Now THAT’S a funny haircut

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This poor pup! He doesn’t seem to mind the cut even though he looks really silly.  It makes his head look so big lol

She ‘feels like herself again’

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The model/fashion blogger who was hurt by a planes propeller about 3 weeks ago is making a rapid recovery! We updated a few weeks ago that she had taken her first steps and was eating on her own, but now her spirits are lifted even more and she becomes more and more independent as the days go on. She now is able to shower on her own, ride a stationary bike, and she has even gotten to eat some of her favorite foods.

Unfortunately they ended up having to remove her left eye after it appeared non-responsive from the accident. She has no recollection of the accident but it is believed that she had exited the plane and then went back to thank the piolet. This is when she was hit with the propeller which caused damage to her brain, face, shoulder, and hand.

Though she appears to be recovering quickly from an accident she shouldn’t  have survived, there still is a long haul ahead of her. She is in pain from all the emergency surgeries they have performed so far (with more on the way)  and her pareants ask that all keep the prayers going.

Hot lipsticks for spring!

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This week marks the start of Spring! Hard to believe since we never actually saw Winter…I’m not complaining though! And what better way than to celebrate with a cute cuddle kitten amongst some pretty flowers?

With Spring comes lots of new trends. It’s time to step away from the deep red and brown lipsticks shades and step into lighter colors.  What’s hot this season?  Coral, Hot Pink, and Orange are the three colors to try this year.


Go for the Hot Pink if you have a bold personality.  You have to wear this color with confidence. It’s not for everyone…but if you can pull it off, it looks amazing!


If the pink is not for you you can try  the Coral.  It’s a little more subtle. It’s the perfect in-between for those that don’t think they can pull off with pink or orange.


Orange is my favorite this spring.  It’s really making a name for itself this year…not only in make-up but in fashion all together!

He’s so yummy

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Just thought everyone could use a little eye candy today!  He’s my favorite! Michael Buble can sing to me anytime ;)

You can do this at home

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Prom is on it’s way! Time to start thinking about how you are going to wear your hair.  This is a simple updo style that I am convinced anyone can do!  Just a few simple knots, curl the ends and…tada!! There are so many ways you can use knots to create really cool hair.  Check these out-



Times are tough nowadays, so there is nothing wrong with a little homemade hairstyling for your prom day.  Help keep a few bucks in moms pocket and put a little love in her heart, that kinda stuff means the world to them.

Gotta give credit where credit is due, Giroux

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Pardon me while I put this video of Giroux’s nasty game winner on here for a second-  and go and look for the past articles written on wePUCKny that said this dude was the real deal:


please hold………



Giroux saw that puck leaving that D-mans stick before the D-man even knew he was gonna pass it haha.   Giroux saw that pass from the locker room, and showed you why you can’t slip up in OT when you have a goal scorer lurking around the ice.

Kim Kardashians shoe collection melts my heart

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Kim posted these on Twitter a little while back, and I had saved the pic on my phone and completely forgot about it-  until now.   For those that don’t follow Kim Kardashian, you might want to join the club-  this girls closet is something to drool over.


The sad part is, I bet she only paid for 30% of the stuff in there, the rest was all gifted to her by friends and businesses looking to get their name out there.