Kobe Bryant of the Lakers has the most famous jersey in all the world

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Of all the NBA players in the world, Kobe Bryant is the one that has the most value. This was news to me, I was almost positive it would be Lebron James. But no, apparently the Bryant 24 Lakers jersey is the hottest selling jersey in all the world. Strangely, Lebron isn’t even second, that nod goes to Derrick Rose who also happened to be the leading jersey seller in America. Lebron finished in third, while Kevin Garnett and Dwight Howard rounded out the top 5.



Many of these names are shockers to me. First off D-Rose at second. Rose is a sensational player, but he barely touched the floor this past season. Not only that, he has one of the most bland personalities of any player in the game. Kevin Garnett? Over in the states most people hate KG. The fact he made the top 5 in international sales is something I still cant wrap my head around. But hey, I guess the people of the world know what they want.

The Little Mermaid

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Even though Belle is my favorite Disney Princess, I decided to show vintageortacky’s Ariel version because it was just so beautiful :)

I’m not a fan of the eyebrows.  I would have liked to have seen them just a little bit softer, but the shadowing it beautiful.  I love that she used the paper lashes.  Those are not easy to use!  After watching this video I checked out some of her others.  She was very impressive!  Great personality, awesome hair (it changes in every video!), and very easy to follow!


Check out her other Disney Princess videos!


Do not try this at home!

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A while back I posted a video from this same girl ‘How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Hot’, now I am here to show you her drunk make-up tutorial.  weSTYLEny does NOT condone the language or content in this video.  We are posting it for pure entertainment.



To be quite  honest, I don’t even think she is really drunk.  She runs a regular youtube channel and she has a great sense of humor!  Please do not try to apply makeup while intoxicated! There are only 2 or 3 other “drunk makeup tutorial” videos I found on youtube but none quite like this one.  The other ones are just annoying and obnoxious.

I do like her eye shadow technique- pick the darkest color, then wipe it off with your fingers!!  Haha…perfect!!


When you are done watching this one, check out some of her other videos.

Heidi Klum out does herself


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I know what you’re thinking…that’s Heidi Klum?!  Yep!  It most certainly is!  Once again, Heidi has out done herself. She wanted to be a dead body. I think she did a pretty good job, no?  Klum showed up to her Halloween Party at Tao in Vegas on an autopsy table…talk about an entrance! While having her make-up done she made sure to tweet photos of the process. I would just like to say that I love to see hot celebrity women doing something other than the expected “sexy” costume.


It’s flawless!  I am officially obsessed!


Last year the couple dressed as these awesome transformer-like robots. This woman knows what Halloween is all about!


Congrats Heidi.  Can’t wait to see next years crazy costume.

Emma’s glossy cover take over!

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What more can you ask for in a cover girl? Emma Stone is gorgeous, smart, talented, and funny – it’s no wonder she has been taking over the cover of the most prestige glossies, one month at time! Emma’s latest, breathtaking cover, is the August issue of Vogue, the UK edition. I don’t know about you, but this look already has me stoked for fall sweaters!

Jwoww’s Fragrance


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It’s hard to write an article on this and not get people heated. You either love Jersey Shore, or you hate it.  You either love Jwoww or you despise her.  I think for my own good, and for the good of this website, I am going to stay as neutral as can be here. Her fragrance launched today. According to Jwoww she selected a scent that is fresh, fruity, and floral with a hint of musk. She called it “Jwoww in a bottle”  The gift set also comes with a signature gold charm and a bottle of lotion containing gold shimmer for a head to toe glow.  All of this is available at Kmart.  There…I kept it short, simple, and to the point! *phew*

She’s following the pastel trend

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Coco Rocha showed up at the Met Gala last night rockin’ some fabulous pink locks! Coco, a super model from Canada, has had many looks over the years but mostly she has been brunette.  This pink came to quite a shock to me.  It’s a bold move! She can definitely work it though!


Who else recently popped up with pink hair?  Lauren Conrad!


Though I don’t quite think she pulls it off as a well as Coco.  What do YOU think?  Who pulls the pink off better?


It’s Coco vs. Lauren!  Send your votes to Jill@westyleny.com