The 2012 Bridgestone Winter Classic is finally at our door step

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It’s finally here it’s finally here, I have been running around my house with my hockey helmet on and a stick like a 4 year old kid screaming the Winter Classic is here the Winter Classic is here.  Funny right? but disturbingly so true, I really did it.  All systems are GO today, I woke everyone up already that is coming over TV’s are checked out no problems, house is cleaned to the 9’s, food is set and ready to go and the only thing left is to pick up the Brew-HA.  The New York Rangers and The Philadelphia Flyers in the 2012 Winter Classic this couldn’t get any better and today is going to be a hockey game and possibly blood bath we will never forget.


In the anticipation on this prestigious event we as fans got to experience something no other sports fan gets to experience.  We were able to get a behind the scenes look at both teams, their practices, we basically were able to be in the middle of their games, and we were also taken behind closed doors into the normal everyday lives these pro athletes we both admire and look up live in the hit series 24/7.


The NHL kept us posted minute by minute with stories, funny photos, and the construction of the rink and what it takes to make this magical day for all hockey fans alike happen.  We also were able to be a part of Claude Giroux’s sister next step in life with her engagement at the holiday skate on the out door rink at Citizen Bank Park.


All of this build up has given me anxiety and I finally have a change to let it loose today and yell like a caged animal, so lets get this party started.  Puck drops today at 3pm and I hope your ready to rumble.  See you after the game.



Until she does something bad, this girl is an Angel


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Kate Middleton:   LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this girl.   Right now, for me,  this girls got it. She has my vote for the most well carried and well respected women in the world.    I truly hope she is able to maintain her character and charm.   She always looks absolutely adorable every time she leaves the house(kind of hard not to when you’re a Queen in training),  hair flawless, makeup always perfect, and a smile that lights up the room.




Let’s be real here; jeans stretch

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For all the guys who are a size 36 that wear a 34.
For all the girls that are a size 6, and they wear a size 3.
Your efforts do not go unnoticed.  But please, don’t take it to the extreme like this guy below did:

what?  you think i’ve never been there?  Do you really think i’ve never unbuttoned the top button on the way from the restaurant?   or haven’t laughed with my female passenger when they jokingly unbuttoned the top button for the car ride to the club/event?

Are you really sitting there right now thinking that I don’t browse the jean aisles, and head to the dressing room with a variance of 3 jeans sizes in my cart?    psssssssshhhhhh!  Let me share my 3 rules of jeans:1. They always stretch.
2.  You always wear them more than once, allowing them to stretch even more.
3. Once you find a pair of jeans you like, you wear them to death.

And don’t forget** If you switch up your shirt- nobody ever notices what kind of jeans you wore the night before hahaha

Moral of the story:  Always go for the size smaller when purchasing jeans, cause nobody likes a saggy pancake butt. Everyone like a tight jean butt.

Melting Nails

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Whoa..guess is really is hot out there, huh?  Must have been cool to create this look but I can’t imagine is being comfortable to wear.  It does look cool though!

Help wanted… Restrictions apply..

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Can you really knock the boss for being specific about what is wanted in a potential employee?  No one wants to work with a flake… and sometimes dog & cat people just don’t mix!  Maybe he’s had some bad experiences with his last few employees.  Whether he’s justified in his blunt approach to seeking out new staff or he’s a total jerk, we wish him luck in building his team!  After all, a boss who loves bacon and hugs is a winner in my book!  {Btw, the # traces back to Boogie’s Burgers in Nebraska}

A simply put argument for the haters…

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Exactly! Rachel  Maddow shares her simply yet perfectly poignant view on civil rights and gay rights…


they are RIGHTS.


I thought this quote and picture was worth 1,000 words so I wanted to share it with you this morning. Whenever you encounter someone who doesn’t “believe” in homosexuality, or thinks gays shouldn’t have rights, tell them this and shut them down.


Oh, and I liked this one too…



They can have their “beliefs”, but you’re an idiot if you think your belief gets to determine things that our forefathers laid out as inalienable rights.



Sadly I’ll be on a cruise..but maybe YOU can win!

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You can either be one of the 1500 people to win a free mascara, orrrrrrr win two tickets to be a guest at The 45th Grammy Awards! How much fun would that be?

CoverGirl is so wonderful, aren’t they? If you click here, you can enter to win their Lashblast 24 hour mascara. 1500 lucky people will win thise amazing mascara.  If that isn’t enough, you can also win Grammy tickets by telling them your greatest accomplishment of 2011. Hmmm…I wonder what mine would be? Maaaaaybe it would be getting engaged after an 8 year relationship?  That’s a pretty good accomplishment, no? Or maybe when I started working for this blog? Well, it doesn’t matter because I will be DVRing the Grammy’s and watching in when I get home. But maybe YOU will win!



Good luck to all who enter!! If you win, make sure you let everyone know you found out about it here ;)