Spots spotted on 57th Street!

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57th street and 5th avenue was seeing spots on Tuesday. I mentioned this fabulous collaboration launch yesterday, but I had no idea the store would be so spotted! Check out this images from the launch!

In a polka dot fashion, artist Yayoi Kusama showed up decked out in her own designs and covered in spots, literally from head to toe! I don’t know about you, but my goal this week is to check out the store, will you be there?

Magazine cover boasts some of the top LGBTQ out stars of the day

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Last week, Entertainment Weekly focused solely on LGBTQ actors in Hollywood in their issue ‘The New Art of Coming Out’. This issue was brought to my attention by my awesome friend “R”. In the issue, outing in Hollywood is discussed, as well as how coming out is not the same as it was back in the day for Ellen DeGeneres.


According to EW mag, for more on the “new” style of coming out — including how David Hyde Pierce, T.R. Knight, and Neil Patrick Harris helped to pave the way, and how some celebrities are currently struggling with maintaining a not-out-but-not-in “glass closet”  you can check out the magazine issue in print or on your iPad!


Other celebs profiled include Wanda Sykes, recent outie Jim Parsons, lesbian Glee goddess Jane Lynch and more! This issue is not to be missed!

Holy makeup!

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Now THAT’S what I call a makeup collection!  Imagine organizing this?  This reminds me of some makeup artists who never setup prior to starting a job, they just have this big messy bag of makeup that they have to sift through in order to find their next product.


I hate that!   Be professional, set yourself up so that you can get that bride out of your chair and on her way as efficiently as possible.  The Bride has a million things to do on her big day, so make her life a little easier knowing that she has an organized and professional stylist working on her look.

Heat demolish the Knicks as Lebron gets a jump start on his acting career

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Last season the Knicks lost a few close games in their postseason series against Boston. This has started off quite differently, with the Knickerbockers getting absolutely manhandled by the Miami Heat. That being said, it is almost impossible to win when the refs call a foul on something that we see in the video. Lebron James dives worse then a soccer player. It is an embarrassment to the league and this type of play should warrant a suspension, at the very least a fine.



While the display Lebron put on was disgraceful, it is not the reason the Knicks lost the first game. There were shot clock violations, blown rotations, and zero interior defense. The turnovers killed the Knicks all day. Melo put on a disgraceful shooting display, and there was no one backing him up. It will be impossible to win even one game in this series if the Knicks continue to be their own worst enemy.

I have a headache already!

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Please don’t put your mascara on like this! You’ll just get it all over your face and give yourself a headache! Vibrating mascara is just a gimmick and does not help the mascara to go on any better!

Did you all see her new look?

Keyword: Miley Cyrus, haircut, celeb haircut

I first saw this photo posted on someones facebook and I didn’t even realize it was Miley Cyrus until today when someone asked me if I saw her new haircut.  Since I haven’t had much computer time I had no idea that Miley had cut her hair so drastically! It doesn’t even look like her!

I have to admit…I think she looks fantastic!  She is totally rockin it the right way.  I never would have pegged her as edgy like that but I am thoroughly  impressed by her.  Now I wonder how many little girls are going to be begging their mom’s for this cut…and how many disappointed young ladies will have it done and hate it! haha

Ellen DeGeneres already gave it a shot! Hahaha Imitation is the best form a flattery, huh?

Not very classy, if you ask me!

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The other day I stopped to get myself something to eat and in the shopping center was a hair salon.  I won’t name this salon here but I will say that this sign is just awful!! Did a third grader do the cutting here? Any why is is several pieces of paper instead of just one sheet?  You had to know in advance that you would be closed these days, so why not go to staples and have a sign printed up for like $5?  This just makes you look unprofessional!


I worked in a salon on this same road as this one and my boss would do the same kind of stuff.  It’s what made me realize that going off on my own was the best thing to do. If you want people to think you are a high end salon then you have to think, act, and look like one! My last boss spelt Wednesday wrong in the times and days we were open on the front of the store.  How embarrassing is that?  Places like this need Tabatha!!