Jeffery Campbell Prickley Platforms

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Looking to add a little danger to your shoe collection? These Jeffery Campbell platforms are dangerous in more ways than one!

Not only am I skeptical of whether or not it is possible to walk in these, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be kicked by someone wearing these? Whether you live on the wild side or you just want to spice up your shoe collection, these are a must have for your fall shoe collection. has these, and similar spikey shoes available in different styles and colors. Go ahead, spike up your life!

Ottawa’s Neil kicks it in the net, and the NHL Execs rule it a goal

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Another day, another blown call by the Refs and the entire NHL Executive Staff.  If you didn’t catch the Ranger/Senators Game 6 last night(sucks for you), NHL douche Chris Neil pushed Lundqvist out of the crease and then made a clear kicking motion towards the puck, swiping it into the net with 38.4 seconds remaining in the 3rd.   A ton of speculation on whether or not his skate touched the puck was all over the web 10 seconds after it happened last night. Let’s take a look.

2:20-2:24- Clearing Lundqvist from the crease using his stick as a goddamn broom handle.

2:23-  Kicking motion.

2:24  His skate also makes contact with the stick of Henrik Lundqvist, preventing him from smothering it up for the whistle.

2:25- Contact is made with that puck. That puck picks up speed as soon as his skate swipes over it.

This isn’t even the Ranger fan in me talking-  this is Hockey 101 right here.  A goal as big as this cannot be allowed in the NHL Playoffs, it just can’t happen.   If there was even a little bit of doubt, I would be open minded, but everything is right there on tape.  Tape don’t lie.    Awful.

The popular cut might be more dangerous than you think

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Word on the street is, the ‘Emo cut’ can lead to a case of lazy eye, this according to  An Optometrist out of Australia has come forward with some information that may have some of todays youth making their way over to their local barber shop today.  The article refers to Justin Bieber several times, as an example of an Emo cut; except, Bieber never had an Emo cut.


Optometrist Andrew Hogan said Emo-style haircuts that dangle over one eye can cause lazy eye by preventing the nerve pathway from the eye to the brain from developing properly. The damage is more detrimental to the younger generations whose eyes are still in the developmental phase of growth.



Everything in Mr. Hogans statement all seems to make sense, except for the Justin Bieber part.  I can’t say I’m the biggest Bieber fan, but I can say that I’ve seen the kids haircuts plastered all over every major news outlet thousands upon thousands of times,  and Bieber didn’t have an emo haircut.   An Emo haircut is much more distinct and dramatic, with a stretch of hair intentionally grown past the location of the eye socket.



These are Emo haircuts- not what Bieber was wearing when he first came onto the scene.   Needless to say, the article makes an alarming point.  While it is known to effect the younger development years of our human growth, it is still found to be problematic in the later stages of life as well.


I understand and respect that we all have the right to express ourselves however we want- unfortunately when we are 10-20 years old we feel as if we are invincible, and that warnings like these do not apply to us.  But rest assured, as we enter our late twenties,  we quickly realize how any harm we might have caused to our bodies growing up can catch up to you very quickly.


As displayed in the picture above of one of the best bands to ever live, a haircut is a sense of expression, an outlet for us to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack, whether it be an Emo cut, blonde tips, a mohawk, crew cut, extensions etc. We are all unique in our own ways, and however we choose to alter our image is entirely up to that individual.  Unfortunately for those with the Emo-style cuts,  I don’t think a simple article like this will change their mind much.

Sorry about yesterday everyone

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Yesterday I spent a good part of my morning/afternoon at the hospital having my eye checked.  Here’s what happened…


A few days ago my eye felt like it was bruised.  I thought maybe it was a sty from wearing all the makeup and lashes for my show, but nothing ever came out…it just kept feeling like I was punched in the face.  Soon after I began turning very red on the side of my nose and across the top of my cheek bone.


Today an eye doctor friend told me he would check it out. Apparently the redness was from a reaction I had from the makeup I wore for the show. Just as I had originally suspected, I have the start of a sty…but it’s on the inside of the top lid.  I caught it in time that it shouldn’t get to the point of actually swelling my lid to much…phew.

While at the doctors he wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong with the eye ball so he dilated my pupil.  Do you know what it is like to drive home with one pupil dilated? lol  Needless to say, I got home in time to post a few articles, but I couldn’t look at my computer screen.  But I am back now and very glad there is nothing more wrong with my face and my eye!!!


Thank you to all who reached out to make sure I was feeling better!  It’s so nice to hear how much my readers/fans care about me!

Romantic butterfly hair

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I just thought this was so clever.  It looks like little butterflies in her hair. All you need are rubberbands to create this look too.  So fun, so cute, so unique!

See you in 2 weeks!

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Today I leave for a 12 day cruise with my Fiance. *Sticks tongue out* Sucks for all of you who have to work the next two weeks. Hehe I’ll be on a new island almost every day, soaking up the sun! :)

I have written articles in advance to keep up with the blog, so don’t worry…you will all still have a reason to keep coming back on your lunch breaks, or when you get home from work. Honestly, I just wanted to brag a little.  I mean, how often do you get to take 12 days off to sit on a boat in the middle of February?!  We will be celebrating both our 8 year anniversary and Valentines Day while vacationing (which is not the reason for the cruise, just happened to work out that way).

I hope you enjoy the articles I have prepared.  See you when I get back! Maybe I’ll post a picture of my awesome tan I hope to come home with!

 There’s an App for that

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Whooooaaa!  someone get Jenn Taylor some Benadryl, STAT!


dailymail reported on this woman who broke out in a horrible rash from the protective case she had on her iPhone. Living in Liverpool, Jenn noticed a distinct phone shaped rash appear on the right side of her face.  After antihistamines failed to do the trick, she rushed to the hospital the following morning, waking up with her eye nearly swollen shut,  barely able to swallow, and proud owner of 13 new skin allergies.


Okay now on a more serious note,  I think at this point, it’s much easier to just go case-free and buy a new iPhone every time you drop it, right?   Red rash all over your body VS spending your life savings on replacing broken iPhones…


Pretty simple choice in my book.


Jenn Taylor seems pretty composed as I was reading through the interview-  Saying she contacted Griffin, the phone case manufacturer, as well as Apple, and neither have responded.    Uhhhhhhh what?  I have a red rash covering 60% of my body and I can’t walk out of my house without having an allergic reaction: you better believe whoever is running Apple nowadays(rip steve jobs) is gonna answer my phone call.