…to have jewels on your fingers!


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I’ve always loved things that shine and glitter…what girl doesn’t? I was very happy to find out that jewel toned nail polishes would be very popular this season. While I am a sucker for hot pinks and neon colors in the summer time, I’ve always found that come fall I am pulled into wearing browns and deep oranges that seem to get kind of boring for my rock-star-like personality. (Yeah, I like to pretend I’m a rockstar…I’m even known to bust out a tune while cutting my clients hair sometimes….a girl can dream!)  This is the perfect solution to keeping your nails from feeling drab.  Choose something that glitters if you are feeling funky, or something with a simple shimmer if you want to be a little more classy. And if you are feeling more sophisticated, stick to a creamy texture. Colors like Sally Hansen’s Ruby Rush, YSL’s Moonlight Blue, or SpaRitual’s Rhythm of Life make me much more excited for the autumn season!

Calls us all haters.   Ok.  If you say so.

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There it is D Wade!   You told them.   Strutting up to that microphone wearing your tight pink pants all confidently-  throwing a jab that you think makes you sound cool.    It didn’t, all it did was pretty much just annoy everyone even more.

I wish I could say the rest of the interview was enjoyable,  but I turned it off as soon as Lebron started giggling like a little school girl at D Wades joke.



Stay tuned for the next round of Playoffs when Wade rolls out his latest fashions.   Have a safe weekend everyone!  Happy Memorial Day.   Be safe, designate a driver, wear protection and all that good stuff responsible adults usually say.

Tiquan Underwood is that’s for sure

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Tiquan Underwood of the New England Patriots tweeted this pic of his new Superbowl haircut-  Kudos to the Barber for his creativity and talent!  That takes a steady hand, a good eye, and a confident client haha.     And as a little cherry on top, here are a couple pics of his regular everyday haircut-   what a character :)

Tiquan Underwood is a 24 year old Wide Receiver for the Patriots, who are set to square off against our hometown New York Giants this Sunday-   While my fiance couldn’t pull this look off,  I’d say Tiquan is killing the High-Fade look better than I’d expect anyone in 2012 to.

The popular cut might be more dangerous than you think

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Word on the street is, the ‘Emo cut’ can lead to a case of lazy eye, this according to ibtimes.com.  An Optometrist out of Australia has come forward with some information that may have some of todays youth making their way over to their local barber shop today.  The article refers to Justin Bieber several times, as an example of an Emo cut; except, Bieber never had an Emo cut.


Optometrist Andrew Hogan said Emo-style haircuts that dangle over one eye can cause lazy eye by preventing the nerve pathway from the eye to the brain from developing properly. The damage is more detrimental to the younger generations whose eyes are still in the developmental phase of growth.



Everything in Mr. Hogans statement all seems to make sense, except for the Justin Bieber part.  I can’t say I’m the biggest Bieber fan, but I can say that I’ve seen the kids haircuts plastered all over every major news outlet thousands upon thousands of times,  and Bieber didn’t have an emo haircut.   An Emo haircut is much more distinct and dramatic, with a stretch of hair intentionally grown past the location of the eye socket.



These are Emo haircuts- not what Bieber was wearing when he first came onto the scene.   Needless to say, the article makes an alarming point.  While it is known to effect the younger development years of our human growth, it is still found to be problematic in the later stages of life as well.


I understand and respect that we all have the right to express ourselves however we want- unfortunately when we are 10-20 years old we feel as if we are invincible, and that warnings like these do not apply to us.  But rest assured, as we enter our late twenties,  we quickly realize how any harm we might have caused to our bodies growing up can catch up to you very quickly.


As displayed in the picture above of one of the best bands to ever live, a haircut is a sense of expression, an outlet for us to separate ourselves from the rest of the pack, whether it be an Emo cut, blonde tips, a mohawk, crew cut, extensions etc. We are all unique in our own ways, and however we choose to alter our image is entirely up to that individual.  Unfortunately for those with the Emo-style cuts,  I don’t think a simple article like this will change their mind much.

Brighten up your day

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Okay, the weather this week on Long Island was kind of gloomy, muggy and ‘cold’ for June.  So I thought I would brighten things up with this beautiful summery photo! Here’s hoping the weekend has better weather!!

America’s favorite girl is headed for the White Pink House!

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Move over Sarah Palin, there’s a new hottie headed for the White House. Barbie is running for president for the 5th time and she is looking more chic than ever! Her collarless blazer with patriotic ruffles and matching skirt are sure to get my vote. Designed by Chris Benz, barbie is ready to paint the White House pink….just like the color of his hair.

Notice something else about Barbie’s outfit? She finally traded in her high heels for some sensible wedges!

According to Mattel’s VP of Barbie Brand Marketing in North America, Cathy Cline, “Being President culminates Barbie’s career path, she stands for inspiring girls to be informed and involved in their local communities.” Head over to NYDailyNews.com to read more on Barbie and her presidential endeavors!

St. John’s assistant Mike Dunlap will be in charge of fixing the Charlotte Bobcats

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I watched Mike Dunlap coach a young St. John’s team all year, and I can personally say he is a great guy. Dunlap did an excellent job with the Storm and now he is getting rewarded. All right, maybe not rewarded…..the Bobcats gig is easily the worst job in basketball right now. The team is brutal to say the least. And although Dunlap will be getting a player from Kentucky, it wont be Anthony Davis.



As much as I would like to express how happy I am that a guy from my school made it to the big show, I just feel kind of bad for Dunlap. He is almost being set up for failure, like Michael Jordan knows that no matter who he picked the team would fail. I mean Dunlap does have NBA experience with the Nuggets, maybe it will come in handy and he can do something with this team….maybe? I can hope, cant I?