Rock jewelry is all the rage for Spring!

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Would you rock a rock ring? I am obsessed with these geological jewels from Shopbop! Shopbop has a beautiful variety of these rings by Adina Mills Design and Dara Ettinger with prices starting at $115. I am a huge fan of chunky jewelry and I think it would be super cool to mix and match these vibrant stones. Are you a fan of the rock ring?

Patricia Krentcil is banned from several NJ Tanning Salons

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TMZ has this as an exclusive on their homepage, so I’m literally not doing much here.  Took the pics they used too cause I thought the ‘BANNED’ sign over her face was quite amusing.   According to TMZs sources, crazy tanning mom Patricia Krentcil (who has been in the news entirely too much recently might I add) has reportedly been locked out of  several tanning salons surrounding her NJ home.



The stores have posted this picture behind their registers so employees remember to refuse her service if she comes in.   Yeah, thank god for that sign, otherwise I’m sure the people working at the front desk would have never recognized this hot mess of shoe leather walk in the door haha.


Am I wrong?  This womans face has been plastered all over the news, and she is unmistakably tan-  if an employee at one of these salons couldn’t recognize her then I think there are bigger issues in their life than letting some woman OD on sun.

And FYI, I won’t be reporting every move this woman makes, but it is my job to keep you guys up to date on what’s happening in the Beauty World, and well,   professional tanning extraordinaire Patricia Krentcil is beautiful-ish-related-sortof-but-not-really.

A charity game in China turns into a Kobe exhibition

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Everyone knows that Kobe Bryant is a great scoring. He dropped 81 points against the Toronto Raptors, an NBA team. Now for his next amazing venture, Kobe managed to score 68 points in just 15 minutes at a charity event in China. Even without playing against real basketball players that is still crazy. Here is what kobe had to say on his Facebook.

“I wanted to play it cool but what the heck, the place was packed with fans who’d sang an early happy birthday to me and really wanted to watch me go to work.  didn’t want to disappoint them or the fans that had paid their hard earned money for a show so I took the challenge of really using the second half as a training session for my stamina.”

American Girl Hair Salon


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I might have been the only girl who grew up without one of these dolls. Call me deprived, but all my friends who had them weren’t allowed to play with them so I really didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything. I mean, what fun is it to have a doll that just sits on a shelf?? Well, now not only can you spend the day shopping for clothes at the American Girl store, but your doll can now get her hair cut!  Okay, okay…they don’t really cut the hair, but they will style it fo you. Professional stylists can do everything from twists to braid, to curls to straightening, and even ear piercing! You can even get the deluxe packages where they will give the dolls special nail decals and facial scrubs! These dolls get treated better than I treat myself! haha  Pricing can be anywhere from $10-$30 depending on how much you add on.  Eery store location has a salon so you can bring your doll to any of them for a new hair-do!  What a fun way to spend some time with your little girl, huh? NOW I feel deprived :)

Nom nom nom nom


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Lady Gaga has yummy lips!  Literally! These chocolate lips are part of her workshop over at Barney’s in New York. For more information on this workshop check out the article our fashion blogger posted a few days ago.

Leaked photos send Gaga to Twitter to officially break the news

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No secret is safe with the internet around these days-  Dailymail reports that Lady Gaga was forced to take to Twitter and officially announce/release the packaging and bottling  of her new perfume, Fame.   A canadian fashion editor leaked a photo of the perfume bottle yesterday, setting off an enormous spark of interest in the perfume.   Gaga took matters into her own hands with the above tweet,  followed up by a couple of pictures filling us in on her newest release.



The perfume is reportedly set to launch in September, and is described as ’Tears of Belladonna, crushed heart of tiger orchidea, with a black veil of incense, pulverized apricot, and the combinative essences of saffron and honey drops.’… riiiiiight.    That pretty much does nothing for me haha, so we’ll have to wait for the new scent to hit stores and give it a try for ourselves.



That is, unless, maybe Lady Gaga would be kind enough to send a bottle our way to test it out?  hint hint

Cleaning your make-up brushes

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Wether you are a make-up artist, or just someone who wears make-up every day, it is important to remember that your brushes need to be cleaned regularly. So I thought it would be appropriate for spring to help guide you in the best direction for how to take care of those make-up brushes!


If you are a make-up artist your brushes should be cleaned an sanitized after every single client. You don’t want to infect your clients with pink eye, or cold soars and such because you didn’t keep your brushes sanitized.  If you are just a regular person using your own brushes on yourself then a weekly sanitation/cleaning works fine.


I find that baby shampoo works the best at breaking down the contents of remaining makeup off my brushes.  After every client I wash all my brushes with a little bit of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo and rinse with warm water (for my personal brushes I do this once a week).  I then take all the brushes that get used for eye liner, lips, or cream/liquid make-ups and place them in a cup with Isopropyl Alcohol.  This will absolutely kill any germs that might have found their way into the brushes.

You want to make sure that you don’t swirl your brushes around on towels and ruin the bristles, so just lay them flat the dry.  If you want to help them keep with shape you can take a small amount of hair gel and shape them back to their original shape.  Make sure they are completely dry before you use them again.


Now, if for some reason the make-up is really caked on the brush; the brush used to be white and is now brown with makeup and now matter how much you wash it with soap, it won’t regain it’s original color….try a little Olive Oil.  Pour a little into a cup then swirl the brush around in it for a bit.  It will really help to break down the make-up.  The proceed with the soap an water, then the alcohol as needed.


Remember, your brushes should last several years but only if you take care of them! So go take care of a little spring cleaning today ;)