Muppets and Disney done slick

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Disney and Flud present this limited Mickey Mouse edition Exchange with sweeping hour and minute Mickey Mouse hands. Cool and classy, just like Mickey’s personality. Water Resistant to 3 ATM Materials: Stainless steel bezel with enamel finish. Interchangeable silicone straps. Size: 50MM

FLüD Watches did a collab with Disney featuring the Exchange, Re-exchange and Pantone watch models. The collection stays true to the FLüD aesthetics of “simply more” by having a Warhol-esque take on Animal. FLüD took their new holiday watch, the Pantone, and gave Kermit a similar treatment with his own piece, which came out pretty crazy!  Each of The Muppets watches comes with limited edition Muppets branded packaging and laser-engraved case. The watches retail for $60-$95 and are available at

I really hope I don’t ruin a good thing by posting this article.  My better half has been buying me FLüD Watches for about 2 years now, randomly on different occasions… and I love every single one of them.  Being a watch guy, I have an outfit hanging in my closet that’ll match almost anything you put on my wrist.   I love the conversations they start,  I love the judgement people draw when seeing some for the first time.   All in all,  I’m just a guy with enough of a Fashion sense to be able to wear almost any watch respectfully.


A clipper for car lovers


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Why not make clipping your nails way more fun? This is certainly a very unique and awesome nail clipper…if I do say so myself. In fact it would make the perfect stocking stuffer for both my dad and my fiance! I wonder what other designs we could come up with for the simple  clipper?…hmmm… This one is cute, clever, and gets the job done!  Find this delux auto car nail clipper at for only $5.44

Iman Shumpert will be involved in this years Dunk Contest, among three other less than known names

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Rookie sensation Iman Shumpert will be participating in the upcoming NBA Dunk Contest during All Star Weekend. The cast features many players that the casual fan has probably never heard of. Paul George of the Pacers, Chase Budinger of the Rockets, and Derrik Williams of the Twovles round out the crew. This is one of the weakest dunk contest cast we have seen in years, Blake Griffin who won it last year has opted against defending his title. With very little effort being put into this, it may be about time the NBA nix the novelty act all together.

A new release from Smashbox

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I’ll take one in every color please!! Smashbox just released their 22 shade Be Legendary Lipsticks. I am quite excited about this!!  Choose from modern mattes, to hydrating creams in colors like ‘bubble gum pink’, ‘deep berry’, ‘dark chocolate’, ‘warm raisin’, and ‘peachy nude’.  That’s enough to make you hungry right there! haha. Both finishes include vitamines C and E to help protect your lips from damage.  I only wish I hadn’t used up all my Christmas gift cards already! Only 4 months til my birthday! ;)

Nope, that’s not Kris Jenner…look again!

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Kim Kardashian tweeted some photos of herself while on a photo shoot the other day-

“Amazing shoot today for Vogue Italia! Thank you @Rushka_Bergman & @akafrancesco for your creative genius!!!”


No, she did not cut her hair.  It’s a wig.  But boy did she fool some of the paparazzi. She looks just like her mother!


The resemblance is amazing. I am not gonna lie…I think Kim could totally pull off a cut like this, but I don’t think she is brave enough to actually go through with it!


I wonder what Kanye would say if she chopped off her locks…hmmmmm.  What do you think?

He’ll be here in 2 days!

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Do you STILL not have a gift for everyone yet?!  What is taking you so long? Santa has already checked his list….twice…and here you are stumped for gifts! Well, I am here to hopefully help you out!

Woody’s is a great brand of hair products for men. I got my fiance hooked last year, and this year I picked up a gift set for my soon to be brother-in-law (my sister got engaged 3 weeks after me). What I love about the product is one of the fun ways they present themselves.  They look like liquor bottles! So much fun!

Flat irons are always a great gift! I could have 6 of them and still be excited if I were to get a new one!  I am a big fan of ‘Hot Tools’ so I highly recommend them. Also, when buying a flat iron always go with one that is adjustable as far as the heat setting goes, and choose a titanium one.  It is the most advance type out right now.

Axe is always a win.  They have so many great  products out there but even just simply going with their body wash will make any man happy. They have great smells that both you AND him can enjoy!

Gift cards might seem like cheating, but honestly, I love them!  It gives me the chance to go shopping for myself.  I ask for gift cards every year for Christmas. If I have money in my wallet, I am less likely to spend it even if I really need to add some new things to my make-up kit. However, if I have a gift card to Sephora, I cannot WAIT to spend it!  If make-up gift cards are not the way to go, try a gift card to a local spa! Everyone loves massages!

Have fun with your gifts.  Try picking up a couple small items and piece them together in nice gift basket. Pick out all of your favorite hair products, throw in a brush, and some nice hair clips…boom! Now you have a great gift!


While you might think it is too late to order online, remember…the option always remains that you can print a photo of the gift and wrap that as a substitue until the actual gift arrives. Good luck!

Where is the sun?

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It’s a rainy Friday here on Long Island, so I thought I would inspire you all with some lightening makeup. You can’t go wrong with Lady Gaga….or can you?  I can’t keep up, is she in or out these days?  Oh well, whatever the case, her blue lightening bolt is a total “in” for me!  I love how it fades to teal and gets carried over around her whole eye.


This one reminds me of Jem.  Remember Jem? Truly outrageous?

I was Jem for Halloween one year…best costume ever.  Ahhh I’m getting off track here. While the black bolt is cool, I think I am more obsessed with the hot pink shadow!


Now this one is cool.  It’s like lightening during a sunset!  I don’t like the eyebrows though.  I definitely would not have lightened them.  Her bolt could be a little cleaner too, but I like where her head is at!

Of course I had to save my favorite for last.  I am obsessed!!  The lines are so clean and the blending is so perfect. I would love to recreate this look.  Wonder what it looks like her with her eyes open.

That is my ode to lightening!  Now let’s pray for a sunny day tomorrow!