Willow Smith ditched her locks for a summer friendly buzz cut

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Willow Smith burst onto the Hollywood scene with her annoying-but-catchy “I whip My Hair Back And Forth” song and video.  Before that Willow was just Will Smiths daughter,  and now she is something of a style/fashion staple in the child stars market.  She most certainly has a more unique style and personality than her parents Will and Jada Pinkett, but I can’t say I’m 100% sold on all that she does.



I respect Willow for thinking outside the box- without people like her in this world the art of hair and fashion become too mundane and bland.  While not everyone will agree with every single look you walk out of the house with, there will always be a market of people who respect your individuality, and that’s the category I fall under.



Growing up, I had colored hair, I had short hair, I had long hair, I had big hair, I had pretty much any look possible (I guess that was some pretty obvious foreshadowing of what career I would get into when I got older huh?).   I loved being different and having the freedom to try new things every couple of months, and I think Willow Smith is going through that same phase.     Like I said, I’m not the biggest fan of her recent looks, but I can respect her self expression.



Ooh, and since this song is now stuck in my head again and my day is ruined, I’ll felt obligated to ruin yours as well.  I’m going to be cutting hair all day singing this stupid song! aaaah!

A 3 year olds tutorial

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I think some ladies out there could learn a thing or two from this little girl.  I was shocked to read she is only 3 years old. I loved her eye shadow technique!  What a cutie!

A little sunlight is all you need

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Not too long ago I showed you a fantastic way for you to make your own herb garden, even if you don’t have much out door space {Do It Yourself Herb Garden}… After that I had a woman send me an email saying that she passed the info along to her daughter who lives in Brooklyn and she’s had fresh basil and parsley for weeks, and that she only wishes she could do it too but has no balcony.  Well, Carolyn, this post is for you!


With a mason jar herb garden all you need is a window sill’s worth of space.  They’re just as simple to make and compliment any decor.


Simply take your mason jar and put pebbles in the bottom fifth of the jar to allow excess water to drain – this will help prevent the soil from molding…. then fill the jar almost to the top with soil and place your herbs on top… add a bit more soil and slightly pack down.  Place in a sunny spot.  Lightly water your herbs when the soil feels dry and enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients!


All the cool girls are…. lesbians? disruptive? suspended?

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Damn! It’s Spring Break and yet a rough week to be an LGBTQ youth/teen! We just reported about the teen lesbian couple pic that was banned from a high school year book and now this!


A Boston, Massachustets teen has been speaking with Fox TV in Boston about an incident occouring last week while she was at school. It seems the teen was wearing a shirt that said “All the cool girls are lesbians” to school, when the principals made her remove the shirt for being “offensive” and “disruptive”. The girl complied, but after reflection, she wrote a letter to school officials and Fox.



“Well, frankly, I’m the one who feels offended,”…the girl said, including that  a number of female students freely wear shirts that read “I love boys” without being reprimanded.



In typical school admin style, the school is denying the girls statement backing that any shirt regardless of sexuality, would be banned. Riiiiiight. The ACLU is supporting the girl and her fight against the school and their wrongful discrimination.


Donna was always sporting a full, thick head of hair with style and grace

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In keeping up with the rest of the vibe around the internet today, I thought I would showcase some of Donna Summers most stunning cuts and styles that she has worn throughout the years. Donna was never seen in public without her hair being teased and looking fresh out of the stylists chair (though I am assuming she did wear a lot of wigs like most celebrities like her).  She always wore it so big, while still keeping it elegant.



She was an incredible singer and performer, as well as a true beauty.   Donna will be forever remembered for her songs, personality, style and grace in which she conducted herself.


It’s a sad day, and an even more sad realization that this terrible disease continues to grow stronger and stronger with each innocent life it claims.   So many charities, so many doctors, and we are still yet to find a way to find a cure.   I know I speak for every person in this world when I say in one way or another, Cancer has had a personal effect on all of our lives.


RIP Donna Summer, and to everyone else who has succumbed to this terrible disease.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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These days braiding is becoming so popular that brides are making it their go-to style.  But if you are someone like me, this is driving you crazy!!  I am a very good hair dresser, and I do beautiful updos (if I do say so myself!) But when it comes to braiding…I just have no coordination skills.  My mom, who is not a hair dresser always did beautiful braids, fishtales, twists, insideout braids….you name it!  But I was just no passed down this gene.


It was fine for a while as braids were really only popular on little kids. But now that they are being incorporated so much with updos, I am at a loss!  So, today I bought myself a head (you know, like back in school!) and my good friend came over to give me a braiding class!


I guess now I just have to keep practicing!!!  Wish me luck ;)

Another weekend has come and gone and I hope you all had a great one

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Welcome Back everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was not as exciting as it usually is and I am quiet alright with that, let me tell you.  Very low key but sometimes that is nice.  Friday night rolled around and I rushed to get home to kick it around the house for a nice backyard fire and long night of 21 cup (beer pong on steroids), p.s went 7-0 was feeling pretty dirty that night.  A Friday night wouldn’t be complete without a late night pizza order and oh boy did we do work.  Six pies came and 6 pies went and when I woke up in the morning I told myself I would never do that again.



Before I knew it Saturday was here and it was time to head to the rink for my hockey fix before the nights big game between the Kings and the Devils.  This was a great start to my Saturday, I put on my skates, tooled around the rink, gave some lessons, had fun with the kids, shot the shit with the parents, and I was on my way home to get ready for a fun night.



We hit the sushi place near my house, got hooked up, ate mad food, tuned into NHL live on my iphone, got yelled at like that commercial for checking the score because I wasn’t supposed to be watching the game, I yelled when the Devils scored, got the table of guys behind us in trouble with their wives because they kept tapping me on the shoulder for updates, closed down the joint and went home a happy man.


So much to cover this week and hopefully we will get to see history tonight.  Follow us throughout the day, Kings Devils story coming right up.