Go on, get yo’ Tweet on!

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Hey y’all! Today i’m talkig to you about two awesome Twitter accounts you should follow (other than @wePRIDEny , of course!) I check both of these accounts daily – one is about LGBTQ jobs and the other is about an LGBTQ non-for profit thrift store!


The first is @LGBTjobs. This awesome account tweets job openings and posting from around the country at LGBTQ friendly/based organizations. Today they are tweeting it up about jobs opening up at LIGALY and The GLBT Service Network – the same folks who brought you LI Pride Parade 2012!




The second cool ‘gay’ Twitter account you should follow is @OutoftheCloset , an online thrift store in which 96¢ of every $1 goes to patient care via non-profit AIDS Healthcare Foundation. They’re clothes are steeped in fabulosity, and it’s all for a good cause. Out of the Closet is really cool – they have a neat and fun website and ‘Out of the Closet’ store locations all over the country! Check both out today!


And remember…




Shop, Tweet, WORK and be GAY!



And not look like a kindergardener

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I can remember being a kid and having headbands to match every outfit I wore. As I got older, I out grew them.  But I have recently learned that it is okay to still wear them.  You just have to wear them right and find the right ones for you.  The last thing you want to look like is a 5 year old kid again.  So here are some ways to wear those cute, fashionable headbands and still look like a mature adult!

Make a bold statement with an oversized floral piece, or feathers.  And place the band around the forehead instead of around your crown.

Make a messy bun and dress it up with some head gear! This can turn that messy bun into a sheik updo.

I love the double headband look. Place them close together, or far apart.  You’ll get a different look each time!

I love how Reese pulls together this volumized look with a simple black band.

Or just go headband crazy!! Can’t decide which one to wear?  Wear them all!!  This will really make a statement!!

Holding on to our favorite summer treats…

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The fall is a fabulous time of year but, it’s hard to let go of some of our favorite summer activities.  JCPenney is coming through with an epic save though… available for $39.99 (or try and catch the sale price of $29.99) from Bella Cucina is this s’more maker!  It perfectly melts each component of this delightful little treat ~ even managing to heat up the graham crackers.  Who said s’mores can only be eaten at the end of a summer bbq?  This sweet gadget makes s’mores a year round indulgence. And for a little variation in your s’mores lives try switching things up a bit: use white chocolate instead of milk chocolate and add a little scoop of strawberry or raspberry jam,  or add some peanut butter or caramel to your milk chocolate s’mores.   Write in and tell us what your favorite s’mores combinations are! Or better yet, send a picture!!

Love it, love her…the end!

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Portia is sporting a cute, new bob these days!  How could you not love it?  She just looks good in anything.  I mean, she chopped off a good few inches!


I just love her and and her wife, Ellen Degeneres. And now they are both sporting short blonde dos. I guess it is true what they say, that if you are together long enough you start to look like each other!  Ooooh, that’s a scary thought.  I love my fiance, but I definitely don’t want to look like him ;)



Romantic butterfly hair

Keyword: butterfly hair, romantic hair

I just thought this was so clever.  It looks like little butterflies in her hair. All you need are rubberbands to create this look too.  So fun, so cute, so unique!

How would YOU recreate this look?

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I found this beautiful piece of art work on line and I am obsessed. Whoever did this really took their time in making it perfect. I just love the way it fades into the lid. And the wings on the bottom lash line really make the eye pop. I think one of my favorite parts is the fact that they left the rest of the eye naked.  It really forces your eyes to draw right to the awesome perfect lines and  shading.


So now I ask…how would You recreate this look? Comment below and let us know! :)

Stranger steps up and takes one for the team and offers to pay the fine boys face in building homemade rink

Keyword: friends are for, stranger, steps up, takes one for the team, offers to pay fine, home made rink

I blogged the yesterday (playing hockey at any cost) about 4 water crooks who were just trying to play the game of hockey and got caught in the process. Well it seems that someone is coming to their rescue.  After reading the story in the Chicago Tribune about the trouble the boys had gotten themselves into, Bryan Foy, of Burr Ridge, who has no relation to anyone involved has offered to step forward and pay the $130 water bill and potential fines the boys may face.  Foy commented, “I don’t want this to put a big damper on the thing they are excited about and worked so hard on,” Foy said. “I told them if there’s a fine that comes from this, I’ll take care of it.”


Folks this is what you call taking one for the team and most certainly says something about this Foy character.  Stand up dude, nice and obviously a hockey lover. Guy put himself out there so these kids can play the greatest game on earth.  This is just another example of how the hockey community pulls together for each other.  wePUCKny salutes Bryan Foy and hopes he gets to take a few shifts out there when the rink gets up and running.