Tiger Woods mistress to release polish line


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To be honest, I am on the fence about posting this article.  Part of me feels like I shouldn’t give this girl (or even Tiger for that matter) the free advertising, but the other part of me feels  like this needs to be discussed.  So, here I am….


Tiger Woods 11th mistress, porn star Joslyn James, is set to release her very own nail polish line called “Shameless”. Cute name, right? *rolls eyes*  It’s a sad world when this girl can use her affair with a married man as a way to make money off of nail polish. The sadder part is, that people will buy it!  Her plan is to release 13 different polishes every year. She even mentioned some of the names: ’36DD’, ‘Not Just A Porn Star’, and ‘More Than Just a Mistress’  I cannot roll my eyes enough over here.



Pick up these extensions for fun

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Whaaat!? Now you can get tie-dyed extensions?  Awesome!!! Can’t decide what shade of blue you want? Now you can have them all! Colored extensions have been becoming more and more popular these days. People are just tired of their boring, normal hair I guess.  So now they have plenty of options to create fun, interesting hair.

We have fun with our makeup all the time, why not our hair too? Hair Royalty is offering an 8 pack of tie dyed extensions for only $10.


And while you are there, check out what else they offer!  They carry everything from feathers, to tinsel, to scissors, to holsters….it’s a pretty fun site if you ask me!!

Try this!

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It was my birthday back in the 7th grade. I was in history class and had the most obnoxious boy who sat behind me. As a lovely gift, he decided it would be funny to put gum in my hair.  It wasn’t until I got home that I realized the doings of this juvenile delinquent. Needless to say I was devastated when my mom had to cut it out for me.  Wish she would have tried one of these ways to get it out instead!



Peanut butter is not only delicious, but it is a great way to get gum out!  The trick is to pick one that is loaded with oils. Do not go with crunchy as those are usually the least oily of all peanut butter.  Basically you just work it into the hair and hope that the oils will break the gum down til you can just slide it out.



Mousse is another great product to try. Apply as much as you need to the area and comb it out slowly, adding more mousse as needed.



Any cooking oil will do pretty much the same thing that the peanut butter will do.  Try vegetable, oil, or canola….any will do.



If you ice the gum/hair for about 15 minutes it should harden the gum enough that you can just pull it out.



Vaseline will help the gum to slide out.  It can’t be overly sticky gum though.




Finger wave updo

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I love finger waves.  I love everything about finger waves.  I think I might even do some soft finger waves for my own wedding day hair.  I saw this photo and knew I had to share it. Everything about it is perfect…right down to the mole on her face :)


Carmelo Anthony single handedly takes down the Eastern Conference leading Bulls in OT

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As a New York sports fan there is always a lot going on. With the Mets game at 1:10 and the Knicks game around the same time I found myself flipping back and forth between the two games. Well the Knicks got off to an amazing start and had themselves a 20 point lead. So with that I decided to focus my efforts on the Mets as they improved to 3-0. Then I went back to the Knicks game to see Carmelo Anthony finally be the man New Yorkers have waited for. Melo was clutch, he hit threes to send it to overtime and threes to win it. I have been critical of Melo since he has arrived, but todays 43 points over the Bulls can not be ignored. Now while this was a great weekend for me as a Mets fan and Knicks fan, for others it was not nearly as fun.


Ahh the Yankees. I enjoyed watching them go 0-3. We all know how good the Yankees will be, and how bad the Mets will probably end up falling. But for now it is fun time for the lesser loved baseball team in the Big Apple. Now to a less enjoyable line. The Rangers are backing into the post season. They will play the Senators who had a winning record against the Blueshirts this year. I am worried to say the least. So when it comes down to it, the Knicks may end up having a longer post season run than the Rangers. And then there’s the Islanders…. yeah, let’s not even go there.

Make-up tattoos are a bad idea!

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I have tattoo. I have cute little stars, and butterflies on varies parts of my body, but tattoos on my face? Noooooo thank you!  It’s just way too risky, and to be honest, it looks real fake to me too. There are days I don’t feel like wearing any make-up. I like the natural look sometimes. I donno, people have their own opinions about this but I think it’s scary and not worth it! I’m getting grossed out just looking at these photos (and I’m a special effects artist too! I don’t get grosed out easily!) I guess all I can say is…think really, really hard if you are considering getting tattooed lips, eye liner, or brows. Do your research so you don’t end up like these poor women!

Estee Lauder

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I would like to thank our blogger over at weFASHIONny for sending me this tidbit of information!  I don’t watch the show Mad Men, but it’s clear that it has become a very popular show. I mean, they have their own clothing line with Banana Republic. Estee Lauder ran with this inspiration and released a mini collection of Mad Men Make-up!


It’s a limited edition collection so if you are interested in getting that Betty Draper look, visit the website now to order yours today!!