Is that Rainbow Brite?

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Stumbled upon this on FB last night.  Now THAT is a lot of colors!!  You almost don’t know where to look!!

Ben & Jerry’s is dishing out some Schweddy Balls

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For those of you who are avid Saturday Night Live viewers, you’ll understand the comedy behind Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavor, Schweddy Balls, immediately.  And we have included a video clip of the epic Alec Baldwin, Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer skit for those who have not yet experienced this legendary comedy trio.  No explanation of the skit will be as good as watching it for yourself, so we won’t even bother!  This new tasty treat is only available for a limited time.  It’s vanilla ice cream with a trace of rum flavor and packed with fudge dipped rum and malt balls.  We’re psyched that someone finally took advantage of the Schweddy Family Ball Recipe… and we can’t wait to have Pete Schweddy’s balls in our mouths……  (watch the video…)

Ellen reaches 1500 episodes!

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Ellen Degeneres is one of my favorite celebrities and has been such an inspiration to so many people!  Today we honor her as she celebrates her 1,500 episode on her talk show!!

Not only is she a comedian, actor, talk show host, mentor, and an icon…she is also a CoverGirl!! And in my opinion she is the best one ;)  She’s fun, she’s natural, she speaks her mind…her commercials are hysterical! Check out these out takes from a CG commercial!

So congratulations to ELLEN on her 1500 episode!  Here’s to 1500 more!!!

Plaid nail art you will love!

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Looking to add some texture to your nails?  Why not try a cool print like plaid?! There is no wrong way to do this and it’s so easy you can do it at home!  First choose a base coat color.  You can go with a neutral base or pick something super vibrate.  Then choose your design colors.  The one above went with an off white base and green and red plaid. The used the same colors to make adorable little cherries to match!! There are no rules to how to make your plaid.  Just make criss-crossing stripes!! Check out some of these other versions…


Send us some of your plaid designs!  We always love hearing from our readers/fans!!

Chris Krieder is Finally a New York Ranger and we may be seeing him play sooner than later


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Let me set up the scenario for you guys and get just as upset as I did.  You are 21 years old a senior at one of the most pristine colleges and hockey schools in the country and the New York Rangers are hot on your trail and you are on your way to the National Championships.



Life seems pretty freaking sweet doesn’t it ? And it gets better, you win the 2012 NCAA National Championship and just a few days later you sign an entry level contract with the New York Rangers that will probably be put into effect this week as the New York Rangers enter the playoffs and Kreider reports to practice.  His 3 year deal will start the minute he steps onto the ice with the team to practice.  Not bad for a kid who just won a championship is about to graduate and may see a few minutes in a Stanley Cup Playoff game if Tortorella sees fit. I have my fingers crossed the kids get a shift or two, hell I hope he has a first game like Derek Stephan did.  Lets sit back until tomorrow and see what this kid has to offer.

Here is a little look at the best plays of last night


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Thanks to our friends over at here is a look at the best plays from around the league for Monday March 19th, 2012.  Everyone likes a little highlight reel ever now and then no?  Enjoy and I will see you all tomorrow.

Fozzie Bear goes to the vet

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If you read my blog regularly then you know that not only do I have a love for hair, makeup, and zombies…but I have a lover for animals as well.  Especially for my very own babies.


Fozzie Bear is my almost 16-year-old female kitty with kidney failure.  She’s been on kidney supplements and SQ fluids (basically dialysis for kitties) for a year and a half and has been doing amazing!! As of a few days ago, she began to crash. Her kidney numbers have gotten bad and she hasn’t been eating.


Today I will be spending most of my day at the vet with her. I hope you all keep her in your thoughts today!

-Thank you!