Carmelo Anthony enjoying his summer vacation in an exotic way

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Carmelo Anthony gets to spend his summer vacation riding elephants in Thailand. I spent mine writing about Carmelo Anthony. Luckily Melo’s wife, LaLa Anthony, made my job a lot easier by tweeting this awesome picture of her and her husband riding on some elephants.

MIB 3 sure knows how to market a movie

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I don’t care what you say-  there is a mastermind in the Marketing and Advertising Department of the movie Men In Black 3. It seems like more invites went out to beautiful models willing to wear something skimpy in public, than invites sent out to celebrities IN the actual movie!


Unlike my review on Micaele Schaefers next to nothing outfit on Wednesday, I happen to love what Georgia Salpa is wearing here.  It’s tight, yes, no argument there, but it’s done tastefully in my opinion.   Women with these types of bodies are allowed to flaunt them, and Georgia did a perfect job here mixing sexy with cute yet still managing to fit in on the Red Carpet.

Miami bumps out the Pacers after a Game 6 victory

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41 points and 10 rebounds from Dwyane Wade. 28 points, 7 assist, and 6 rebounds from Lebron. And finally 12 points for Mike Miller. Okay that last one wasn’t really close to being important, but the first two are. Lebron and Wade have put the Heat back in the Eastern Conference finals for the second straight year.


So with that the Heat only have one more question. Well actually two come to think of it. First up, will they face the 76ers or the Celtics? Second, will Chris Bosh finally be able to play? The answer to the second question really dictates the better matchup for the Heat.


Without Bosh it will be incredibly tough to get past the Celtics defense. Then again Bosh would not effect a series against the 76ers too much. So with that, if Bosh is back, Heat want the Celtics, if not then they definitely want the 76ers.


Leather Lovin’

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Reem Acra

Rachel Roy

I have always been a huge leather fan, and I am really loving the comeback that it has been making! Rather than tight and sexy, leather is being worked into outfits to look feminine and classy. I love the length and high neck on this Reem Acra dress and I love the sweater/leather combo in this Rachel Roy look. Would you rock an all leather dress?

The newest member of the Knicks talks about his role in New York

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There is no forgetting who the Knicks had running the point last season. Now that Linsanity is over, the Knicks have put together a bit of a motley crew of point guards. One of those men is the 35 year old of European fame, the Argentinian Pablo Prigioni. In an interview with the New York Post, Prigioni gave the Knicks fans an idea of what to expect.



“I think we have at that position everything, Raymond can score more. Jason and [I] can run the team. I feel we have many options at that position. Fans will be happy and enjoy our game.”


“Jeremy is more a scorer. He likes to shoot more. I saw him play 10 games. I’m not this kind of player. I like the team to play good, pass the ball, find open shots. I like to play smart — if someone’s hot, pass the ball to him.”

Oh wait… those are just your boots.

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I’m not even gonna try and downplay this picture at all.  There it is, in all it’s glory. A thigh high snakeskin boot.  Let me just clear the air here folks,  Snakeskin isn’t sexy. Fashionable I will give you, but not sexy.   Thigh high boots must be the most uncomfortable and annoying thing a girl could ever have to wear, am I right?   I know my better half rocks sandals and UGGs at every chance she gets out of the sheer comfort of them….  Who the hell wants to show up to a party covered in snakeskin from the bottom of your foot practically all the way to your bellybutton?

Someone asks if you’d like to sit down and your response has to be “No, my Snakeskin boots come up to my neck, so I can’t sit down all night.  But how great do these things look huh?”    (you like how the boots grew taller and taller every time I mentioned their height?)

Jeremy Lin a member of the Time Magazine’s top 100 most influential people in the world

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For about three weeks in February the name Jeremy Lin was all over the place. Now it is only on the Knicks injury report. Despite the lack of recent Linsanity, his rise to prominence was enough to have him named to Time Magazine’s influential people. This list also featured the newest New York athlete, Tim Tebow of the Jets. While Lin did have a nice little run, what he did off the court will be remembered in the long run far more then what he did on it.


Lin opened the door for academics and athletics. He gave the Asian-American community somebody perfect to look up to. While what Jeremy Lin did on the basketball court may or may not be a thing of the past, what he did is still enough to help influence not only Asians, but every American kid. You don’t need to be a certain ethnicity to accomplish certain things. And with that you must focus on athletics as well as academics. If things don’t pan out, Lin has a Harvard education, and it is important people follow those footsteps. Regardless of his play in the future, there is no denying what Lin has done to influence others positively.