The quietest dryer

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You’re holding a great conversation with your client while you give her this fantastic cut.  Then out comes the blow dryer.  Either the conversation ends abruptly, or she keeps on talking as you nod, pretending to hear what she is saying the whole time. Well, no longer will this be a problem if you get the Bio Ionic Whisper Light Dryer.

Recently this dryer was globally recognized by the Noise Abatement Society as one of the quietest dryers in the world. I almost wish I could could go back in time to before Christmas. I would have totally put this on my list!

Best part is….it comes in pink too!!

Whisper Light™ Features

  • NanoIonic™ Mineral Technology
  • Natural Negative ions
  • Far infrared energy
  • Ultra-light technology
  • Ultra-quiet technology
  • Dual removable filters
  • Cool shot button
  • Variable heat
  • Ionic styling nozzle

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Crosby still waiting for that big hit.

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The return of Sidney is still long out of our sites.  With the last string of games the Penguins have been preparing for they have not had the chance to get Sid into any high contact drills to see if he is ready to get back to regular play.  As frustrating as it is for us as fans, I could only imagine how he must feel.  Crosby commented, “I think I need to get in some contact, more than just one bump in a morning skate,” said Crosby, who hasn’t played since Jan. 5 because of a concussion. “I think it’s got to be a few days of that. So whenever we can get some of those days together, and hopefully I respond well to that, then I’ll be much closer than I am right now.”  The Penguins are coming up on a nice 4 day break at the end of Oct – Nov. Lets hope he fairs well and we see him back on the ice.  Check back with wePuckny for up to date news on this story.


A stylists Thanksgiving


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Its the day before Thanksgiving and between clients and trying to get the house in order for company tomorrow I am constantly reminded of what I am thankful for. So here is a list, in no particular order:


1- Bobby Pins. They are the cure to any bad hair day for me.


2-  All of my loyal clients.  I couldn’t live without them… literally (how would I buy food with no money?!) Seriously though, I am lucky to have such loyal clients who respect my passion for both hair and make-up. Every day these people but their trust in my hands and that means so much to me.


3-Kenra hair products!!  Probably some of the best products out in the market right now.  I would die without their silkening mist spray!


4-My very own hairdresser, Dusti. Without her my hair would be boring. I am also grateful to have her help for large bridal parties as well as grateful for her friendship!


5- My family, of course! Everyone is happy and healthy and without them who would I get to have daily arguments with to release frustration? hehe


6- My blow dryer.  It would be an awful thing to have to air dry my hair every time I wash it! Can you imagine!?


7-Lip gloss!  Honestly any kind…as long as my lips are shiny!  I do love Victoria’s Secrets brand though.  They taste pretty yummy :)


8-My WeStyle fans! Duh!  I would have no reason to turn my computer on if it weren’t for all of you.

9- My beautiful kitties. At almost 19, Sandy is still a happy little cat and at 15 Fozzie is the biggest sweetheart and still going strong after her diagnosis with kidney failure almost 4 years ago.  Unfortunately we lost my baby Kit-Kat at only 6 months old about two weeks ago, but I am thankful to have him watching over my other babies up in kitty heaven.


10- And of course….my Fiance! He is such a wonderful man and I am thankful every day that I have him in my life. I don’t know where I would be today without him.


So those are my top ten right there ;)  What are some things you are thankful for? We would love to hear it!

This kid did!

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Okay, it’s probably not a good idea to dye your hair on a dare from people on Twitter.  Nevertheless, it made for three and a half minutes of good entertainment so I’m not complaining.  This kid is adorable, and it made him even more adorable when he started the clock before the color was even completely on his head haha.  Such a rookie mistake.

Oh wait… those are just your boots.

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I’m not even gonna try and downplay this picture at all.  There it is, in all it’s glory. A thigh high snakeskin boot.  Let me just clear the air here folks,  Snakeskin isn’t sexy. Fashionable I will give you, but not sexy.   Thigh high boots must be the most uncomfortable and annoying thing a girl could ever have to wear, am I right?   I know my better half rocks sandals and UGGs at every chance she gets out of the sheer comfort of them….  Who the hell wants to show up to a party covered in snakeskin from the bottom of your foot practically all the way to your bellybutton?

Someone asks if you’d like to sit down and your response has to be “No, my Snakeskin boots come up to my neck, so I can’t sit down all night.  But how great do these things look huh?”    (you like how the boots grew taller and taller every time I mentioned their height?)

Another use for dry shampoo

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Yesterday we discussed ‘dry shampoo’ in all it’s glory of how it helps clean your hair up in a jiffy.  Well today I’d like to point out something a little more fun that can be done with this type of product.  Hair stenciling! Yup, you heard me right!  Think of all the fun things your can create!  The trick is, you need to purchase the colored dry shampoo in the opposite color of yours, or your clients, hair. Print yourself out a cool design of your choice off the computer, cut it out, place it over the hair and spray, or brush away. It’s that easy.  This is a great activity to do with your kids…boys or girls!  Just remember, you do not want to brush it out after you applied the powder…that would defeat the whole purpose.

Keratin Complex sells the dry shampoo in blonde, brunett,e and neutral and theirs comes with a brush (just like a blush brush) for easy application.


Send us your designs!

Whips and chains and ropes, oh my!

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It’s another Wednesday! So, if you’re not as lucky as I am to have two amazing gay jobs, you’ll need a little laugh (or nookie) to get you to Friday. Now, I can’t provide the nookie, but I’m sure here for the laughs and slightly-biased gay info!

Speaking of laughs, this is awesome! I’m not sure if this is a sign in a Home Depot or a poster for a safe-sex ad (I think it’s the first) but it sure does rock! I wonder if this really said this or some employees had a little fun one night before closing and took the pic. Either way, it put a smile on my face and a ‘share’ on my Facebook! I hope you do the same! Just tell them you got it from this awesome blog,!

And one more thing, since it’s hump day…



Screw you! (In a good way!)