They get funnier and funnier

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Seriously, why does everyone who sits in my chair think that I can turn them into a celebrity?  They all come in with these photos cut out of magazines. I try to explain to them that most of these celebs are wearing extensions and have had stylists working on them for hours before the photoshoot.


Remember…we are not magicians.  We don’t work miracles!  We can only do so much with what we have to work with ;)


Amazing nail polish, that’s what!!

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I love nail polish, but I LOVE Minnie Mouse!! I am so excited that now I get to have my nails painted to reflect a Disney character!  Just ask my fiance, there is almost nothing I enjoy more than Disney!

These colors are perfect for summer!  All of them are a pink tone, each one more perfect than the other! And the best part is the glittery,  heart confetti top coat!!! Here are the names of the colors and OPI’s description of them.


The Color of Minnie – You had this little mouse at “red”
Nothin’ Mousie ’bout It – Don’t squeak it, SHOUT IT! This confetti light pink is tops!
If You Moust You Moust – You gotta pink when you gotta pink
I’m All Ears – Tell me how much you love this magenta shimmer



Sub in avocado wherever you can!

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A sandwich can potentially be a real healthy meal, but if yours isn’t complete without a thick layer of mayonnaise or butter then you’re looking at added cholesterol and calories that pretty much negate the healthy factor. Next time, spread ripe avocado on your bread instead of mayo/butter.


You’ll have an abundance of flavor and less calories, cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium. Avocados are also a good source of fiber and potassium, vitamin K, folate, B6, and more than one-third of your daily value of vitamin C.  A, avocado globe contains 160 calories and 15 grams of heart-healthy unsaturated fat.


Avoid over-ripe avocados when choosing them… each should be firm with a slight softness when squeezed.  And the nutrion is packed into the portion of the avocado that is right up against the skin, so be sure to scrape the skin clean before tossing it into the garbage!

I’m in looooove

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Yup, I am in love with this updo!  This confirms that I will most definitely begin the slow process of dying my hair blonde so it looks amazing in an updo for my wedding in 2014!

Blue Suede Smoking Slippers

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So I have been dying for leopard smoking slippers, but I think these may be my new obsession. These fabulous Steven by Steve Madden blue suede shoes are on super sale at Bloomingdales! For only $59.50, I might be able to afford a leopard pair too!

The controversy continues as David Stern is still being questioned

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Days after the Hornets won the draft lottery, people are still questioning the legitimacy of the process. I have highlighted all the evidence against David Stern, and I continue to believe he played a part in the Hornets winning the first pick. However of course I do not want to be biased, so here is a quote from the Boston Globe that suggest it may just be impossible to rig a draft.


“[R]eporters and team executives who have witnessed the actual lottery process — which is no longer televised, as it was 25 years ago — say there is no way it can be rigged. Each of the 14 teams has a number of four-digit combinations — the number weighted according to their record, meaning the Bobcats have 25 percent of the combinations.”

Thank you Bath & Body Works


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Mmmmm, what smells so good??! One of my favorite things about the holiday season is all the yummy smells of Christmas. The smell of the evergreen tree, sugar cookies baking, gingerbread house, …etc. It always puts me in that holiday spirit.  This is why I love Bath & Body Works so much.  They always have awesome smelling lotions and body sprays.  Sometimes I’ll spray them in the air just to make my house smell good! There are so many different kinds out there.

This one is  Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin body splash.  I can only imagine what this smell like…heaven!

How about some Twisted Peppermint hand soap?  I would want to lick my fingers as if they were candy canes!

Did you know that snow has a smell? Well it does!  Check out this Sparkling Snow hand soap.

If you are looking for a great holiday gift for someone, you can try any of these following tins.  This one is Vanilla Bean Noel. They include lotion, shower gel, and spray.


Then there is the Pink Sugar Plum. Are they dancing in your head yet?


And the third one is  Winter Candy Apple. Such a sweet smell it has.  Reminds me a bit of apple pie. Yummy!!


Now I have shown you all the sweet smells of the holiday season, and maybe even helped you with your shopping a bit, huh? You’re welcome ;) Enjoy your weekend!