I couldn’t not share this

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Thank you to beautyandmakeupblog for sharing this on FB today.  I just couldn’t not also share it!  We all love the braided fish tail look. In fact it’s the next thing I have to learn to do now that I have mastered braiding. But how cool is this look for your finger nails?

The top picture is easy enough to follow.  You need three colors to choose from to create it. You probably could do more but it might be overwhelming. Best part is that you don’t have to have a steady hand because your lines do not need to be perfect.  You’ll be covering your imperfections with the next color.

Sooooo much fun, and I love how they only did the ring finger design.  I must try this!

Make sure you read the fine print!

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As you may or may not know, I work ALOT of weddings!! When a wedding party is too big for me to handle, I call in my good friend, Dusti, who also has her own business and we split the bridal party in half.  It’s a great deal for us as we are able to book more weddings that way.  This article is to warn all brides to make sure you read your contracts!


Most hair dressers and/or make-up artists that you hire will make you sign a contract.  Some will also ask for a downpayment as well.  What is usually included in these contracts, you ask?

-start time, location, and end time of event

-number of clients


-directions/instructions for bridal party to follow

I cannot stress enough how important it is to read these contracts and understand them in their entirety.  Recently Dusti and I worked a wedding where one of the bridesmaids decided last minute not to have her hair done, none of the bridesmaids were on time, and we ran an hour over schedule.  If the bride read what she signed she would have known that the bridesmaids hair still needed to be paid for as it was not changed 30 days before the event; and she ended up being charged for running over the scheduled time due to her girls not arriving when they were supposed to.  Nothing irks us more than getting to a job on time and sitting there twiddling our thumbs til people actually show up.  As a bridesmaid, your job isn’t hard…show up, and sit in a chair for 45 mins while someone plays with your hair.

We also put in the contract that all girls having their hair done should wash their hair the night before.  All stylists know that hair like this will hold better.  When it is too clean the curls tend to droop quicker. It is not our responsibility if your hair doesn’t hold because you didn’t follow directions.


These are just instructions listed in my personal contract.  Each stylist will have their own list. Some might charge more if a girls hair is thicker or longer, or  some might leave when the scheduled time arrives whether they are done, or not.  This is why is it extremely important to READ the contracts.  The last thing you want is a surprise on your big day. Read it over, talk with your girls and explain how it is going to work the morning of your wedding. It will be much less stressful for you in the end!

Starts this weekend!!

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Oh boy, it’s that wonderful time again!  RESTAURANT WEEK!  And this one spans Long Island.  Perfect time to try all those fine dining establishments you’ve been eyeing without breaking the bank.  You have 8 days – Sunday to Sunday, starting this weekend… 3 courses, $24.95 – gratuity and drinks not included.   Reservations are suggested but not necessary.


Spots fill up quickly though so if you have your heart set on a spot, set some time aside and get yourself a rez!  Check out the full list of nearly 200 restaurants participating – it keeps growing!

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

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BehindTheChair.com shared this photo yesterday and I thought I would pass it along.  I know they say that you should try to match your eyebrows to your hair, but this takes it to a whole new level, don’t you think? Have you ever seen pink brows before?  I haven’t!  Is it weird that I don’t think it looks that bad!?

Are we THAT lazy?


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As a make-up artist I find this to be a little silly. I know there are women out there who are clueless when it comes to make-up, but is this really the solution? Are we THAT lazy that we can’t take the time to learn how to sweep three shades of shadow across our lids separately? I picked up this product recently when shopping for a make-up event I was hosting for my dedicated clients. When I saw it, I just had to try it. In my mind I was thinking “this will never work!”  Sure enough, I got it home and handed it to my sister who is not quite as handy when it comes to make-up as myself…that’s being kind (love you!)  Was the product terrible?….ehhh I can’t say “terrible”, but it’s far from worth it! Not everyone’s eye shape and lid are the same so how do you expect this to be universal? The bottom, darkest shade should cover most of the lid and this looks more like liner. The highlight should be just under the brow…on my sister it landed more in the crease! The shadow alone is fine. If you used an eye shadow brush to apply each layer yourself, the pigments are pretty decent, but the gimmick just doesn’t work. Sorry L’Oreal…nice try!

Boston Bruins Brad Marchand gets a hefty suspension for Clipping Sami Salo

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The other night the 2 Stanley Cup teams from last year faced off against each other for what was a barn burner leaving Brad Marchand  in time out box to think about what he did.  I am all for hard play a few cheap shots here and there to get the puck but the hit he laid on Salo was a little bit uncalled for.  Call me soft in my days but Marchand could have put him out for good with that hit. I remember the day I was taught how to throw a hip check and that was all I wanted to do, toss my hip at someone and watch them spin in the air like a helicopter, but lowering your shoulder to take out someones ones knee, COME ON.

Let’s call a spade a spade here it was dirty hit and Marchand deserves what he got.  Marchand could have went shoulder to shoulder with him and did a now you see me now you don’t at he knees.

Brad Marchand will serve 5 games and please be my guest and share your comments on this one.

Miss Universe succumbs to Breast Cancer

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Reported on AOL today,was this heartbreaking story of Eva Ekvall, a 28 year old beauty queen who placed 3rd in the Miss Universe competition back in 2001. She was battling the disease for the past 2 years, and unfortunately finally succumbed to her illness.


Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family of this beautiful woman who was taken from this earth way too young.    Breast Cancer continues to be a terrible disease that cripples families all across the world,  and I hope all our future doctors out there are reading this, so we can finally come up with a cure for this debilitating disease

AOL did a great job with the story, so I’m putting it below for you guys to read if you are interested in further details.

Eva Ekvall, Miss Venezuela and the third finalist for Miss Universe 2001 — one of the most difficult competions in the history of the event — died at 28 years old after losing her battle with breast cancer, which was diagnosed in 2010.

Athough the Venezuelan failed to win the coveted title in the 2001 Miss Universe competition in Bayamon, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rican Denise Quinones won the crown — Eva Ekvall proved to be one of the toughest competitors in a country that holds the record for the most crowns won by beauty queens.

Ekvall’s husband, John Fabio Bermudez, released a statement this weekend, through the Notimex news agency, in which news of her death broke and that of her illness, which she had battled for almost two years and that forced her to move to the United States a few months ago after the cancer re-emerged. Despite her doctors’ best efforts, however, “her health deteriorated up until her death.”


“I want to start by saying … thank you all for your words, I feel a great sorrow for the loss of my love. Today, the most valiant and brilliant I’ve ever known has gone. She fought to the last moment, but physically she could not continue.

She leaves us a legacy and an example to follow. With me she leaves her most beautiful creation … her daughter, Miranda.

I want to thank everyone for their words. We have many people to thank, and it would be endless, such as my children, my family, and so many anonymous heroes who helped us on this long and painful road … Many thanks Eva Forever!”

In addition, through his Twitter account, in which Bermudez shared a moving image of him and Eva’s hands locked together, he also said a few heartfelt words to the woman he married in 2007 and mother of their 2-year-old daughter

Ekvall was chosen at age 17 to represent her country in the 2001 Miss Universe pageant.

Through her reign as Miss Venezuela, Eva launched an acting career and became a news reporter on Venezuelan television. Eva also wrote the first-person narrative, ‘Fuera de Foco’ (Out of Focus), in which she detailed her battle with cancer, which was detected in 2010 after the birth of her daughter.