other make-up on to leave the house, you bet your hiney that I am at least going to put mascara on my lashes.  I’m obsessed with my lashes…what can I say? :)  So when I stumbled upon this website dedicated to eye lashes I was so excited. It was hard not to grab my credit card and order one of everything! The site is laid out so that you can find the type of lash you need with ease. They have everything to natural lashes to over the top feathers, and glitter. I didn’t bother posting any of the natural looking lashes here because that would be no fun. I wanted to show off some of my favorites. Beautiful, aren’t they? So if you are looking for lashes to spice up your make-up, look no further than

Kitty inspired nail art

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Thank you polishyoupretty for posting this adorable nail art on your blog. We all know what a big cat lover I am so I could resist reposting their photo on here. If you are very into trying your own nail art, this is the blog to read!  Add it to your favorites. Not only are their pictures of some great ideas, but they go through how to do each design step by step!


Thank you!  Your designs are truly inspiring!