Yayoi Kusama’s amazing multi-colored art installation

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Check out this amazing art installation by artist Yayoi Kusama on display at the Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art in Australia. Kusama built and installed several rooms in the museum, all white with a yet-to-be-determined color explosion on the way!



Yayoi Kusama gave children sheets of mulit-colored dot shaped stickers, in all sizes, and told them to go to town.




The children got so creative they covered the entire display! Amazing!



How could a child NOT want to participate in something so cool?



The exhibit has since closed but this sure is an amazing, cute and very symbolic project with regards to color and giving children the freedom to be themselves. I dig it.

Who thinks of this stuff?

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I can see the use for tasty lip gloss, and can even understand the fascination with lickable body oil (especially if you can get your bf to give you a yummy massage). Lickable, glitter, body powder however, I just don’t get it!  Urban Decay offers this product in two colors/flavors: Honey, and Marshmallow.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to get to try both of them, but if the marshmallow tasted anything like the honey flavored one…count me out!  First of all, why do we need powder that tastes good?  Are you expecting people to be greeting your with licks?! The shimmer part of it, I get!  I myself use a glittery, shimmer powder on my legs to make them look freshly shaven and shiny. But I certainly wouldn’t want people to be licking me all day.  It’s weird.  If you ARE into this though, check out Urban Decay ‘Sparkling Lickable Body Powder’. You can get them there for $20 each. They come in a really cute case; very vintage-like.  Be careful when you open them though.  The powder tends to go everywhere.  The shimmer they give is really very pretty. Though, I may not like the taste, or the idea of the taste, the powder itself is worth it.  Especially for the amount you get!

There is nothing better than this stuff!

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As a baby, my mom would use this stuff to help sooth rashes. Now, as a 29 year old woman, I am finding so many more uses for this stuff!



It works great as a moisturizer for your lips, and the rest of your face/body.  In the winter I tend to use it on my elbows, or my feet and hands because they can get very dry sometimes! I also seem to blow my nose a lot more in the winter time so my nose will get a litte rough.  Petroleum jelly has help keep my nose from getting raw and sore! And those dry/cracked lips…this will help heel them faster than any chapstick!


If you want to turn your favorite eye shadow color into a lipstick.  Mix it with a little of this stuff and you have a beautiful new lip color that will keep your lips feelings great too!



Petroleum Jelly can also help your perfume scent to last longer.  Dab a little in the areas where you spray your perfume the most and it will help it to stick for all night yumminess!


Sometimes we don’t all have the steady hands of a manicurist. To help keep the polish on the nails and off the skin, apply a little jelly around your nails and if you slip up, all yo have to do it wipe it off!



Ever wake up from an awful nights sleep where not only your hair is a mess, but your eye brows too? A great way to tame them is to brush a little petroleum kelly over them to help keep them in place.

Chris Paul leads the Clippers to a thrilling overtime victory

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Lets fast forward to the 4th quarter of the Clippers and Grizzlies game. After the Clippers blew a 10 point lead late in the game, the score was all tied up. But the Clippers had been rallying all series so there would be nothing to worry about, right? Well that was an obvious rhetorical question, the answer is yes, their super star Blake Griffin had fouled out of the game.



Chris Paul didn’t really care what was going wrong for the Clip Show. He dropped 8 of his 27 points in overtime. Not only that, but he had 9 rebounds and 7 assist on the night. CP has been revitalized since getting out of New Orleans, and he may be on one of those hot streaks where he carries his team all the way to the finals.


It is times like these the Lakers fans must really be irate over the fact their trade for Paul got axed. David Stern and his basketball reasons, he pissed off fans in Los Angeles in exchange for making Los Angeles fans excited. Yea, I dont really get it either.

Old Age Makeup

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Old age makeup is the hardest special effects makeup to do. I love this photo because you can see the before and after so clearly! Prop to whom ever did this work!!

How to dress when you ate too much on Easter

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Welcome back!!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! No matter what you were celebrating, I am sure many of you have encountered the same problem that I did this weekend…too much food! With delicious desserts like this Chocolate Caramel Matzo (ah salivating just thinking of it!) and other food galore, I probably doubled the amount of calories I should eat for the week in one day:(. That being said, I still had to get my butt up and ready for the start of a full work week. So how do you dress to conceal the uncomfortableness of stuffing yourself like a turkey?

A loose fitting dress is the best way to go, and since maxi’s are having a huge moment right now, you can totally be stuffed in style! I am loving this striped Parker dress from Shopbop! The elongating lines will take away from any lingering food babies (AKA bloating) you have left over from the weekend! Throw a leather jacket, and bright colored scarf, and a pair of sandals on with this and you  will be dressed perfectly for the 65* weather here in NY today!

What does that even mean?

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Protect your hair from summer?? Does that even make sense?  Well I guess what I really mean is that it is important to protect your hair from all the elements that come along with Summer Time!!  What does that include?


Chlorine!!!!  It’s awful for your hair! If you are planning to go swimming it’s best to pre-wet your hair and put in a leave in conditioner before dunking into the chlorinated water.  Also, as soon as you get out, make sure to rinse your hair right away…hose water is fine if you aren’t planning on jumping in the shower right away.  If you swim a lot during the summer and start to notice a build up of pool water, invest in some clarifying shampoo and use it once or twice every two weeks (less if you have color treated hair).

Chlorine is not the only damaging element on your hair in the summer.  Let’s not forget about the sun!  The easiest way to protect from too many rays hitting your fragile hair is to wear a hat.  But if you are like me, you hate hates and just can’t seem to find any that look right on you.  So then what?  Sun screen!!!  Yes, they sell sun screen specifically for your hair…so go get some and take of your hair this summer!! Try Redken’s Color Extend Sun.  Not only will it protect from the sun but it will help keep your color in too!