Spurs take a 1-0 lead as they win their 19th game in a row

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When you look at the Eastern Conference you have an aged Celtics team versus a Miami team full of egos. The Western Conference finals on the other hand are arguably the best basketball teams we will see this year. The Spurs taking on the Thunder is my real idea of the NBA finals, this is the money match up.

The Spurs entered game won having no losses in the postseason. The game was close all the way through, well at least the first half was. In the 3rd quarter the Thunder held the Spurs to just 16 points. It looked as if the game was in the bag. But then the Spurs continued to turn back the clock and dropped 39 points on the Thunder to win the game 1o1-98. The ageless Tim Duncan led the way with 16 points and 11 rebounds.

Easy hair tutorial

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The girls at Luxy Hair are always posting such great tutorials.  I found this one today and thought it was such a fun look and really very easy.  If you have shorter hair you can always add extensions like this girl did.

A clipper for car lovers


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Why not make clipping your nails way more fun? This is certainly a very unique and awesome nail clipper…if I do say so myself. In fact it would make the perfect stocking stuffer for both my dad and my fiance! I wonder what other designs we could come up with for the simple  clipper?…hmmm… This one is cute, clever, and gets the job done!  Find this delux auto car nail clipper at www.revdesign.biz for only $5.44

It’s not what you think

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Isn’t this the truth?!  Yes, my friends do think I give out free haircuts to everyone.  Can’t make a living that way, can you?  My mother thinks I sit ho,e all day playing dress up.  Though that would be fun, it still doesn’t make me any money.


Society thinks hair dressers are a joke and beauty school is a breeze.  Let me tell you this, I had to study my ass off to pass my tests.  Chemistry was never a great subject for me in high school.  Little did I know, I was going to have to learn some in school.   My clients think I work miracles.  They think I can transform them to look just like the celebrity picture they show me lol.


I’ve always compared what I do to construction.  Spacel the wrinkles, paint the hair…it’s all similar, no?  A contractor can make a house look younger, and I can do the same with hair and makeup!  But in all seriousness, that last photo is so true.  I work on the same clients almost monthly and they always sit in my chair and ask for the same thing “Just trim it”. And yes, sometimes they DO fall asleep in my chair! haha


Baby Bangs….no joke!

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Okay, so my fiance actually found this article.  He said to me when I woke up this morning “I found a good article for you” as he laughed.  He then said “baby toupees”  So I thought it was one of those funny sites that places ridiculous toupees on babies and adds funny captions underneath.  I laughed and said I would check it out.


When I clicked onto the site I at first was in shock…and then as I sat there looking it over I made the decision that I actually think this is a cute idea!! They are called Baby Bangs.


They were made for those little girls who have not yet grown in their hair. Unless you dress your child in pink, people don’t know if it is a boy or a girl.  Well with these Baby bangs they won’t be mistaken.  Basically its just a headband with hair.  It was designed by a grandmother for her grandchild.

You can order it to the color you want, and size you want to fit your child.  You might this it’s ridiculous…I think it’s adorable lol.   If you want more info on them you can visit their website at www.babybangs.com

Now this takes talent!

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I am speechless.  I’m an artist…I can draw, but to do this on a nail…wow….just wow!  I think I might have to go back and watch the skittles one.  I think she does cheetos next!   I can’t imagine how long it must take to do this since you probably have to wait for each color to dry before you move on to the next one, right?  Very, very impressive!!

Katie Holmes is set to make her New York Fashion Week debut!

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Katie Holmes is no stranger to fashion week, in fact, here she is seen sitting front row next to fashion major-leaguers Glenda Bailey, Victoria Beckham, and her stylist and business partner Jeanne Yang. In fact, you may or may not know that Katie Holmes actually has her own fashion line in which she works on with Yang.

Holmes & Yang was founded in 2009 and has sadly not gotten too much recognition. Now, after her split from Tom, Katie is ready to break out, and make her New York Fashion Week debut. We can’t wait to check out the presentation that the two will host in September!