Bejeweled by B Brian Atwood!

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Brian Atwood is no stranger to my Shoesday posts, but I do not post about B Brian Atwood shoes too often. The capsule collection by Brian Atwood himself offers a collection of way more affordable, fabulous shoes.

Although the B in B Brian Atwood does not stand for bejeweled, it definitely should in this case. I would take a crystal sole over a red sole any day, and these lovely pumps are more than half the price of the scarlet-soled Louboutins. Add these sparkly shoes to your summer shoe collection for $395!

Iman Shumpert tweets his best 80′s outfit

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Iman Shumpert is one of those guys that tends to get weird on twitter. But a few days ago the Knicks sophomore decided to get fresh. And by fresh I mean Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Shump rocked this outfit for some sort of 80′s party, it is some sort of sick mix between Bill Cosby and Will Smith. I now thank Shump for making me realize how lucky I am not to be born in the 80′s.

Bare it all with this fab dress from Topshop!

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I have been looking for a fun party dress, something different than anything I own, and I think that I found it! Topshop is great for party dresses at reasonable prices. This nude number is only $90, and I can think of a million places I can wear it to, and even more ways to style it!

There is a good chance Odom will be playing in the Staples Center next year

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For the first time ever I am able to write about Lamar Odom without mentioning the Kardashians. Well never mind…..I just blew that one. Anyway, here is why there is no need to mention that family, Odom may actually give us some basketball related news soon! The Clippers are in play to bring the big man in, a move that would work for Odom considering how badly he wants to leave the Dallas area. Sure the Lakers would be supreme for him, but the Clippers are the next best thing to keep him from crying.

30 year old model has 20 inch waist!

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As reported by UK Tabloid, The Sun, 30 year old Ioana Spagnenberg has a 20, yes I said 20 inch waist. Supposedly, Ioana eats as ton and is still unable to put on weight. We are talking about something that was reported by a tabloid, so I am not sure how true this is, but if it is, it is definitely insane! What are your thoughts on the human hourglass?

This trend is growing

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This is a pretty big change for this blonde bombshell.  She jumped on the ombre trend by dying her ends a deeper blonde, or a light brown…depending on how you look at it. I think it’s a nice change for her.  She seems to always wear her hair the same way, so sometimes change is good…even if is a slight one.

The ombre trend is really taking off.  I even did a few colors like this over the passed week.  We think these ladies are showing it off with style-

There is no wrong way to achieve this look.  Make it as drastic, or as simplistic as you want! Go crazy, go ombre!!



Who’s worse?


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You get hired to work a wedding; the trial with the bride goes great. The day of the wedding you are excited to get your creative juices flowing and then…Mom walks in! Yes, the mother of the bride can sometimes be your worst enemy. It’s almost like she thinks it’s her own wedding day. She complains about her hair, she wants to use all her own make-up, she starts fussing with the brides hair…it just seems impossible!  Take a deep breath! The most important person that day is the bride. Make sure you keep her happy and try to block out Momzilla.  It can be a hard task to take on. Believe me, I’ve dealt with my fair share of MOBs. There is no doubt in my mind that on the day of my wedding, my mother will be the biggest Zilla of them all (I hope she sees this!) The most important person of the day is the bride, so lets keep mom out of the way as best we can.