Helmut Lang sample sale, up to 65% off!

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Are you obsessed with the mod-chic clothing from Helmut Lang? I know I certainly am, the problem is that I can NEVER afford it, that is unless they host a sample sale. Then I am able to maybe buy 1 or 2 staple pieces that I know will last me forever!

Head over to the Chelsea Market any day from now until Sunday to check out the fabulous sale. I am sure this is one sale you won’t want to miss! Who can say no to 70% off of Helmut Lang? I certainly can’t even if it means I can’t eat for a week!

So this is Arnolds 17 year old son Patrick


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So little Patrick over here caught my eye because I’m absolutely loving his haircut.  I know, it looks too high, a little too fluffy etc etc.  I’m with you on that,  but I think for a well dressed 17 year old kid who just seems to exude confidence….  I think the cut is perfect for this kid.


What do you guys think?  Does Arnie have some childhood photo competition in the near future when spending time with the grandkids?


Knicks season comes to an end with many questions for the future

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The Knicks lost in Miami for what would be the final time this season. There was no Amare punching a fire extinguisher, there was no cries for Jeremy Lin. There was just a team of players that would not be together again. We know Amare, Melo, and Chandler will be back. Hopefully Iman Shumpert will be back in time for next seasons first game. But everyone else is up in the air.



First off, the most important component on who should not be brought back by any means. J.R. Smith. Oh boy was it nauseating watching him miss shot after shot all series. 3-15 in the game and a minus 20 point differential. That last stat means the Heat had 20 more points then the Knicks when Smith was on the floor. Send him back to play in China, he does not have a role on this NBA team.



Mike Bibby will be gone and Baron Davis unfortunately will not be able to play next season with his injured knee. Steve Novak will most likely be brought back unless he demands an absurd pay check. Yet nobody is quite sure at the moment what kind of contract Jeremy Lin will be getting. That said, it seems almost definite that he will be the starting point guard once next season rolls around.

That leaves one more prominent Knickerbocker. That would be Landry Fields. Landry was blasted on twitter following the Knicks loss. Come to think of it, he has been ridiculed all season for his declining skills. We may have seen the last of the Stanford grad in New York.



There is so much that could change once next season comes around. At the same time the core will remain exactly as is. The most important move of the offseason will also be the easiest to make. Resign coach Mike Woodson. Do that, and the rest will follow.

You think she’s a natural blonde?

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Don’t you just love it? Watch how calm she stays while she puts the eye shadow on! Doggies want to feel pretty too!


Send us your videos of your pets putting on make-up.  Maybe your furry friend will end up on our site!

I want to be a drag queen!

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I want to take a class from this guy!  This is absolutely amazing!  The way he transforms his face…it’s truly art! I’ve always had a slight obsession with drag makeup.  Its not fair that they get to wear such amazing eye shadows that if I wore on a regular  basis I would be labeled…well…something that I don’t want to be labeled haha.  I know wePRIDEny fans will get a kick out of this too. Enjoy!

The Hollywood Reporter names this years 25 most powerful stylists!

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Stylist Leslie Fremar and Charlize Theron

Stylist Jeane Yang and Katie Holmes

The Hollywood Reporter recently released their annual “25 Most Powerful Stylist” list. I love when this list comes out each year because credit is finally given where it is due. You always hear about what starlets are wearing as they stroll along the red carpet, but unless you are an industry insider, you seldom hear about the brains behind the operation.  Here are the top 10, check out the entire list here!

1. Kate Young
2. Leslie Fremar
3. Petra Flannery
4. Elizabeth Stewart
5. Kemal Harris and Karla Welch
6. Jen Rade
7. Ryan Hastings
8. Samantha McMillen
9. Deb Waknin
10. Christina Ehrlich


Let’s analyze this injury a bit further

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On Sunday night Baron Davis fell victim to the NBA injury heard round the world with his tumble to the court in Game 4 against the Heat. On Monday, we test results showed the severity of the damage, and it’s not good at all, for anyone. The MRI of Davis’s right knee showed a partial tear of the patella tendon and complete tears of the MCL and ACL.


Reports say that that the recovery time for an injury like this is typically about 12 months. When we add in the other factors playing against him, like: Barons age, previous injuries and overall future health, it’s easy to see why everyone is calling this a career-ending injury.

Unfortunately for the talented 33 year old,  this injury pushes Baron Davis into the outter bubble of the NBA.   The guy has unfortunately been plagued with injuries, is always battling through pain, and isn’t getting any younger.   Let’s be clear here, an entire year of recovery time away from the game is an awful big window of time for your organization/league to forget you ever existed.


New talent is being scouted everyday across the world, and a guy like Baron should count his blessings he had the career he had, and get out and enjoy life a bit before that knee has him in a permanent wheelchair.